How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair – With the summer months just around the corner, there’s one hairstyle that every woman must own: the long ponytail. From sleek and stylish, to playful and sophisticated, ponytails have been a women’s favorite since the 50s, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Ponytails are so important in the summer because they’re so chic they can transform your summer outfit from “I rock it” to “I look it.”

So, how to create the perfect ponytail to complement your summer look? From Ariana Grande’s signature larger-than-life ponytail to Beyoncé’s recent Met Gala high ponytail, we can all agree that the key to a great pony is volume, volume, and texture. If you have thin, fine hair, wait. This week, we reveal the secret to a high ponytail with a celebrity spot, no matter what your hair color is. It all starts with clip-in hair extensions, a trick to instantly add length and volume to your hair.

How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

Watch the video tutorial below or read the full tutorial on how to achieve a high ponytail with volume.

Easy Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

In this tutorial, Catherine uses her Seamless Blonde Balayage hair extensions that transition from a dark shade of blonde to a lighter shade of ash underneath. Seamless hair is ideal for ponytails because it attaches silicone to the roots of the weft, allowing it to lie flat on the head.

As any prom or bridal hairstylist can tell you, second-day hair is the best color to use on thick, thick hair, as it pairs well with dyed hair or highlights. If you can’t wait a day to wear this hairstyle, give your hair a salt spray.

Consider a section 2-3 inches in front of your face on either side. Pull back all of your hair as needed. To create the slicked back look, apply a little dry shampoo to the roots and brush your hair with a teasing brush.

Cut the other side of the hair behind your ears. Next, take a 4-clip bun and clip it upside down on the hair where the ponytail is. This will allow the fabric to be smooth without pulling the roots.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair In 10 Seconds Or Less

Part a section of hair on your head and cut a 3-clip upside down. If you have naturally dark hair, you can add several layers of braids or 2 layers together to create a larger weft.

Once you are satisfied with the placement of your braids, gather your hair into a ponytail (leaving the sections behind) and secure in a high ponytail.

Take sections of your ponytail and tease each layer at the roots with a teasing brush to add some lift.

How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

Towards the front of your head, cut two 1-clip wefts in the back, behind the separated section of hair. Next, gather your natural hair above the curls and cut all the hair from it. Repeat on the other side.

Insanely Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

1-Gather all the front sections of hair including the clip weft and brush the hair back with a loop hair extensions brush. The loop brush ensures that braids don’t pull at the roots as they glide easily through curved cuts. Then, tie all the hair into a ponytail and secure it with some elastics.

Now it seems difficult. Using a 1-inch curling wand, wrap a 1-inch section of hair from the ponytail around the wand. For a messy look, fold each section in turn.

Once it’s all curled, tease the ponytail and use dry salt spray or texturizing mousse to create a beachy look. Apply the product to the ends of the ponytail and lift to add volume.

Using a teasing brush, tease the top of the ponytail to add volume, then add cute pieces of hair to complete the look.

Chris Appleton Shared The Quickest Way To Give Your Ponytail More Volume — See Video

We’re seriously crushing on this ponytail this summer because it keeps the skin from tangling and keeping your hair out of your face and neck on hot, humid days.

Do you have ponytail hairstyles? Will you try this long ponytail with volume? Tell us in the comments below!

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How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

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How To Make A Ponytail Look Fuller Like Ariana Grande

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New Ways To Wear A Ponytail

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Single weft work is secured with invisible wires and clips. It comes with 2 extra clips, and as much as I love the ponytail, I’ll be the first to admit it’s a cop hair. Like, sure, they’re great for running errands or “going to the gym” (running in leggings), but it takes time to pull a ponytail.

How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

Visibility is a struggle. So I wanted to change up one of my boring, blah go-dos, I scoured Instagram for the cutest (but easiest) ponytail ideas of all time. With a great ’90s look and comfortable and easy to wear, limited options, I have something for everyone. Hope: Once you see this line, you’ll never look at ponytails the same way again.

Cute & Easy Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair For 2023

The easiest way to pull off a high ponytail? Run a curling iron or curl your ends to add volume. Finish with a few spritzes of hair extension and you’re good to go.

Leave it to Yara Shahidi to recreate the super sleek ponytail. Pull the fringes up, tuck your fringes in for a sleek look, and place your ponytail over your crown for added volume.

Still want to go for a more low-key vibe with your ponytail? After lightly drying the roots and your length with a spray, collect your hair from the nose to the neck with a silk scrunchie (which I really like in this PBS in a slip), and leave a few pieces to frame your face.

To see how stylish a ponytail can be, look no further than curly hair. If you’re trying to recreate it, a soft brush, light spray and flyaway tamer are essential.

How To Create The Perfect Sleek Ponytail

IMHO, there’s nothing better (or easier) than a high ponytail with loose, face-framing layers. Go for 90s vibes by securing your hair with a scrunchie, or go for a more sophisticated look with clear elastics.

Helpful tips: Keep your hair up, J. Once you’re in a ponytail, take a flat iron and gently twist your ends. You’ll have a sleek-and-retro look that will (hopefully) get you compliments.

The only thing cooler than a braided ladder ponytail? A fringe of many pearls flows through it.

How To Make High Ponytail For Long Hair

These big, soft curls perfectly complement the braided hair in the front. Play your default setup or add extras to add volume and power. IMO, you can never have too much.

High Ponytail How To: The 90’s Ponytail Is Back

A long tail with a bow? Cute but expected. However, add a second bow at the base of the tail, and you’re in for a treat.

Tired A quick fix for a pretty look is a tight addition below your midriff, like a string of pearls.

Styling your hair doesn’t have to feel difficult. Sometimes a small detail, like a string around a ponytail, adds interest without being overwhelming.

If you’re a fan of updos, take your hair to the next level by putting ponytails like these triple braids. Start with a half up style and create another ponytail underneath

How To Create The Viral Tiktok Ponytail

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