How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids

How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids – Protective hair is a curly girl’s best friend, especially when the temperature starts to drop. Extreme cold and wind can wreak havoc on our delicate skin, so it’s important to keep it moisturized and protected. If you’re looking for safe and stylish hair, look no further than box braids. Traditional African weaving became popular thirty years ago, defining the era of black cinema, film and music. In 2020, celebrities and influencers are bringing back the cool ’90s look.

Box weaves are weaves divided into central sections or three rows of weaves. Unlike cornrows, box braids are not tied continuously to your head, but the hair is cut into circles (or boxes) all over the head and braided lengthwise. This allows you to style your hair like your normal hair. It can be made with natural hair, or you can add hair extensions or color for extra length and thickness. You can use human hair or synthetic hair to achieve the look.

How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids

How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids

Messy braids are a modern twist on braids that give a natural finish and look like your own hair. They are not too stressful on your hair, so they are good for those with sensitive scalps.

Chic Knotless Braids For 2023

Both of these options are great protective styles because there is no heat or constant brushing and squeezing, so you don’t have to worry about your hair growing. However, curling irons can damage your hair if they are placed incorrectly or left on for too long.

If you’re thinking of doing box braids, there are a few things you should do to prepare your hair before blow-drying. Before you wash your hair, it’s important to wash, detangle, condition and make sure it’s cut. This will ensure that your hair is healthy and moisturized before going into long-term styles like braids. Boxing can last up to two months, and you can’t remove all the dirt from the head or scalp, so it’s always better to start with white hair.

Boxes can be expensive. You can spend anywhere from $100 to $400 on your box (which can take up to eight hours). But if you’re not ready to shell out a lot of money and want to try out style, here’s a basic guide on how to achieve style at home.

Wash your hair, deep condition and dry. It’s important to start with a clean, wet base so you don’t lose your cool. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo like Shea Moisture African Black Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove residue and build-up. Always follow up with a good hair mask, we like Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask because it revitalizes hair and prevents breakage.

Fabulous Box Braids Protective Styles On Natural Hair With Full Guide For 2023

Once your hair is thoroughly washed, add your favorite conditioner to keep your hair as smooth, hydrated and easy to work with as possible. We love Kinky Curly Dnot Lero Detangler for added frizz hydration. Before drying, add a heat protectant such as Olaplex No. Finally, dry your hair before braiding.

Divide your hair into sections, then create small sections within the sections. The smaller portions will be the size of your order, so make them as small or jumbo as you like. Be sure to use the correct large comb for hard, clean surfaces. Mariah recommends using a hair clipper to comb through your untangled hair and remove it.

Now for the fun part – braiding your hair. To start, take a section of braided hair and place it on top of the cut hair. Start knitting three rows. Three lines 1) braided hair 2) your hair 3) braided hair.

How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids

When you reach the end of your natural hair, it’s time to feed and weave. A good mesh installation is not complete without a good mesh or paste to keep everything in place. Use the favorite gel SoftSheen Carson Let Jam to add shine and memory to your braids. It adds frizz-free control and is safe to use on synthetic hair. Tip: Keep detangling as you go, the softer your hair, the longer the braids will be.

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If you only have two sections of triple braided hair, separate one of the two sections to make three sections and continue braiding. Continue using the edge control and gel to adjust and close the hair.

Once all your braids are finished, seal the ends of the braids with warm water. We recommend using multiple pumps to keep your lashes moving and flying smoothly. One of our favorites is the AllDay Locks & Braids Foam Control because it’s long-lasting and won’t break out.

To complete the look, use an edge straightener and an edge brush or brush to style your child’s hair. The key to a healthy look is a healthy baby hair.

Your course is set, but you’re not done. It is important to keep your cells unfrozen for as long as possible. A satin bonnet, scarf or silk pillowcase will protect your hair while you sleep. We also recommend getting an anti-itch product like Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner, which won’t dry out your skin, which can cause itchiness. Since you’ll be skipping shampoo for a few weeks, we recommend that you rinse your hair with conditioner after you’re done, allowing your protective look to last. One of our favorites is the Cantus Refresh Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash, which contains apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and shea butter to cleanse, condition and nourish your skin. Or you can go the DIY route and use apple cider vinegar to wash your hair.

Knotless Box Braid Wig

You can try knitting longer, but this can cause your new growth to break, fit, and bind. If you want to extend your time, we recommend that you re-do your hair and neck every six weeks.

When it’s time to get your cells out, the worst thing is to rush. Allow enough time so that the process does not damage your hair. Here are the steps to properly unpack your boxes.

Rinse your hair with warm water. To give your hair a break, follow up with something that can’t be seen with instant removers, like Aunt Jackie’s curls and curls. Tip: Part your hair to prevent it from drying out.

How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids

Start at the bottom and plan your way. If you add extensions, you can cheat on the base, but leave enough space where your natural hair ends. Remember that your hair is growing, so don’t cut it too much.

Knotless Box Braids: What You Need To Know

Add Detangler to your hands and gently loosen the knots. Continue brushing your hair with a wide tooth comb or your fingers, always starting from the bottom and working upwards.

After removing your protective makeup, you’ll want to give your hair some TLC. Follow your hair care routine and keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

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How To Add Hair To Knotless Braids

Want to try before you buy? Experiment with colors, volume and length without training in a real dressing room.

How I Wash My Hair In Protective Styles

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