How To Put A Ponytail On Short Hair

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Hands down, the biggest request I get from readers is how to do my ponytail. It’s a style I’ve worn for years, and during the spring and summer months it’s my go-to. The Georgia heat is no joke, so any style that keeps my hair off my face and neck while still looking cute is definitely one for me. Also, I find it fun to braid my hair to create a new look!

How To Put A Ponytail On Short Hair

How To Put A Ponytail On Short Hair

So how can I do this simple little upgrade? The steps for this easy side ponytail are so easy, you’ll be shocked when you see everything posted here today. But before we get started, be sure to also check out my other side braid post from a few years back, if a pony just isn’t your thing. In that tutorial I show you how to do a traditional French side braid, while today I do a Dutch style. But you can easily change them to look either way.

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I have fine hair so I find it much easier to braid if it has been curled before because it is so thin. You can see the full tutorial on how I made these waves here.

But if you don’t have time to create full curls, just create this look on everyday “dirty” hair or use a texture spray. I will actually just use dry shampoo on my hair to give it some texture so the braid is easier to create.

To create the deep part for the texture, I trace the small cowlick I have with the brush and go down. I love the look of this braid done in a deep part and when you do this it gives the braid more volume because there is more hair on that side of my part. If your hair is already quite thick, maybe skip the super deep part and go a little outside the middle. You can also do two side braids if you want, which would be just as cute!

Grab three small sections of hair to begin the braid. The entire width of all three sections should be about 1.5-2 inches deep. I like to start with enough hair so it’s easy to manage the braid and not be too small/tight on top. When my thin hair doesn’t cooperate and it slips out of my fingers, I add a little drier shampoo or even some hairspray to the base to help keep things moving.

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We do a traditional dutch style braid, (a dutch braid is when you wrap the strands of a braid under the base) I take the right side of the three sections and bring it under the middle, then the left side, and bring it under the middle. Doing this creates the weave on top of the knot, unlike the traditional French braid (when the strands are woven over the surface of the base) I did in this post.

Every time I pull one side of the hair under the middle part, I also grab some hair to add to that piece. This is what creates the iconic braided look we all know and love. Each additional weft of hair you add to the main weave makes it thicker and fuller. Don’t worry, it’s so precise and beautiful and perfectly put together, we’ll blend it later when we finish the ponytail.

Continue down the braid until you can’t find any extra hair on that side. Or for me, if I can’t come back and my arms are tired, ha! Then switch to creating a traditional braid (where you don’t grab extra hair) and use a clear elastic hair band to secure the ends.

How To Put A Ponytail On Short Hair

Now is the part where we want to trim it and bulk up the body patch. Start with the elastic ready to hold the hair in place, then gently pull each of the braid lines to make them a little bigger and voluminous. Again, the point is, you want this braid to be a little messy and imperfect, so don’t worry if little hairs fall out. I really like it when my hair falls down and it gives that perfectly picked look.

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Take the other clear elastic, take the braided part and the rest of the hair together in a low pony and secure it with an elastic. You can also make a cute messy knot here if you want. Whatever works best for your hair texture and length.

And that’s it! This braided ponytail on each side only takes a few minutes and lasts all day! I usually finish it off with a light dusting of hairspray and I’m done.

I have used a variation of this side braid many times here on Poor Little It Girl. Some of my favorites are with this off the shoulder top, this simple denim dress, and even with a pretty sundress and hair bow! Sometimes you just want your hair pulled back in a fun and feminine way, and this easy side braid ponytail is just that!

Like I said, this hairstyle is super easy to do on your own hair and the tools I use are pretty minimal. Really all you need are clear elastic hair ties, that’s it! But if you want to create textures and waves like me, you can buy all the products I use through the shopping widget below.

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How To Put A Ponytail On Short Hair

Lately, beauty-obsessed TikTokers can’t seem to get enough of them rocking the “perfect ponytail” gimmick, and it couldn’t come at a better time. As the weather warms up, more of us are opting for low-maintenance updos that look and feel cool, and the high ponytail is always a winner. But while celebrity hairstylists and beauty influencers would have you believe that twisting takes mere moments, achieving a ponytail that has bounce, volume and hold isn’t actually that easy.

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There are hundreds of ponytail hacks on TikTok, but Kirsty Hollick (aka @the.bridalist, who is an excellent follower for hair tips and tutorials on the app) has gone viral for showing followers how to do a quick ponytail without flat summer received. or not brilliant. The best part is that it only requires a simple scrunchie and doesn’t involve bobby pins, hair ties (elastic hair ties that hairstylists love) or the need to complicatedly part your hair and apply product. Even better, it can be designed for your hair type, whether it is thick, fine or in between; You don’t have to have flowing Rapunzel-like length for it to work.

The “perfect ponytail” chop is easy. First you need a scrunchie, but you can also use a simple hair tie if you prefer depending on the look you want. Use a paddle brush like the Denman Large Paddle Styling Brush to set your hair in place. Then take the scrunchie and twist your hair twice.

Before pulling your hair out of the scrunchie for the third and final time, use your free hand to separate the ponytail into two sections. Flip the top half over your head so it’s out of the way, and tie the last part of the scrunchie around the bottom half of the ponytail. This leaves the top part of the hair free, but simply flip it back over the bottom part of the hair and use your fingers to pull at the base to pull.

What you get is a voluminous, perky ponytail that won’t fall flat all day. Depending on how polished you want the finished result, you can draw small sections of hair around your face for a square effect or cut some loose lines.

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My hair is very thick and gravity takes its toll on any updos I use during the day esp

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