How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

How To Do A Ponytail For Guys – Guys with long hair have limitless ways to rock the flow, from tying and knotting to braids and curls and virtually endless combinations of their combinations. Here are just some of our top recommendations on how to wear long hair for men.

A true classic, like a good glass of whiskey. Some call it a man bun, although it’s no secret that we’re not comfortable with that name. Find out why, what we call it and how to do it, in

How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

Tried and tested, one of the easiest ways for a guy to wear long hair. Check out the brilliantly detailed tutorial on this topic

How To Fake Short Hair As A Man With Long Hair

Our preferred vernacular over “braiding”, perhaps the easiest way for a man to tie his hair. Also included in

A classic high ball over the top that allows you to drive backwards. El Moreno is ideal for short hair before letting it grow

A lot of guys think they’re tough until their arms are burning with pain from holding them for 30 minutes trying to tie a fishtail. Recommended for advanced long hair, watch El Rubio suffer

Double Beast Mode with a nod to former champion Ronda Rousey. No tutorial for this one, but watch out for the shoulder.

Best Man Bun & Top Knot Hairstyles For Men 2023

When a single just doesn’t work, do a double high ball straight up like El Moreno did

Perfect for a wedding, formal luncheon or chic outdoor cocktail party. Featured on How to Get Married

Appropriately named, this hybrid style features a combination of wear and spin. As demonstrated by El Rubio v.

How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

Classic but often overlooked, it’s simple to wear your hair down because when you want to let it down, don’t excuse the long hair flag. El Rubio reveals best practices in

Watch How To Style A Man Bun

Timeless and functional as it is modern. Athletics and outdoor legend El Rubio shows how to bounce back

There aren’t many great backdrops for this unless you want to look like Primo It. This and other great ideas at

Gus… before he was El Gustavo. This guy grew his hair long to work for the Longhairs. It’s a must.

However, we mentioned unlimited possibilities. If that doesn’t interest you, check out Long Hairstyles for Men, which has more hairstyles for men with long hair than you can try on your own.

Ponytail’ Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Smart & Stylish

Community for guys who grow their hair long. We post tips and tricks, advocate for hair equality, and celebrate long manes with whips and heels.

The same guys from ABC’s Shark Tank, where we had sharks wearing wigs and ended up doing a deal with Markaladon.

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How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

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Top Knot Hairstyles: Visual Guide For Men

Long hair is in fashion for a reason. Contrary to popular belief, longer lengths are actually low maintenance and versatile. “I see that many of my male clients are interested in growing their hair out this year,” says Glamsquad art director Giovanni Vaccaro. From curly curls to straight hair, there’s something for every hair type, texture and taste. Below, you’ll find 25 of our favorite long hairstyles for men.

• Giovanni Vaccaro is the Artistic Director of Hair at Glamsquad, an at-home hair, makeup and nail service based in New York City.

Drake has been rocking his hair up for quite some time now, and these sleek, sleek curls have become his new signature style.

Zayn Malik’s hairstyle is all about height and color. While Malik opted for pink, he felt free to experiment with different pastel shades.

Best Long Hairstyles For Men: The Most Attractive Long Haircuts

Timothee Chalamet’s hairstyle is simple yet has a touch of ruggedness. The key to this look is letting your curls and waves do what they want.

Once upon a time, Austin Butler had long hair. Here, he decided to let his natural wavy texture shine through.

If you have natural hair and don’t want to go there, consider using a protective style such as dreadlocks. You can go as loose or loose as you like with your curls, and if you’re looking for a little something extra, go with Ty Dolla$’s pattern and opt for braids with blue accents. To keep this style looking fresh, wash it off with a clarifying shampoo like Malin + Getz Peppermint Shampoo ($22).

How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

Dreadlocks are basically hair that has been tousled or tied into bobbin threads. You can certainly leave your hair naturally matted for a long time, but it’s best to find a stylist who specializes in highlights, spirals, and twists. Keep in mind that if you decide you don’t want to carry your dreadlocks anymore, you’ll need to cut them off.

Older Men With Long Hair Ideas For 2023

You don’t have to live by the sea – or star in the movie Point Break – to have shiny hair. Simply let your mane grow to chin length, then ask your stylist to add some light layers to create body and movement. Styling with a sea salt spray like Herbivore’s Coconut Mist Texturizing Spray ($20) is also a good idea. Ask your colorist for an ombre or balayage to complete the look with a natural, sun-kissed color.

If you have a natural wave in your hair, show it off. To mimic Naveen Andrews’ curly bob, ask your stylist to cut long layers — with slightly shorter sides — that fade into longer nape length. And if you have bangs, play around with wearing them forward, to the side, or pulled back. Longer lengths allow you to change up your style all with the same hairstyle, so enjoy.

This loose, voluminous, ’70s-inspired bangs will show off your curls at their best—be sure to have your stylist trim your shape and invest in the right hair (read: anti-frizz) products. To style, just take a flat brush with wild bristles to the fringe area and blow dry. Then finish with a few drops of a shine-boosting product like Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine ($25) for shiny hair perfection.

Jason Momoa’s hair practically has a life of its own. Air drying is the best way to get texture, but blow drying and using a texture spray works just as well. Keep in mind that heat will damage your hair, so look for a hair dryer made with a ceramic heater—we endorse the BaBylissPRO Cermix Extreme Hair Dry ($75). The internal ceramic unit smoothes the hair cuticle instead of blowing it and really cuts down on drying time.

How To Tie Your Own Hair Into A Ponytail

The classic long, straight locks can look good at any age – as long as you consider the thickness of your hair. For those with fine, fine, or straight hair, Vaccaro recommends keeping it on the shorter side. (Tip: Long locks can really accentuate thinning hair.) For added body support and lift, apply a volumizing product at the roots. We like the Living Proof Full Root Lift ($29) – just saying.

A$AP Rocky’s braids are sophisticated and bold. However, protection and maintenance are key to this look. As for the former, try covering your head with a satin scarf at night while you sleep, which will keep the roots from drying out and help keep the braids at bay. For the latter, washing the braids is easy thanks to the ACV rinse.

Didn’t you hear? Lobs are universally flattering. And if you have curls, embrace them in this style. Tell your stylist to incorporate long layers to give it a lob shape. Remember: you want it to be bulky, not bloated. Also, invest in the right curly hair products to keep your curls hydrated and defined, and no, well, let’s go.

How To Do A Ponytail For Guys

Avan Jogia offers a great example of a mid-length cut that is long enough to be on trend but still manages to be a classic look. “This style has all hair about six to eight inches long and is perfect for men with a slight curl,” says Vaccaro. It will also require several layers. Use pomade, wax or paste to help separate layers and create definition and dimension.

How To Wear Long Hair For Men—10 Dope Styles & Several Questionables

Those wanting to achieve this hairstyle (best for naturally straight hair) should look for a cut with easy layering at the ends. After washing and conditioning, apply a light styling product to your locks (you want control, not flyaways). Depending on your face shape, you can opt for an exaggerated side parting with a fine-toothed comb or go for a mid-part. Finally, grab a blow-drying brush and dry your hair before finishing with a light hold pomade.

Reduce heat styling and work with your natural texture. Not only will you save time and rejuvenate damaged hair, but the results can be impressive. Case in point: this long mane with loose curls. “If you have wavy to curly hair, go longer!” exhorts Vaccaro. For the coils to look their best, use a small amount of essential oil – mixed with a carrier oil – on the strands.

While traditional bobs work bluntly, this version is a bit sporty.

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