How To Put A Fake Ponytail On

How To Put A Fake Ponytail On – Not everyone is an expert at styling their hair, including me. Whether you lack time, skills or inspiration, we can all benefit from the help of fake hair pieces. I’ve come to appreciate ponytails, buns and wigs more because they quickly tell that I’m having a good hair day. During 2021 I have really perfected the ponytail extension, hair bun piece and wigs that I have a tutorial on. This quick and easy bun and ponytail tutorial works for any hair type or length. I’m going to break down how these extensions work so you can style your hair at home in minutes.

I want to start this tutorial on how to put a ponytail extension with some information. First, I buy all my fake hair under the name Add here. The quality is amazing and you will be able to wear all of their countless items.

How To Put A Fake Ponytail On

How To Put A Fake Ponytail On

Most of their ponytails look like the ones shown below. You will see a lace section with a set of metal teeth, a velcro strip, long hair and two bobby pins. Let me tell you how to make all the features work best for you.

Braided Ponytail Extensions Long Synthetic Hair Piece

For me, the most confusing part of wearing a ponytail wig is what to do with your own hair?! Chances are, your real hair will be a different length, texture, and thickness than a fake ponytail. Even if you get a color that matches the color, your actual hair will hang back and draw attention. It’s almost impossible to mix them up. Also, if you want to do a different color tail, say hot pink. Hanging out with your own hair is not cool. Add Name The tutorials here fail to deal with this, so I created my own way to perfectly rock ponytails and buns, which you can add to any style.

Steps 1 through 4 are essential to all the ponytail and bun tutorials in this blog post. The first step is to brush your natural hair and put it in a ponytail. It’s good to brush your fake pony tail and get ready to go. You can put your ponytail anywhere on your head. I personally like to do mine on my head, but ultimately you control where your fake bun or ponytail will hang.

The second step depends on your hair type. If your hair is short or on the thin side, you can twist your entire ponytail. If your hair is long or thick, you should braid your entire ponytail.

Third, wrap your actual twisted or braided ponytail, creating a small bun. Then protect the lump by wrapping the hair. As you will soon find out, the band is very important because it gives you something to hold the fake ponytail or bun securely in place, but your real hair doesn’t show. Now you can wear a ponytail of any shape, length or shape and no one has to see your locks hanging back.

One Long Braid Adding Hair Braids 2022 Synthetic Single Braids African Hair Braiding Sassy Hairstyle Weave Long Braided Ponytail _

The fourth step to wearing ponytail extensions is to attach the ponytail to your natural hair. In my example, my actual belt is above my head. So when I raised the pony tail, the part with the lace and the metal teeth was facing my back. If your actual headband is anywhere on your head, your rule of thumb is to keep the braid and teeth above your headband. Put those teeth on your real hair.

Next, take a piece of long hair and wrap it as tightly as you can around the base of the ponytail. Before doing this, you can use one hand to tie and arrange this piece of velcro at the bottom of the ponytail, but I found that if you pull the long hair too hard, it tends to curl.

After wrapping the long rope around, use two safety pins to secure it. You can always use more than two if you want, but I find this perfect and it lasts all day. At this point, feel free to style your hair as you wish.

How To Put A Fake Ponytail On

When it comes to how to do a ponytail with a nail clip, it’s even easier! Start by doing steps one through four. Then clip the ponytail into the right band of your hair. This type usually looks good on any part of the head except the top. I have an example of wearing a claw clip ponytail in my black tie wedding post.

Buy Ponytail Hair Extensions, Wrap Around At Frans For $13.99

Add name here Claw Clips also offer a mesh section and design to hold your own hair bun. You can stop using it to set your hair and it will just stop and work. I keep these extras inside the nail clip.

We can’t talk about how to put in an extension bun without a tutorial on how to use hair buns! Below is what the inside of the post title here looks like. You get a full mesh part to wrap your own hair, including two sets of metal teeth and a pull cord.

The first thing you need to do is follow the first to four steps of the ponytail tutorial to prepare the fake bun. You can gently milk the fake belt before applying it. Taking over from step 4, place the fake bun on top of your real bun. Then attach all sets of metal teeth to your real hair. Conversely, one set of teeth point forward and the other point back.

The second step to wearing a fake hair band is to pull the string tight, then you can put the pull string under the bun and it will stay in place.

Long Wavy Wrap Around Ponytail Clip In Synthetic Hair Extensions 22

Third, tie the long hair around the bun. If you tie it tight, your belt will look more polished and pulled together. If you go for a loose wrap, this will allow the crispy ends of the bun to hang down and give you a messier look.

A long string is usually secure on its own, but you can use a few bobby pins if you like. At this point, you are ready to style your hair as you see fit. I love putting too much scrunchie around my fake bun! It adds a lot of style but also helps to hold the hair.

Below are some examples of wearing fake buns in real life. I also have some examples that you can see in the romper outfit lookbook.

How To Put A Fake Ponytail On

How you wrap a ponytail extension depends on how it was made. Many, including Name Hair, feature long hair that you wrap around the bottom of a ponytail. This, along with the Velcro strip, keeps the ponytail secure on your head for added hold of style.

Classy Black Ponytail Hairstyles

You can easily make ponytail extensions at home with a kit designed for this purpose. Most are designed to attach to your natural hair in minutes with zero glue or tape. They can be used again and again. Always remember to start by brushing your hair, as well as the extension itself.

You put ponytail extensions on short hair the same way you would on any length. In fact, small can be easy! Start by putting your natural hair in a ponytail. Next, curl or braid your natural ponytail and wrap it around to create a small band. Secure this band with elastic, then attach your ponytail extension to it.

At the end of putting in a ponytail extension, the steps are very easy and anyone can do it! Up until this point you might be worried about wearing fake buns and ponytails, but my personal experience puts all the imagination into action. All you have to do is practice and trust the process. Before long, you’ll be familiar with these styles and doing them over and over again! As a final concern you may be concerned about the weight of your head. Buns don’t add weight, but some ponytails are heavier than others. I quickly got used to everyone and the weight was not a problem. Until next time, let your true beauty shine.

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