How To Figure Out The Best Mattress For You

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To help you get the best sleep possible, our in-house sleep product experts have tested more than 1,300 mattresses for nearly a decade in our product testing lab in Seattle. Using qualitative and quantitative tests, as well as customer research and focus groups, we found the best mattress for each type of bed.

How To Figure Out The Best Mattress For You

How To Figure Out The Best Mattress For You

This guide begins with detailed information on our top picks for the best mattresses of 2023. It also covers other important topics that mattress buyers should be aware of, such as knowing the buying process, what to look for, and how to choose. . the best mattress for your sleeping style.

How To Choose The Right Mattress

The best mattress represents the perfect balance in our testing criteria and is enjoyed by the largest group of sleepers. We found that the Midnight Helix kept us cool all night while being good at reducing pressure and providing support. It was recommended by many testers regardless of sleeping position or body type.

Every sleeper is different, so we aim for an objective rating system to help you understand each product – good and bad – so you can make the best buying decision. Our research and development team uses advanced tools and techniques to create a database of over 1300 mattresses. We combine this data with real-time feedback from testers of our sleep products at home, focus groups and consumer audiences. For more information on our testing process, please go to the methodology section below.

If you’re just starting your search, read our guide to finding the right mattress and answers to common buying questions.

“The Helix Midnight balances the response rate by gently rocking the shoulders and hips, which are often sore spots for side and back sleepers. Our tests have shown that the mattress sleeps comfortably and we’ve found that the foam layers provide good motion isolation for co-sleepers.’

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Complete performance, quality construction and an affordable price put the Helix Midnight at the top of our selection for the best mattress. We attribute these features to the average firmness of the bed, which was somewhere between soft and firm, and the hybrid memory foam structure, which received top marks from testers for pressure relief, motion isolation, breathability and overall support.

Helix offers a wide variety of hybrid mattresses, each designed for specific body types, sleeping positions and desired firmness. Our testers chose the Helix Midnight for its balanced feel that combines pressure relief with solid coil support—all at a great price.

Helix Midnight has a solid mid feel (6). The foam layers reduced pressure build-up and isolated movement well during our tests, while the loops helped the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature and allowed testers to move around the surface with ease. We found that the same combination of pressure relief and easy movement appealed to side, back and stomach sleepers in our test team. Co-sleepers, who often change positions at night, were also a hit.

How To Figure Out The Best Mattress For You

The first two layers are foam. The top layer is Helix’s Memory Plus foam, which holds the tester’s pressure while maintaining a high level of responsiveness. The second layer is a transition polyfoam, which prevented the saws from sinking too far into the mattress. Beneath it is a support base that provided a firm base and gently cushioned the mattress, making it easy to move around.

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The midnight sleep test is 100 nights, and Helix backs the mattress with a 10-year warranty that covers material and manufacturing defects. Shipping is free for customers in all 50 states.

“DreamCloud is a great compromise for anyone who needs extra support but also likes a good feel. While the foam layers provide enough cushioning, the coils provide excellent support so you never feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. Our field tester has been using the mattress for a year and reports that she sleeps well and has less back pain because of its firmness.”

DreamCloud’s luxurious construction uses multiple types of foam as well as pocket coils to give you the perfect combination of shape, support and responsiveness. This makes the mattress a great choice if you tend to sink too much into the mattress or if you don’t like overly firm sleeping surfaces.

The company’s mid-range DreamCloud (6) met the needs of most testers and was the top choice, especially for side and back sleepers. The balanced performance also caters to multiple sleepers as well as couples.

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Hybrids are considered one of the best mattress types for warm sleepers, so it’s no surprise that the DreamCloud performed well in our heat neutralization tests. A covered coil support core circulates air and helps maintain a cool interior temperature. DreamCloud also takes the cooling a little further with a luxurious cashmere blend cover, which we think is breathable and excellent at wicking away moisture.

DreamCloud starts with a layer of polyfoam attached to a cashmere bed cover. Next is the two-layer comfort system that starts with a layer of gel-infused memory foam that secures our bodies with partially padded straps and pressure points. The next layer is made of polyfoam and has a slightly smaller contour and more reflection. Our testers found it to be a great way to balance memory foam.

The support core consists of individually wrapped rings divided into zones that fit your body, providing improved support for the lower back and deeper shaping of the shoulders and hips. The springs provide stability at the edges and create an important rebound that allows movement over the entire surface of the mattress. A layer of high-density polyfoam under the coils stabilizes the mattress and reduces noise from the coils.

How To Figure Out The Best Mattress For You

The DreamCloud sleep trial lasts for a year, giving you 365 nights to see how well it works for you. After that, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered by the DreamCloud Lifetime Warranty.

How To Find The Best Mattress

“Our field tester has been sleeping on the Nectar mattress for over 3 years and was amazed at the support it gets from the full foam structure. When we tested the mattress in our lab, we also experienced a firm head-to-toe posture. Overall, it’s a very well-rounded bed .’

Nectar is a great example of a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank. Nectar Sleep offers other benefits if you’re shopping on a budget, such as an extended sleep test time and a no-hassle guarantee for as long as you own the mattress.

During testing, we determined that due to its satisfactory properties, Nectar is suitable for side sleepers of all sizes. Many of the back and stomach sleepers on our team, especially those between 130 and 230 pounds, also felt comfortable on this mattress. Nectar has a balanced medium consistency and material that gives testers nice color without support. The mattress scored well in all performance categories, such as pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature control, but it costs significantly less than the average memory foam model.

Nekta has a 2-inch comfort layer of memory foam during transition and supports layers of denser foam. Although the mattress is very supportive, from the very first row you will feel the deep body building that we compare to sleeping “in” – as opposed to sleeping “on” – a mattress. The quilted cover adds to the comfortable design by creating an elegant feel on the surface.

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Nectar’s 365-night sleep test, one of the longest in the industry, and a lifetime warranty are exclamation points about the value of this quality mattress for such an affordable price.

“The Saatva Classic is one of the most durable mattresses we’ve tested. The layers of coils make the surface incredibly resilient and responsive, but the mattress wasn’t overly firm like many classic inners on the market.

The Saatva Classic combines the best support of traditional innerspring mattresses with the increased comfort and modern features of modern hybrid mattresses. The result is a sleek Euro-top design that reduces pressure levels during testing without sacrificing power or temperature control.

How To Figure Out The Best Mattress For You

Multiple stiffness and thickness options make Classics an attractive choice for different sleepers, regardless of body type and sleeping position. The two layers of coils created a reaction and made it easier for the saw to move around the bed while gently straightening the body for stretching. Lots of airflow through the coils kept this mattress cool during our thermal testing. Firmness options include soft (3), medium (6) and firm (8), so you can choose the firmness that best suits your preferences.

How To Choose A Mattress For 2023

The Saatva mattress topper uses several types of foam, including special polyfoam and a memory foam underlay under the lumbar area. These foams are sewn into the Euro-top, which has a breathable cover made of organic cotton.

Below the Euro-top is a coil-on-coil design. The top layer of the coil is 4 inches thick and the coils are individually wrapped. This allows them to squeeze

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