How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

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A few years ago, I never wore false eyelashes or DIY lash extensions. Putting on a pair of falsies the night before would either ruin my makeup, or, waiting for the rare successful brow, leave me hanging between my eyes by 10am.

How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

Brows didn’t cross my mind during the day, and a heavy makeup routine of 15 minutes or less covered me in a bunch of mascara most mornings.

Lash Artist Tips

This discovery came after having eyelash extensions professionally applied for the first time and I fell in love with them.

They look amazing, but once they reach their full life and go away, they make me crave soft lashes again. Time to find a cheaper alternative that I can keep at home…

For those entering the world of eyelash extensions for the first time, you are ready. Typically, professional lashing involves a technician attaching individual lashes to your natural lashes using industrial strength glue.

This gives them about 6 weeks of shelf life before they expire again, making them perfect for your trip or a whole month.

Eyelash Extensions 101: Natural, Styles, Removal, And More

I’m incredibly picky about where I go to do mine, after all, your lashes are delicate and you should only put them in trusted and skilled hands. Edy London is my go-to lash technician as she gives me the natural looking lashes I’m looking for.

While having eyelash extensions professionally done has many benefits, it can be an expensive beauty routine.

A way to keep eyelashes long at home without training as an eyelash technician.

How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

Enter, DIY eyelash extensions: an alternative to professional at-home eyelash extensions that can be applied to your lashes in minutes and last up to a week.

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Real Lashes? — Ask A Lash And Brow Artist

Lashify was the first DIY lash extension brand I tried, and I was instantly hooked. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Lashify created the Lashify Control Kit, £102, one of Lashify’s lash-at-home systems available as a starter kit. These include an adhesive or ‘bond’, product, a specific curved curler for application, a top coat or ‘sealer’ and of course the lashes.

At first glance these brows may look similar to the individual falsies you’re used to, but there are a few key changes that have transformed me from a novice to a one-handed pro.

First of all, single eyelashes are less difficult, two or three sets are included in a belt. They are more flexible and look natural when they conform to the shape of your eye (compared to Band-Aids that don’t fit my eye shape very well).

I’ve had no issues with Lashify damaging my natural lashes, and I’ve been wearing them back to back for over a year. Because bonding products aren’t as strong as the professional glue you use when you go to a lash technician, the lashes come off easily with warm water or cleanser.

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

If you’re a fan of beauty products that make life easier like me, perhaps the best thing about Lashify lashes is their longevity. Where normal high street eyelash glue only lasts midnight, these at-home eyelash extensions have lasted me four days, while others have broken off for over a week.

As much as I love Lashify lashes, I can’t deny that I love their attitude. However, it is cheaper over time than monthly appointments for eyelash extensions. The starter kit I mentioned earlier is an investment, but it includes everything you need to get started, including two shakes, and you only have to buy the starter kit once.

Fortunately, cheaper alternatives are starting to hit the streets. Kiss Lashes has launched the Kiss Falscara Individual Lashes Starter Kit, £24.99, Look Fantastic, a great dupe for Lashify’s kit. I show how easy the application is in a video for our Instagram:

How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

Kiss has three types of Wisp lashes, my favorite is Kiss Falscara Eyelash Wisp 01, £9.99, Superdrug, which gives a super natural look.

How To Prepare For Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

Ardell also has great individual shakes for a fraction of the price; Ardell Individual Eyelashes Knotted Flare Trios, £4.95, Sephora, are very similar to Lashify in band size and also come in different lengths. I definitely recommend investing in Lashify’s bonding and sealing products, but when it comes to lashes, the affordable options are great.

My latest discovery which has now become my favorite brand for DIY lashes is Amor Lashes. Her QuickLash Starter Kit is £50, but normally retails for around £30, and includes your choice of QuickLash Clusters, bond, sealer, remover and tweezers. The brand has a wide range of lashes in different styles and lengths starting from around £10, which is a great price considering how much you get in each pack and the high quality.

Once you’ve selected your eyelash extensions, it’s time to get to the application. I recommend putting everything on a table or desk and sitting in front of a makeup mirror, because you need to look closely at what you are doing.

Lashes can also be awkward when they come out of the container, so remove them before you start, otherwise you may find the bond setting before wearing.

Do Extensions Damage My Real Lashes?

After that, apply the bonding product (it usually comes with a thin mascara wand applicator) and brush your eyelashes. You’ll need to do a coat or two, but avoid applying too much as the formula is sticky and sticks to your lashes. To prevent congestion at the base of the eyelids.

Using your eyelash curler, you’ll want to take one of the individual lashes. It will take some practice to find the best way to hold it, but it is best to hold the lashes from the middle to the ends to adjust the band.

Instead of applying them on top of your lashes, the trick with homemade eyelash extensions is to apply them below your lash line, giving you a natural, blended finish. When applying each eyelash, try to bring it closer to the water line, but remember that you should not feel a stroke.

How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

After the permanent application, it’s time for the sealer. Lashify and Kiss specify different waiting times before applying sealing products, and others like Lashify’s Night Bond Sealer, £23, offer long-lasting results, but the point is to seal your lashes and extend their life.

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions Yourself

And voilà! Say hello to your new, natural-looking lashes. Below are some additional tips I discovered on my way to the best eyelash application.

It’s really that simple. I’m still surprised when I come across people who say they don’t curl their lashes before applying mascara because it really improves the overall performance of the mascara and the same goes for lash extensions.

Curling (and therefore lifting) lashes makes it easier to place under lashes and blend them out for a natural finish. My long-standing eyelash curler is The Eyelash Curler by Kevyn Aucoin, £26.40, Cult Beauty.

If, like me, you’re particular about keeping your lashes even and natural, start applying the lashes at the outer corner and work your way inward as you add. That way you won’t clutter up the space and end up with a spot you don’t need.

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions

Half-up bangs or “winged bangs” have become popular recently, with celebrities sporting them on the red carpet and in hundreds of TikTok videos. reason? Full band brows can sometimes make your eyes look smaller, while middle brows lift and elongate your eyes. To recreate this look at home with lash extensions, apply lashes to the outer corner where your pupil sits.

Different lash styles will give different looks, but mixing lengths can completely change your eye shape. For example, Lashify numbers their Gossamer lashes from 8 to 18 for the shortest length. Kiss offers different sizes of their Wispies packaging from S to L, while Amor Lashes range from 10mm to 16mm.

For a natural winged look, I start with the longest length

How To Do Lash Extensions On Yourself

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