How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s

How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s – Many mornings in Los Angeles, Darrell Jones’ friend helped him curl his hair. When running a flat iron on small pieces coated with heat protectant, it creates small ringlets, the pins are placed on top. For a while, it looked like he was poised to become the envy of the 1930s. Jones, 21, combed her hair and ran her fingers through her locks.

Tristan Harrell, 17, of Wilmington, N.C., does a similar scene across the country with a slightly modified routine. Mr. Harrell wet hair and used sea salt water instead of a heat protectant (even though her mother, the salon owner, was urging her to choose a protectant) on her hair before blowing it out. Depending on the day, create flip-up curls with a brush and dryer, or use a flat iron instead. She also sports a shaggy look in her hair style. This usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s

How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s

Joshua Rich VII, 19, of Easton, Pa., uses the same hairstyle but has had more luck keeping it. She would blow dry her hair, and let the rest dry, sometimes adding a little salt to prevent it.

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“There’s not much to do. My hair is crazy, I better just towel dry it and leave it alone,” she said.

Lucky Mr. Rich in hair care: it dries it

These three young people have hair that has become a big thing among Gen Z: soft waves, soft or curls that are thrown over the eyebrows and eyes, attached to the front of the face and big on the head – the same cousin and antithesis. a pompadour

Each has a viral tip on how to get views on TikTok, where the trend reigns among the younger demographic. (Mr. Jones is the most popular, with nearly 12 million views.)

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“I’ve seen it on TikTok. Many men come to my ‘For You’ page with different hairstyles,” said Mr. Harrell, in an interview, talked about the landing page that is dominated by TikTok’s personal video views. “When I started changing my hair, I gained a lot of confidence because I was happy with my hair,” she said.

It’s no wonder the look, often referred to as “TikTok hair” or “TikTok boy hair,” is so popular. Some of the app’s stars, including Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and Josh Richards, who have a following of millions, sport a cut and text. (Mr. Hall also has a mullet now.)

And while the style is new, we’ve been here before in many ways. The last time no one is safe from trying a specific hairstyle, which is the result of the revival of the pompadour seen by all the musicians in each unique group.

How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s

Well, Justin Bieber’s iconic hair swoosh (read: italicized bowl cut) served as the go-to for middle school kids everywhere from 2009 to 2011. The result, and perhaps not coincidentally, because the bangs of Mr. With Bieber distance. Widened between her hair and eyebrows, the man bun is seen as the new “it” style (around 2015) – a hairstyle that everyone loves, but only a few can achieve.

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But men’s hair care and styles have been around for millennia. In fact, this type of hairstyle has spanned history, rising from the ashes like a phoenix with panache every hundreds of years.

According to Catherine Schwab, professor of art history and visual culture in Fairfield University’s Department of Arts and Crafts, the ancient Greeks and Romans wore similar hairstyles. The current style in question follows two important hair rules for men in modern times: first, the hair should be worn from the crown to the forehead (depending on how the hair naturally grows) and second. . And perhaps more importantly, the braids are visible.

Statue of Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

“Most famously, Alexander the Great had very thick hair, and it always came out of the crown,” Ms. He added: “I think about looking at the hair now for men, and it goes, I say, it’s the best, it’s similar to the past. It’s nothing again.”

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In a way, Alexander the Great is a source: Maris Rose, Ms. . The image was chosen by Emperor Augustus, who looked after Alexander, and by future emperors who believed that the image would create unity between them and those former rulers.

“There are many historical, sociological and anthropological studies that show how the shape and arrangement of hair has been used – and continues to be – used throughout history to communicate information about individuals and personal identity, around the world,” wrote Ms. the rose From email.

“I don’t think TikTokers have advertising goals like Roman emperors!” Explained. But “our culture has become visual, with cameras and monitors in everyone’s pockets, and people recording and organizing all their information for information. Watching others.

How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s

The ancient Greeks and Romans Ms. their curls and waves. To their old friends rose TikToker can play or play with hot metal stick, oil, animal fat and butter). In 2021, the game may have different ideas.

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Hair blogger Rachel Gibson thinks about identity and revolutionary style. He compared the style to similar styles that were popular among men in the 18th century.

At the time, there was the “Bedford Crop”, a short-lived and debilitating crop that came about due to a shortage of wheat and resistance to high taxes on wig powder. There is also “Brutus,” a long form taken from the ancient Greeks—and a favorite of Beau Brummel and his followers.

And finally, Regency men of the era wore the “dreaded owl,” perhaps the least permanent of the three, a fur coat obtained from frequent washing and re-braiding. (Think: Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy).

Hairstyles are meant to be romantic and poetic, a variation of their origins in ancient Greece and Rome. Most importantly, these types are expected to appear.

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“I think all Regency men are dandy. You dress up, and you take a lot of time and care about your appearance,” Ms Gibson said. Make man a peacock and a shining face.”

Ms. Gibson, nowadays, sees a return to the idea of ​​taking face time among boys and men to find a kind of acceptance.

Mrs. Gibson added that the characters were meant to be symbolic, and either and/or/or the person who played them was also a person who rejected the ideas of the previous generation – “anarchy and a lot of powdered wigs, but these things stopped. : old ideas and politics. It Shown, visually, you want to be seen differently.”

How Did They Wear Their Hair In The 70s

While Gen Z rules the world of Cancer, the feather hanging above the head is a way to reach out to the peacock, or perhaps a way to mark the older generations who don’t come with the same thoughts and feelings of people. passed, came before them.

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“And the world is slowly getting back to normal and people are coming out of their pandemic,” Ms Gibson said. “A lot of people don’t want to see.”

But it’s also important to note that it’s just a hairstyle, and it’s important to white men in today’s culture. Yes, it is popular, but in many ways, the main idea of ​​TikTok is part of the same trend.

“Men from all walks of life spend time and effort on their hair. Many black men have a hard time maintaining their hair and always have,” said Ms. Gibson. “The white guys, they’re like, ‘Yeah, we use the product too.'”

It may not be that different from the draft-proof helmets of the 1960s, which were tied to the “hair” song or the mohawk and other punk styles that marked it.

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