How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys

How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys – Today we’re telling you pretty lies, we’re going to discuss short hair and ponytails. Can you wear short hair in a ponytail? Abso-frickin-lutely. Sure, you may need a little creativity and the help of some tools and needles, but it can (and should!) be done. I’m not the only one who feels this way. For more proof that short hair looks great in a ponytail, read below for 11 examples that really rocked.

You may be asking yourself, “Oh, what does that mean?” But the next time you want to keep your short hair behind your shoulders, you’ll love this short hair tie technique. To tackle this super low pony, pull your hair to the back of your neck and secure with a hair tie. Then, using your fingers, gently slide the elastic tail down, stopping about two inches before reaching the end.

How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys

How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys

If you love a sleek ponytail on long hair, why not try it on short hair? Part your hair down the middle, smooth the roots with styling cream or gel, and tie back into a ponytail. The difference between your natural curls and soft roots *chef kiss*.

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If the layers around your face aren’t tight enough to reattach, let them down—no need to force it. You can get the same pulled back effect in a ponytail with a half up look instead. To add volume to the crown of your head, lift your hair in thin sections, then detangle with a fine-toothed comb. Then fasten with an elastic and velvet band a few inches above your neck.

Do you know what’s in ponytails? There’s a style to match whatever vibe you’re feeling. When you’re not in the mood for a messy pony, simply slick your hair back and don’t overthink it. If a few pieces fall ahead, so be it. It’s beautiful anyway.

This style strikes the perfect balance between wearing your hair down and playing up your curls. Instead of pulling your bangs back, loosen some curls around your face.

Messy ponytails used to be the universal symbol of staying up too late, but not anymore. Nina Dobrev’s cool, tossed pony looks like you want to do the messy thing. If you have fine hair, create texture with a curling wand and a little texturizing spray.

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If you’re more of a beach bum kind of person, I can’t think of a better ponytail than what Cameron is wearing here. For soft curls like these, wrap your hair around a stick for a few seconds. As you release the hair, give the curler a few twists before setting it to loosen it up a bit.

Whether you’re trying to grow out your bangs or keep your short ends from falling out of your ponytail, try adding a scarf to the perfect hairstyle. Once you’ve pulled your hair back, wrap the fabric around your head and tie it at the bottom of your ponytail.

You know the hair dye patch! Use a decorative barrette to clip it in instead. Another tip for a woman with thin hair: Spray your short hair with hairspray before you slide it to prevent it from slipping.

How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys

Yes, even you and your short hair can get into the super high ponytail trend. Gather your long strands at the top of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Even if the little layers fall down your back, it will still look beautiful. Look to Kendall Jenner for proof.

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Sometimes, your look isn’t all about your hair. When your skin is having a good day, pull back your short layers and take them out. This simple ponytail complements rather than competes with Lucy Hale’s gorgeous makeup.

If you swim, you need this shampoo.

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Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair To Try Asap

Lately, beauty-obsessed TikTokers can’t get enough of the “perfect ponytail” trick we created, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As the weather warms, many of us opt for cool-looking low-maintenance updos, and a high ponytail is always a winner. But if you’d believe that celebrity hairstylists and beauty influencers say it takes a minute to achieve bounce, volume, and a ponytail, it’s not so easy.

There are hundreds of ponytail hacks on TikTok, but Kirsty Holick (aka @the.bridalist, a big follower of hair tips and tutorials on the app) went viral for showing her followers how to quickly achieve a flat or tangle-free summer ponytail. The best part is that it only takes a simple scrunchie, bobby pins, hair bungies (elastic hair ties popularized by hairdressers) or complex sections of your hair to apply product. Even better, it can be tailored to your hair type, thick, thin or in between; You don’t have to have flowing Rapunzel-esque lengths for this to work.

The “perfect ponytail” hack is easy. First, you’ll need a scrunchie, but depending on the look you’re going for, you can use a simple hair tie if you like. Comb your hair using a paddle brush like the Denman Large Paddle Styling Brush. Then, take your scrunchie and curl your hair twice.

How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys

Before pulling your hair through the scrunchie for the third and final time, use your hand to separate the ponytail into two sections. Flip the top half of your head, then skip it and tie your scrunchie ends to the bottom half of your ponytail. This will free up the top of your hair, but simply bring it down to the hairline and run your fingers through the roots to tighten.

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What you end up with is a big, messy ponytail that flattens out as the day goes on. Depending on how polished you want the finished look, you can pull small sections of hair around your face or clip stray strands for a framing effect.

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My hair is very thick and gravity affects any updo I wear throughout the day, especially a ponytail, so I was excited to try it out. Surprisingly, it’s not as consistent as you’d think, and I got it on the second try. The first time, my scrunchie was too short, but I opted for a bigger silk version, which gave me a cute high pony à la Ariana Grande. I’ve proven that it works on medium hair, and thanks to the added support on the bottom half of the hair, my ponytail lasts longer than my regular top.

I find this hack works better on day-old hair than on freshly washed hair. However, a dry shampoo like Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean & Classic or a non-sticky texture spray like Ouidad Going Up! Spray Volumizing Texture Spray or Christine’s Dry Finish Working Texture Spray through the roots, lengths and ends to keep volume in place.

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Considering how easy and effective it is, I’m ditching my straighteners this summer and wearing my hair more. Kirsty’s 1.7 million viewers will do the same.

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How To Make A Ponytail With Short Hair For Guys

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