How To Figure Out What Color To Dye Your Hair

How To Figure Out What Color To Dye Your Hair – Just like the clothes you wear and the way you style them, the way you wear your hair can say a lot about how you want to present yourself to the world. So when thinking about your beautiful locks, it’s important to choose a hair color that not only reflects your personal style, but also suits your natural look. Finding the right hair color can make a big difference to how you look, so it’s important to choose the best hair that matches your tone and color. Whether you’re coloring your hair for the first time and need some inspiration, or just need answers to questions like “what hair color suits me” or “what’s my skin tone”, below is our hair color and shade chart. help!

How is my skin? First, there are three types of earth: warm, cold, and neutral. Finding your skin tone is the first step to finding the right hair color for you. • The words below are cool red or pink with a blue tinge. • Warm tones are usually yellow, peach and gold. • Neutral tones are a combination of all the shades above and usually look like well-balanced tones that are the same color as your skin.

How To Figure Out What Color To Dye Your Hair

How To Figure Out What Color To Dye Your Hair

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin Tones   Blonde Hair, Fair Skin Tones Beauty suits lighter, more natural colors, so a shade of blonde like Precision Foam Color 10N would suit you best. Dark Hair, Cool Skin Tone If you have brunette locks, definitely don’t go for rich or dark shades, as your cool skin tone can wash you out. This cool skin tone is perfect for natural ash brown and red tones. Shades like 6N and 6.5PBN are two of the best brunette hair types for light skin types in our range. Red hair, cool skin tones will suit you best Strawberry blonde, auburn and medium auburn shades like 5R. Dark red can be too harsh on your fair skin, so go for more natural red tones with a mix of blonde and brunette instead.

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Best Hair Color for Warm Skin Hair Hair, Warm Skin All blonde tones have a dark base like dark blonde and a buttery mix of colors in caramel and gold highlights that complement warm tones perfectly. Shades like 9A and 9N combined with caramel and toffee tones are the perfect solution to create lighter shades wearable in warm tones. Dark Hair, Warm Skin   Warm tones go with any shade of brunette, even shades closer to black! Although there are many shades to match your skin tone (5N, 5A, 5B, 3N and 2N), rich and dark shades look the most amazing. Check out our next article on different brunette colors for more inspiration on which tones to choose. (Remember to avoid anything three shades lighter than your natural color as it can wash you out!) Red hair, warm skin tones Look for deep cherry shades and lots of purple as these will match your undertones. Shades like 3VR and 4R (color rich) help you get a bold color that looks great on your skin!

Best Hair Color for Dark Skin Tones Blonde Hair, Neutral Skin Tone   If your skin tone is neutral, then rich blonde shades are a stylish choice. From light reds like 9A to more natural tones like 9N, golden honey shades really complement your undertones, but you can go a shade or two lighter! Check out our 13 Nuances de Blonde article for a wide variety of blonde shades to choose from! Dark Hair, Fair Skin   Ash and milk chocolate browns are perfect for neutral skin tones and add a pop to your complexion. Look for shades like 5N and 6A as well as dark rich browns to complement your golden undertones. That said, make sure you avoid any shades lighter than your natural color, as you’ll want to add some warmth to your skin. Red Hair, Fair Skin   If you have a neutral complexion, you can be very bold with the red color you choose, and a few natural shades like sangria or cherry will give you a fiery, dark look. If you have very red skin, you should avoid any purple tones as they can wash you out and make your skin look yellow. Try a medium red shade like 5R, which works best with medium to dark skin tones. Check out our group of 10 bright red shades for more information and find the best shade for you!

Now that you’ve answered the question “what hair type is right for me”, be sure to check out our Precision Foam Color to get the look. For all the hair color inspiration you could want, check out the rest of our hair color articles. The intensity of the old hair color depends on the “Hair Color Levels” category that our hair falls into. But what exactly is this Hair Color Level and how does one recognize it? Well, it’s time to board. Let’s try to understand the basics of what hair color means.

Want to dye your hair that funky shade of pink? Or you’ve been saving up to buy that beautiful emerald green hair color, but then you hear about hair color levels – and it’s wide open, the door to confusion! What is a hair color level, what is a hair color level chart, level 4 hair color, level 5 hair color and before you know it, you are used to the top and now you are not sure if pink is the same color for you!

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So what exactly is Hair Color Level and how is Hair Color Level determined? How does one know what level of hair color they want?

Well, it’s time to go upstairs. Let’s try to understand the basics of what hair color means.

Before we get into any discussion about hair coloring, it’s important to understand our natural hair. The intensity of the old hair color depends on the “Hair Color Levels” category that our hair falls into.

How To Figure Out What Color To Dye Your Hair

The Hair Color Level System is a universal method used by hairdressers, stylists and hair colorists to create standard hair charts. Refers to the lightening or darkening of a person’s hair – less number, darker hair.

How To Transition Back To Your Natural Hair Color

The Hair Level Chart makes it easy to reference any hair color that is called or described as. However, it is necessary to know what level of hair color a person has and what they need in order to achieve the best results from hair color.

For example, untreated hair tends to be thicker and less absorbent of hair color and is only able to reflect the light of the applied color. It can also end prematurely. Finer shades of hair absorb more color and give the best results.

Instead of going through the complicated process of defining your hair color, you can find out your hair color phase and breathe!

So now that we know what the hair color phase is, it’s time to find out the hair color phase! To better understand how to identify yourself, you can refer to the table below

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These levels are the darkest of normal hair shades. Level 1 is black, without brown tones.

Semi-permanent hair color usually won’t show up on level 1 hair by any stretch of the imagination because the base is too thin for any shade to show up. From this stage the hair will gradually lighten as it goes down and stage 2 is the darkest, 3 and 4 tones are dark and medium brown. Level 4 or so is the darkest possible color change without pre-lightening.

These levels are light to medium brown in color. Most of our rich and pigmented colors work well with level 6-7 hair

How To Figure Out What Color To Dye Your Hair

Some of the best, highly pigmented colors like Comrii Purple, Raggiana Orange should cast noticeably below this tone, so they work best on levels 5 to 7 of your hair color.

Warm Vs. Cool—which Hair Color Best Suits Your Skin Tone?

This level is the perfect range of light blondes that act as an excellent base to see most of our colors come out strong. Most of the colors of paradise appear correctly and clearly at level 8.

Colors like Mayeri Green, Superba Aqua and Crinkle Violet will be great to start with for those with hair colors 5 to 7, as well as the shades listed for the lower levels.

Not quite platinum, but classic red blonde, step by step

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