How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair

How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair – For those of you who follow my Instagram or Facebook, you know I got a wedding haircut last Saturday. Today I was planning a haircut for next Saturday. I’m so honored to have been asked to do some wedding styles so I thought I’d share with you the styles from last weekend.

First, I had the honor of doing two little flower hairdos for my cousin’s wedding. Their hair is very thin and curly, but the old girl’s hair is quite long. I made two dutch braids with the ribbon and twisted the end of the braid nicely. It held up really well and still looked good after a bit of running, dancing and playing in the fields. For the small flower, I made a hair bow with the same green ribbon. It was cute until he took it out, but that lasted a long time!

How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair

How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair

In addition to the flowers, I made three hairstyles for the adults: two lace braided hairstyles, one of which I finished with a ponytail and bow, and another with a curly bun and flower. The third raised hairstyle was a star bun on beautiful pink hair:

Ways To Do Two French Braids

With mature hair, it’s important to do something that makes the model feel comfortable. All three were very happy with their tops so I thought they made it.

And finally, I made my three daughters. The older two said exactly what they wanted and my youngest hates her facial hair, so I styled her hair that way for the entire party.

So last weekend was a test of sorts: next Saturday I’m doing hair for three brides! We did some test balls today so it should be easy, but I think it will be a lot of pressure as it’s a wedding!

And just to add extra stress: in the morning before working at the children’s fair, I do the bride, the braid… it’s 6 hours in total! I think my fingers will hurt 🙂

French Braid: Master The Classic Style And Get Fresh Ideas

I am so excited to win my first breed competition!!! Katie @ abellasbraids had a contest on Instagram so I entered some of my braids. There were over 500 entries in the Intermediate category and all the highlights were fantastic! I didn’t think I would get a chance. Check out #abellasbraidsintermediate on Instagram to see all the incredible hairstyles in the competition. Here’s my winning crochet headband I made for my daughter’s best friend’s birthday party:

I have been asked about this peak so many times in the last few hours that I thought it would be easier to write a blog post and try to explain it.

A lot of people thought it was some kind of feather top, and I think a feather top would be good if I knew what I was doing when I started. But I knit as I knit …

How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair

I started by doing her 5 short braids (just the normal 3 strand braids) in a row from the middle of her head to her ears.

Braid 11 Half Up French Braids

Next, I started the lace braid headband from the right ear, and when I got to the short braid, I pulled it forward (toward the face) and tied the lace braid over it. And when the little braids made a nice loop, I tied them into a lace braid.

In the end, I wasn’t happy with how the back of the lace braid looked, so I started another small braid near the right ear. I pulled it out of the main braid, braided it a bit and sewed the lace braid to the back of the headband, pulled it out of the main braid again and so on. And finished everything together.

I am very proud to have won the competition. Abella’s braids have been my biggest inspiration lately. Katie does amazing braids and I’m a huge fan so this really means a lot to me! Check her out on Instagram, YouTube and her blog:

We have just returned from a holiday in Finland. It was good practice in the winter because I had to come up with hairstyles that looked good under the hat. Here are some I found:

Stunning Two Braids Hairstyles To Spruce Up Your Look

On the left I did a lace braid a few times starting in the middle of the twist, then a regular braid and a short french braid with the hair on the right side at the back. The braid on the right is a 5-strand lace braid that joins the hair on the left.

The last is a combination of waterfalls and French peaks. It caught my eye on Pinterest once and I’ve made it a few times, always getting lots of comments because it’s something a little different. I can only get this braid to work on my oldest daughter as she is old enough to help a bit by holding the strands of the waterfall braid until I can braid them into two French braids. Without his help, the sides of the waterfall would loosen and the whole thing would collapse.

All three hairstyles lasted for a few days and did not get stuck under the hat, very suitable for winter.

How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair

It’s ten more days until school starts, so we’re trying out some school hairstyles.

The Best Braids For Wet Hair

1. You should be able to do it the night before. At least until we get used to getting up early again, I won’t do my hair in the morning!

So what always comes in handy are two basic French braids. They stay overnight, the hair is completely gone, and the braids usually don’t end with play or play.

To keep it cute, I like to do two slightly asymmetrical French braids after girls’ hair is naturally parted instead of parted in the middle:

When my oldest girl started school, she always lost the rubber band at the end of her braids. A solution is to do two French braids very close to the parting and tie them higher (bottom left). It’s also good for a change.

Braids Hairstyles Differences

Another option is to leave two French braids, close to the face (below, right).

So, if you learn how to do a simple French braid, you already have several different hairstyles!

This hairstyle is great for camping, swimming or any other sports. You only need to do 5 or 6 French braids, the only difficult part is dividing the hair.

How To Do Two French Braids In Your Own Hair

But keep in mind that if your skin is too light, you can tan easily! (I had to remember how I wore this hairstyle to a music festival a while ago…) Usually in the summer I often change the side part for girls or do a French braid or a pony. . Fortunately, the scalp works well with a hair scarf:

Double Dutch Braids For Beginners

These are last week’s school photos. Very difficult because the most beautiful braids look great from the side or back, but look quite boring from the front. Also, send a girl to school with beautiful hair, but you never know what will happen before the photo.

Luckily it wasn’t raining or blowing, but it was a Thursday. They have a sports class on Thursdays. So, if the picture is after gym class, she undresses, pulls on a sports top, and then undresses and changes, her hair all messed up. Great potential! And for a big twist, she requested curls. Oh, and it was a Thursday… the younger sisters go to daycare on Thursday mornings, so we try to get everyone out the door in good time. So this was our solution:

I came to the conclusion that “half poses” are perfect for school photos: no matter how she turns her head, some of her hair is visible in the photo. A “half updo” is also good if you braid your hair in curls, because there is always straight hair on the top of the head: a short braid will hide it.

The night before, we did two loose French braids to get the curls. In the morning we unrolled the French braids and made “sideless bread”. A lace braid is really easy and holds the hair well. You do the same thing as a French braid, but you only lift the hair on one side.

Double Dutch Side Braid

This photo was taken after school and still looks great. I haven’t seen the school pictures yet, but I think it’s a success with the hair. Today’s topic is how to do a French braid for beginners! A French braid is a beautiful braid and is very practical as an everyday hairstyle, for work or running or whatever, because the braid keeps the hair out of your face!

You can speak French.

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