How To Add Crochet Hair To Box Braids

How To Add Crochet Hair To Box Braids – How to Make Box Crochet Hair: Unique Styles and Cornrows February 20, 2019 – Posted in:

This tutorial shows you an easy way to install a crochet box braid. Crochet box hair is a protective style that can be worn in any style or length. By installing crochet box braids individually, your box braids will look natural when done right! The tutorial on this blog is very easy to follow, but you can also watch YouTube video tutorials if needed.

How To Add Crochet Hair To Box Braids

How To Add Crochet Hair To Box Braids

I personally used this tutorial for the front box braid. That was mostly the top of my patterns and added some corn on the bottom to help speed up the process. This particular pattern uses a jumbo crochet box braid and is a super long crochet box braid (30″).

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Box braids without cornrows can take up to 3 hours to install, if you braid yourself. But if some grain is added, it takes a little time and goes down to 2.5 hours.

In order to get the seeds for the individual box, you will need to decide the number of people you want and divide your hair accordingly. We have around 40 individual plaits in front of us in this tutorial, this serves as the basis for adding a box braid.

Then we added corn to her hair as well. This will speed up the process of building her hair as opposed to all the basics like people do. But this is optional, as it will depend on the style you are trying to achieve. Alternatively, you can choose a box-braid that does not have cornrows.

Attach the braid to the pop-up box on your plate by placing it next to your braid base. Then using the hand needle pull the braided loop (about finger length) to the bottom of your plait.

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Grab the end of your crochet box braid and the end of your plait and pull both sides into the loop. Then pull until the braid is firmly attached to your head.

You will then ‘hide’ your individual plait braid in your box. This can be demonstrated in my other tutorial ‘Crochet Braids Individual Method’. In which you pull your own plait into your box braid using a hook.

Then you continue to put your hair in the crochett box of your own hair, until you have a full head. In the video I add some angles to the models head. Then add a jumbo box crochet braid to the traditional pattern to speed up the process.

How To Add Crochet Hair To Box Braids

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