How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You

How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You – Have you ever been to a barber shop with photos of your favorite celebrities and asked for their perfect hairstyles and wondered why a beauty salon could not give you Gigi Hadid or Bob Kendall long hair? Struggling with the liveliness of that model?

Not only do Gigi and Kendall have the most beautiful clothes in the world, but also because of the hairstyles you choose. Choose does not fit your face shape. While all you need is the confidence to wear your new hairstyle with pride, there is nothing wrong with consulting about your face shape and angle to choose the best hairstyle to complement your unique face shape. You. We are here to help you find the best hairstyle for your face shape so you can rock the runway every day even without your Glam team.

How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You

How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You

At this point you may be wondering, “What is my face shape?” The most common mistake most people make when trying to define their face shape is to assume that their face is round. If you are asked to draw your face, your head shape may be round or oval, but it goes beyond that. When determining your face shape, you need to look at the hair, width and length of the face and jaw.

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An easy way to find out what your face looks like is to pull your hair back, take an eyeliner or lip pencil, look in the mirror and draw the contours of your face. Your face shape should fall into one of the following categories: long face, oval face, square face, round face Heart and diamond face.

The face is considered oval if the length is longer than the width and the jaw is thinner than the gently rounded hair. The oval face shape has no prominent points or angles. Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Bella Hadid can be identified with their oval faces. If you have an oval face, you are in luck! This face shape is considered to be the most usable hairstyle because it has good balance and proportions so you can experiment.

When choosing the right hairstyle for your oval face, the main goal is to avoid lengthening your face. If you want to be shorter, try short hairstyles that cover the shoulders and do the face. Otherwise, choose a shoulder length cut with small layers to add volume and protect your hair from falling out. If you want to keep your hair long, a simple hairstyle can make all the difference. Try using a partial bang that looks great on an oval face to create your face shape and get a balanced effect without having to cut your hair.

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@Kimkardashian’s mid-back makeup perfectly matches her oval face, achieved with 220g Mocha Brown Luxe hair extensions.

High-waisted and updated look is also great for creating an oval face, as you do not have to spend a lot on one side or think too much about softening some functions. Do you have short hair but want to try a high ponytail style? Cutting some hair extensions makes a difference. Remember that the best hairstyle for an oval face is a hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face and shows off your balanced features. If you wear your hair down, be sure to tie one or both of your hair behind your ears and show your cheeks.

When creating an oval face shape, try to keep the face as clean as possible. Avoid heartburn that will make your face look short and avoid long hairstyles that will make your face look short. You look long.

How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You

As the heart pulls out, the heart-shaped face is wider on the scalp and the short chin-cut shadow protrudes slightly. Your forehead can be prominent and if you have a heart-shaped face can also be your cheeks. Think Tyra Banks, Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon all have normal heart-shaped faces.

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When choosing a hairstyle for a heart-shaped face, you can emphasize the narrow face shape or balance by making the lower half of the face wider. If you choose to emphasize a heart-shaped face, tie your hair in a high ponytail or a high ponytail. Otherwise, choose pants that stretch over the shoulders to add width around your jaw. If you want to keep your hair long, try the deep side part with loose waves that break at the bangs to draw attention from the forehead.

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@Daniellellombard’s layer splits at the collarbone, widening her heart-shaped face at the jaw. Create a similar look with our dark brown hair extensions.

Shoulder-length hair looks best on a heart-shaped face as it adds volume to the lower part of the face and creates the illusion of a large jaw.

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“True” heart-shaped face with widow hair. If you have one, try not to kidnap the middleman. Chances are one side of your hair will be parted to your liking and the other side will have its own ideas. On the other hand, if your hair falls out of the widow’s hair naturally, split your hair a little in the middle. Also, keep your hair short to make your beard look narrow.

The square face is broad and the forehead, cheeks and jaw are the same width. Strong jaws are the hallmark of a square face like Hailey Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde.

When choosing a hairstyle for a square face, you can emphasize the square face shape or soften the jaw. If you want to emphasize your face shape, use bangs or shorts to show that strong jaw line. If you want to emphasize the square shape, try soft bangs to create a diagonal line and soften wrinkles on the face or wear straight hair. And up to a few inches long in layers. Draw the eyes down and add length to the front. If you dare to try on a bra, choose short earrings that hug your cheeks and press on them.

How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You

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@Sofiazamora square face softened by loose waves and long layers achieved with ombre blonde luxe hair extensions 220g

Avoid too thick eyebrows or straight hairstyles as it can press on the corners of the face. Any deformed face should also be avoided if you are trying to soften your face. Curls also extend your face, so choose straight or loose hair.

Round faces are of equal width and length, with no clear angles or corners. A round face is usually a “baby face” which means you look younger and can choose a younger hairstyle. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin will be your hair inspiration here.

When reshaping a round face, your main goal is to enlarge the face and make it more oval. A quick trick for this is to always keep short hair on one side of the face. It reduces the width of your face visually and deceives the eye to make your face look narrower.

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Shiny short hair, especially on a round face, if it is cut out and styled properly, go ahead and shake the hairstyle. This update. Try the deep side part to create more angles for a round face or wear your hair as a high ponytail to enlarge your face. If you feel very bold, a short pixie cut with volume on top looks great on a round face profile, adding texture and angles without looking ugly.

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@thejuliaoh_ Wear 220g long black straight hair and straight hair to balance her round face

How To Figure Out What Hairstyle Is Best For You

A common mistake women with round faces make is to hide their face with too much hair, which actually widens the face. Instead, opt for medium length hair with long bangs that do your face and keep the texture soft and smooth. Avoid soft bangs as they can further emphasize the softness of your character. Choose side parting or thick hair instead.

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The easiest way to describe a long face shape is that an oval face shape is … just as long – the length of the face is greater than the width of the face. Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Hilary Swank.

The main goal is to create a long face profile

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