How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions

How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions – Did you know that when you create a long ponytail, you don’t need to buy an extra long ponytail to get this look? Some of you want your hair to be really long and we got it! You can use your classic clip in any length Cashmere Hair extensions. We recommend 20″ length to get the same look as in the video, but feel free to try any length extensions you need.

Pull your natural hair into a high ponytail using a strong elastic to secure the base of your ponytail. This step is important because to achieve this look you want the clip in your hair extensions to be able to hold its weight.

How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions

How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions

Braid the ponytail and secure it with a small elastic at the bottom. Starting with one of our longer pieces (we recommend starting with an 8″ piece), wrap the piece very tightly around the braid, with the first clip to the bottom of the braid (1-2″ above the hairpin) or the middle. as much as possible and then attach the other clips to the braid.

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For an even fuller tail, once the first piece is secured, you can add a second large scarf to the braid just above the first piece you cut. Attach it using the first clip and securing it to the braid wrapped around it. and attach the other clips to the braid to ensure a good hold.

Using the third large trace, cut the first hairpin just above the hairpin and wrap it around your own tie and under your pony. Attach the last clip to the top of the part or at the base of your ponytail. This is to hide the remaining braid and create a flawless ponytail look.

Once you’ve secured all the rails, separate a 1/2 inch piece of hair from the rail you cut at the bottom of your pony and wrap and hide this hair under the pony until the rail is attached to yours. hair ponytail Secure the wrapped section to the lower part of the ponytail using hairpins. You can also use a large hair elastic to hide where the piece attaches to your hair.

Blend your hair and create texture using a curling wand, funnel or straightener! In the video, Haley used a curling iron to create soft waves to add texture to her ponytail. Creating waves helps to mix different layers to create a long, seamless ponytail with a natural look. Brush lightly to make hair soft, add some Nice Soft Shine Extension Spray. Using a hair straightener, tame the curl and tease your own hair over the ears to finish. Say goodbye to the sad, loose ponytails and say hello to fluffy, voluminous ponytails that can be styled with a high ponytail, low ponytail, braided ponytail or even a bun. We give shine to the tails, not to hide your unwashed or combed hair anymore. We also offer curly ponytail extensions if you want a textured look.

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We get it… We haven’t washed our hair for days either. Easily transform greasy or greasy hair into ponytail perfection with the Luxy Hair clip with ponytail extension. Now you can enjoy a virtual wine night with the girls after a workout at home or have an impromptu FaceTime with your crush.

On the other hand, if you find that your ponytail lacks energy at this level and is bouncing due to thinning, shorter length, dryness or brittleness, ponytail extensions are the immediate solution for thicker and longer tails.

Have you ever tried creating a braided ponytail just to let your layers stand out? How about putting your hair in a bun just for life to end? With clip-on ponytail extensions, braided ponytail, high ponytail, low ponytail, voluminous buns are all possible.

How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions

TIP: If you plan to heat up your ponytail extension, we recommend doing this before putting it on your hair.

Long Diy Braided Ponytail Extension Hair Tie Straight Wrap Around Hair Extension

Make your own hair a high ponytail on the crown of your head. Place your ponytail a little higher than you plan to wear it and secure it with a tie.

Gently brush your ponytail extension with our loop hair extension brush or with a wide-tooth comb or round brush to remove tangles.

Slide the comb under the tie at the top of your pony. Wrap the velcro base around your own ponytail until snug and secure.

Wrap the hair around the lower part of the ponytail to hide the band. Use the Luxy pins to secure them in place.

Luxe Wrap Ponytail 22

Move your head to make sure your ponytail is secure. Sleek and straight or sarcastic and messy, rock your Luxy ponytail however you like.

To create a low ponytail with the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension, tie the other end of the hair before wrapping the extension around the hair. Continue with all the steps as usual and enjoy your new ultra long pony.

A voluminous bun has never been easier. To achieve this look, start by pinning your ponytail extension at the crown of your head as usual.

How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions

Twist each section until you have two long twists, then wrap the twists around each other to form a thick rope braid.

Ponytail Hair Extensions Australia

Finally, wrap this yarn braid around itself at the base and remove the bobbin.

Yes! While the Luxy hair clip in the ponytail is 20 inches long as standard, we invite you to have a professional hairdresser cut them to your preferred length. As all Luxy hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair, they can be cut just like your own natural hair.

We recommend washing the ponytail extension every 30 uses and only if there are so many finished items that it becomes difficult to style. When washing your ponytail extension, be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment with alcohol and sulfate-free hair products for several hours or even overnight to restore moisture to your hair. For more care instructions, check out this comprehensive guide to caring for Luxy Hair Extensions.

Yes! Since the hairpiece is made with human hair, you can style the ponytail hairpiece like your own natural hair. However, be sure to use a maximum heat setting of 120C/250F and use a heat protectant before styling.

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Luxy Hair Ponytail Extensions feature a Velcro base to secure the extension around the natural ponytail and an attached hair section that wraps around the base to hide the part perfectly. This will be our little secret.

Luxy Hair Ponytail Extensions include a small comb attachment that slides under the hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place. There is also a stretched Velcro base to secure the ponytail. Finally, a long lock of hair is wrapped around the base with 2 matching pins provided to secure it (fancy hair not included).

Not him! The ponytail extension is firmly attached as we provide you with 2 matching pins and a velcro base. So go ahead and unleash your inner Ariana and whip that ponytail back and forth!

How To Make Your Own Ponytail Extensions

Not him! Like all Luxy hair extensions, your final look will be natural and the extensions will be undetectable. You can easily and discreetly hide the bottom of the ponytail extension thanks to the longer hair clip attached to the ponytail and the additional hairpins provided.

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To determine how long the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension will last, we recommend measuring 20 inches from the crown of your head (or where you will tie your hair). This will give you an idea of ​​where your ponytail extension will fall. Remember, the lower the pony, the longer it will be.

As with our other extensions, the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extensions will only take a few minutes to apply. With a little practice, you can have a longer, thicker ponytail in less than 5 minutes.

Your hair should be long enough to be tied in a bun or small ponytail (low, medium or high). The most important thing to note is that there must be an existing bun or ponytail that the Luxy Ponytail Hair Extension can be attached to.

No, the care instructions are the same as our Clip-In and Halo hair extensions. We encourage you to check out this blog post for all our tips on how to properly maintain your extensions. As a general rule, the less you wash your extensions, the longer they will last. You can use your best judgment on how often you should wash your ponytail extension. If you notice that styling is getting harder and harder, that’s probably a sign that the product has built up and needs to be washed.

How To Use Ponytail Hair Extensions

We recommend pairing the medium length ponytail extension.

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