How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions – Whether it’s how to pull off professional fantasy lashes or simply applying fake lashes, A Millennialbrings you expert advice, the best of beauty matches.

Until two years ago, I had never worn false eyelashes or DIY eyelash extensions. Putting on false lashes before a night out will ruin my makeup, or waiting to use the rare false lashes will leave me up until 10 p.m. with a single lash hanging over half my face.

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

I never thought about eyelashes again during the day, 15 minutes or so of intense makeup with just a thin layer of mascara got me through until morning.

How I Diy My Own Lash Extensions From Home

This discovery happened after getting professional eyelash extensions for the first time, which I went completely nuts for.

Although they look great, they tend to get me flabby eyelashes again when they end their life and fall off. Time to find an affordable alternative that I can keep at home…

For those who are entering the world of eyelash extensions for the first time, this is a treat. Typically, getting your lashes professionally done involves having a lash technician apply individual lashes to your natural lashes with industrial-strength glue.

This will give them up to 6 weeks of life before needing a recharge, making them ideal for months of travel or packing for the next event.

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes: Tips And Tricks From The Experts

I am very picky about where I am going to do my work, after all, your eyelashes are delicate and you should leave them in very confident and capable hands. Eddie London was my lash technician as she gave me the luscious and natural lashes I was looking for.

Although there are many benefits to getting eyelash extensions done professionally, it can be an expensive beauty treatment.

How to maintain fluttering eyelash extensions at home without becoming a fully trained eyelash technician yourself.

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

Enter, DIY eyelash extensions: an at-home alternative to professional eyelash extensions that allows you to apply your own lashes in minutes and can last up to a week.

A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own Eyelash Brand By Privatelabelcosmetics

Lashify was the first DIY eyelash extension brand I tried and I was instantly hooked. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Lashify created one of the first at-home eyelash systems, available as a starter kit in the Lashify Control Kit, £102, Lashify. This includes the glue or ‘bond’, the product, tweezers for precise application, the top coat or ‘sealer’ and of course, the lashes.

While at first glance, these lashes look like the individual fakes you may be used to, there are a few big differences that make me a newbie to professional lashes.

First, they are smaller than individual eyelashes, fit in groups of two or three. They’re very flexible when it comes to customizing to the shape of your face (unlike those flowing parts that I feel don’t suit my face shape), and look amazing.

I haven’t had a problem with Lashify damaging my natural lashes, and I’ve been wearing them again without interruption within a year. Since the product glue isn’t as strong as the professional glue used when you go to a lash technician, the stain is easily removed with warm water or a cleanser.

Why Do Your Eyelash Extensions Hurt? Causes And Solutions

If like me you’re a fan of beauty products that make life easier, then perhaps the best thing about Lashify Lashes is their longevity. Where a high street lash curler is usually only done in the middle of the evening, at-home lash extensions last me four days – while others I know get a week’s worth.

As much as I love Lashify Lashes, it can’t be denied that they are an expensive trend. However, in the long run it is cheaper than monthly eyelash extension appointments. The starter kit I mentioned earlier is an investment but it includes everything you need to get started, including two sets of lashes, and you only have to buy the starter kit once.

Luckily, some cheaper options are starting to come through the High Street. Kiss Lashes has launched the Kiss Falscara Individual Primer Trainer, £24.99, Look fantastic at its best thanks to the Lashify app. I show in the video from Instagram how easy the application is:

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

Kiss has three different types of Wisp Lashes, of which my favorite is the Kiss Falscara Eyelash in Wisp 01, £9.99, Superdrug, which creates a natural, lashed look.

Can You Do Eyelash Extensions On Yourself? (do This Instead!)

Ardell also has great personalized eyelashes at a fraction of the price; Ardell Individual Eyelashes Knotted Flare Trios, £4.95, Sephora, are similar to Lashify in terms of range and come in different lengths. I definitely recommend investing in Lashify’s Bond and Sealant products, but in terms of lashes, the options are pretty plentiful.

My latest discovery, which has become my favorite brand for DIY lashes, is Amor Lashes. Your Quicklash Starter Kit costs £50, but usually costs around £30, and includes the Quicklash curler, bond, sealant, remover and lash tweezers you’ll need. The brand has a range of lashes in a range of styles and lengths with prices starting from around £10, which is a good price considering the value and high quality you get in each pack.

Once you have found the eyelash extension you like, it is time to proceed with the application. I recommend putting everything on a table or desk and sitting in front of the vanity mirror because you’ll have a closer view of what you’re doing.

The lashes can also be unstable when they come out of their box, so take these out before you start, otherwise you might end up bonding before you even wear them.

Hacks For Removing Eyelash Extensions At Home

Then, take the mixed product (this is usually a thin mascara wand) and brush it onto your lashes. You’ll want to do a whipping or two, but avoid using too much because you’ll notice the formula start to clump and clump. Instead of rocking it all, I prefer to focus on the greater part of it. Clean lashes to avoid clumping.

By grasping your lashes, you want to grab each individual hair. It will take some practice to find the best way to hold it, but it’s best to get the lids somewhere in the middle to the point so you can group them in place.

Instead of using them on your lashes, the trick to at-home eyelash extensions is to use them under your lashes, which gives you a natural, blended look. Try to get close to the waterline as you lift each lash, but remember you shouldn’t feel the lash.

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

Once you have your eyelashes on, it’s time for sealant. Lashify and Kiss set different waiting times before using their sealing products and also offer different waiting times for longer lasting results, like Lashify’s Night Bond Sealer, £23, lashify, But the main point is to seal the lids and extend their life. ,

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home Safely

Or voila! Say hello to new lashes that look natural, but look better. Below, find some additional tips I’ve learned about achieving the most flawless lashless application possible.

It’s really that simple. I was also surprised when I met someone who said not to touch eyelashes before applying eyelashes, as it makes all eyelashes more active, and he went for whipping activity.

Extending your lashes (and thus, moving them) will make it easier to get the lashes under your lash line and help them blend for a natural finish. My favorite eyelash curler that I’ve been using for a few years is The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin, £26.40, Cult Beauty.

If, like me, you can’t keep your lashes natural, start applying your lashes from the outer corner and work your way inward as you go along. That way, you won’t waste space and end up leaving unwanted gaps.

Diy Lash Lift Tutorial: Achieve A Lash Lift At Home

Half-winged or ‘winged eyelashes’ have grown in popularity recently, worn by celebrities on the red carpet and in hundreds of videos on TikTok. Reason? While full lashes can sometimes make eyes appear smaller, half lashes can make eyes appear longer. To learn this style with eyelash extensions at home, apply lashes from the outer corner to where your pupil sits.

Different types of lashes will create different looks, but the combination of lengths can completely transform your face. For example, Lashify lists the number of its gossamer lashes, starting at 8 for short ends and going up to 18. Kiss offers a variety of sizes from S to L in the Wispies collection, and Amor Lashes with options ranging from 10mm to 16mm. ,

To get the natural feathered look, I started with extreme length

How To Do Your Own Lash Extensions

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