How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For Me

How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For Me – A lot of work talk is about how much you like or dislike your current job. There is a reason why people feel one way or another, and it depends on whether or not your position matches your personality. And folks, we’re talking more than Type A and Type B here.

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How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For Me

How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For Me

Whether you’re new to the world of work or unsure of your ideal career after years in the same field, this chart will guide you in the right direction. The best part? Here are some specific job suggestions if you’re still not sure what to do.

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Born and raised in North Carolina and a graduate of UNC-Wilmington, Caitlin always knew she would go to New York to pursue writing. As an editorial summer intern, she provides career advice to The Muse. She also writes for other publications such as USA TODAY College, Her Campus and The Huffington Post. You can find it in the city for the best food, watching Netflix or dinner with friends. Say hello to KaitlynRussell_ on Twitter. Meeting new people, sharing strong and certainly endless handshakes, exchanging pleasantries about the most interesting topics. It never gets old!!

Among the questions that often arise during these awkward little setbacks, a loved one seems to ask, “What are you doing?” This little question, of course, raises a million other questions: “You?

Your job “How much do you make?” “Where do you rank in my subjective career ranking?” And (no pressure or anything!!) “Do you love what you do?”

As a millennial, I can’t say if previous generations felt the pressure to do what you love so strongly. But I seem to be of the generation that left me in my twenties and thirties with other milestones that once represented success—owning a home, getting married, having kids. Go ahead, you’ve locked yourself into a new definition of success. : the places you’ve traveled, your photography skills and your professional success, to name a few.

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Maybe I’m designing. Maybe I mean my insecurity and self-doubt. If you think it’s me, you have every right to shout in my general direction, “Oh, Jackie! Wow! Did you realize that not everyone feels the same way about you?” And in that case, thanks for calling! not really

Always know what you want to do because you are young. Someone who has made and followed a path and is truly happy with where you are on your journey. well hot damn i’m really happy for you. Just keep killing it, okay?

The words I write today are for others. These are for people who had a million different interests in high school, who had a different group in college, and were never able to fit all of these unique activities into one true path. They knew what they wanted to do, but they realized they found it too late, and without a written roadmap and eight fully structured practices, they felt like they couldn’t get anywhere. They are for people who sometimes feel like they are drifting away, ineffective, frustrated or stuck in their careers.

How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For Me

Maybe it’s you. You may feel behind. Maybe you’re in your twenties or forties or fifties and you may feel like you’ve lost it. Maybe you dread going out to parties and meeting new people and being asked the seemingly innocent question, “What do you do?” First of all, let me say that it is good. I say it in letters because I mean it!! It’s okay to feel. It’s good to feel lost. It is not right to be afraid of small talk at parties. This is true

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Second, let me say that I am with you, friend. At the ripe old age of forty-eight, I’m still figuring it out. I am still working. I’m still learning what my interests are and I’m learning not to be afraid to pursue those interests.

The pace of my personal career has been fast and uneventful, a path full of passion and duty. I entered university as a design lecturer and worked my way up for one incredible day before switching to architecture. I really enjoyed the program, but at the end of my four years I decided that architecture as a career was not for me. My heart wasn’t in it and I think another part of me didn’t think I was good enough (just kidding, a recurring theme in my life!).

I left college with a degree, yes, but hardly an ounce of guidance. I didn’t have a job. I had no clear path to dive into. However, with the naive and sometimes blind optimism that is synonymous with being in my twenties, I looked for opportunities that seemed right to me. I applied to countless jobs, sent tons of cold emails to people I liked, got a graphic design internship with my favorite website. I interned at a non-profit organization, a field I always thought I would go into, if only because of a long-standing and strong desire to help people. At the end of the summer, I was offered a full-time job with the same non-profit, along with a 3-month graphic design internship.

This was my life for a long time: I worked all day and worked many nights and weekends. A graphic design internship evolved into a graphic designer role, which then evolved into an editor role. I enjoyed what I was doing in many ways, but also physically and mentally for a long time – and after two and a half years, I decided to give up this side hustle. Years later, I still work for the same nonprofit, and while it is a wonderful organization, there is a growing part of me that knows I have other interests.

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I spent most of my thirty years in the dark cave of Anui – never knowing which way to go. I am slowly learning not to fight so hard against the unknown. I understand that it’s okay not to have everything figured out. I understand that we are all made up.

If you feel lost, I believe you will find your way. You don’t have to understand now. You don’t have to figure it out tomorrow. You don’t even have to guess next week. Unless you are of a different type, you do not know in advance what decisions you will make or what you will do. Your ideal career. You can only take one step; You can only move in the direction that suits you.

Maybe open a new Word document or notebook and write down one thing (small or otherwise) you’re doing every day to take your career in a different direction. Maybe make a commitment to meet with someone who works in a field you’re interested in every week, either face-to-face, via email or social media. Maybe a course you’ve been wanting to take. You may need to apply for a job that you quickly convince yourself you’re not a good fit for. Whatever you do, don’t try. Don’t get lost in the good way of believing you’re not good enough. Don’t lose yourself, okay?

How To Figure Out What Career Is Right For Me

I guess I’m not an expert in any area of ​​life, I don’t know? But I know what it feels like to be lost. I understand how you feel about it. I know others feel the same way sometimes. And I know it’s good to remember that sometimes you’re not alone in the dark waters of life.

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So if we see each other at a party (I go to a lot of parties, you know?), please come say hi. I promise I will ask you what your hobbies are, what you like to do for fun, and if you have any pets. I promise to do my best to find a topic of conversation that will enlighten you. I promise I won’t ask what you do.

Jackie is the Editorial Director of Wit & Delight. In his free time, you can find him running around the lakes of Minneapolis, looking for a bite to eat.

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