How To Make Ponytail With Braiding Hair

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Hands down, the biggest request I get from readers is how to make a braided ponytail. This is a style I’ve worn for years, and it’s my go-to for spring and summer. The Georgia heat is no joke, so any style that keeps my hair off my face and neck while still looking cute is definitely for me. Also, I think braiding your hair to create a new look is fun!

How To Make Ponytail With Braiding Hair

How To Make Ponytail With Braiding Hair

So how do you create this simple updo? The steps to this easy side braided ponytail are so simple, you’ll be shocked to see everything here today. But before we get started, be sure to also check out my second braid post from a few years ago if ponytails aren’t your thing. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do a traditional French braid on the side and today I’m going to do it Dutch style. But you can easily change them to any look you want.

Butterfly Braided Ponytail Look For 2021

I have thin hair, so it’s much easier for me to braid it when it’s already curled because it’s so thin. You can see the full tutorial on how to create these waves here.

But if you don’t have time for a full curl, just create this look on day-old “dirty” hair or use a texturizing spray. I actually like to use a dry shampoo on my hair to give it some texture so it’s easier to braid.

To create the deep part of the braid, I follow the small strand I have with the brush and work my way down. I love the look of this braid done in a deep part and it gives the braid more volume since I have more hair on this side of the part. If your hair is already quite thick, you may want to skip the part too deep and go a bit off center. You can also do just two side braids if you want, which will be just as cute!

To start braiding, take three small sections of hair. The full width of all three sections should be about 1.5-2 inches deep. I like to start with enough hair that it’s easy to braid and not too small/tight on top. If my thin hair doesn’t want to cooperate and it’s coming out of my fingers, I add a bit of dry shampoo or even a bit of hairspray to the base to help with movement.

Dutch Braid Ponytail

When doing a traditional dutch braid (a dutch braid is when you wrap the strands of the braid under the base) I take the right side of the three sections and pull it down the middle, then pull the left side and bring it down the middle. Unlike the traditional French braid (when the strands are placed on the base) that I did in this post, this is how the braid is created on the knots.

Every time I pull one side of the hair under the middle part, I also pull a small piece of hair to add to that part. This is what creates the iconic braid we all know and love. Each additional strand of hair added to the original braid makes it thicker and thicker. Don’t worry, it’s so neat and cute and perfectly put together that we’ll ruin it later when we’re done with the ponytail.

Continue braiding until you can no longer grab the hair from this side. Or for me, who cannot turn back, and my arms are weary, ah! You then proceed to create a traditional braid (where you don’t grab any extra hair) and use a clear hair tie to secure the ends.

How To Make Ponytail With Braiding Hair

Now comes the part where we want to twist and give a lot of body to the braid. Start by grabbing a clear rubber band to hold your hair in place, then gently pull each loop of the braid until it’s a little bigger and more voluminous. Again, the point is, you want this braid to look a little messy, so don’t worry if it falls out a bit. I really like it when the hair falls out and gives a totally messy look.

Long Box Braid Drawstring Ponytail Wig Synthetic Crochet Fake Hair Pony Tail Hairpiece Clip In Hair Extensions For Black Women

Take the second clear elastic, gather the braided section and the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. You can even tie a nice messy knot here if you want. Whatever works best with your hair texture and length.

And that’s it! This perfect side braid only takes minutes and stays in place all day! I usually just brush it off with a mild hairspray and it’s done.

I’ve worn this side braid on Poor Little It Girl many times. Some of my favorites are this one shoulder top, this simple denim dress, and even a cute summer dress and hair bow! Sometimes you just want to flip your hair in a fun, girly way, and this simple braided ponytail is just that!

As I said, this hairstyle is very easy to create on your hair and the tools I use are minimal. In fact, all you need is lightweight hair ties, that’s all! But if you want to create textures and waves like I do, you can shop all the products I use with the shop widget below.

Braided Ponytail: How To Create The Perfect Gym Hairstyle

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If you disable this cookie, we cannot save your preferences. This means that you must re-enable or disable cookies each time you visit this website. We call it the criss-cross butterfly braid, and it’s subtle enough to convince you that you need a high ponytail.

How To Make Ponytail With Braiding Hair

IMO, nothing is sexier than a hip braid. It’s just a whole lot of extras,

These 40 High Ponytails Prove There’s A Style For Every Occasion

Due to the cross singing that adorns the crown of this style. Makeup artist Mia Chanel is the genius of the week and trust me when I say her look will 100% be your new favorite style.

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1. Scroll down. Keep your hair smooth and manageable by using a non-frizzy styling cream or gel. This step will help reduce unwanted split ends and keep your style fresher for longer.

2. Untie the braid. As scary as it may sound, intentionally messing up the braid is essential to add volume to this hairstyle. After the main braid is finished, lower the braid and

How To Do A Slick Braided Ponytail

3. Take small rubber bands. Short hair knots help to maintain the cross section of the hairstyle. Find a package that matches your hair color so it blends in and doesn’t detract from the final look.

4. Roll the ends. When the braid is finished, wrap the ends with elastic rods and carefully immerse in hot water. Dry them gently with a towel, then apply a firm foam cloth. Once you grow your hair out, you’ll have beautiful curls to complete your look.

This special stitch braid is a *masterpiece*. How to recreate Nicki Minaj’s iconic braids.

How To Make Ponytail With Braiding Hair

Bubble shell braids are the top of the Mermaidcore game.

Braid Your Hair Without Looking

Here are the hottest bantu knots you’ve ever seen. This sleek ponytail is perfect. The waxy color is here to create a protective appearance. This Loc-Bow style looks as good as it sounds. This is not a secret, but many! When I first learned to braid, I was always frustrated with how thin my braids were compared to the ones I was imitating. How much hair did they have?!

It turned out not to be much more than me. They just used a few simple tricks that made their strap thicken and get out of control! I myself have learned a few tricks over the past few years and these are mine

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