Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

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Are you a young person with long hair looking for inspiration for your next hairstyle? Here are the 15 best hairstyles for young men with long hair!

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

Many men find long hair messy. However, it can be quite useful and easy to do.

Professional Long Hairstyles Male: How To Style Long Hair For Men

You may need some kind of hair product or a barrette to keep some of these hairstyles in place, but the rest is easy!

With these 15 hairstyles, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you… whether you’re a black, thick-haired teenager or prefer a simple style.

A simple and easy middle part is a great way to add style to your hair without doing anything too crazy.

Comb the hair on both sides gently so that there is a slightly prominent part in the middle of the head!

Long Curly Hairstyles For Men That Look Effortlessly Cool

If most of your long hair is on top, you might love the look of this thick fringe.

All you have to do is brush all your hair to one side so that it rests on your cheeks and falls naturally.

This is probably one of the most difficult hairstyles to maintain because you have a lot of hair in front of your face.

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

Long hairstyles are one of the best hairstyles for young men with long hair because of their simplicity!

Best Men’s Hairstyles Of 2023

If you have medium to long hair, pull it all back behind the head and ears.

You can still have fun with the ball and play with different types of brushing. It is best to cut your hair before your neck is tied behind you.

Just like a thick fringe, a side part is a fun way to show off your long hair without going down to your neck.

For this hairstyle, cut the sides short and ask for an undercut. This will allow you to see that the hair on the head is clearly separated.

Long Hairstyle Ideas For Men To Copy From Your Favorite Celebs

Wash it all to one side and you’re good to go!. This is a great option for men with long straight hair.

Long hair side part is a very popular hairstyle for young men with long hair. It’s so trendy right now!

This way you can maximize your volume and height while keeping your side part looking great.

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

You basically pull all the hair from the sides and top. But the top is pulled back to give volume anyway.

Classic Men’s Hairstyles: 2023 Trends

You really want to aim for height in the front of your hair to perfectly complete this stunning look.

The man bun is one of the easiest and most manageable hairstyles for young men with long hair.

Keep the sides short and the top very long. Then, lift all the long hair for a more modern look.

Short haircuts are a no-brainer choice for young black men with long hair that needs styling!

How To Style: Men’s Summer Haircuts

You don’t need any bobby pins for this one, making it an easy hairstyle to style (at least until the hair starts to loosen up a bit).

Basically what you do is make a man bun on top and let the rest of your hair hang down.

Be sure to separate the two sections of hair before tying the bun. If you don’t, you’ll lose a lot of hair (which will make your hair look really messy).

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

Keep those dreadlocks nice and strong and don’t forget to maintain them regularly. If you’ve dealt with fear before, you know how much care you need.

These 5 Hairstyles For Men Will Rule 2023, According To An Expert

Curly Afros are made for men with curly hair that has grown over the years.

Rocking a big afro will always look stylish and cool as a young man with long hair.

Again, maintenance is necessary with this hairstyle, but in the end, the results are worth it!

A simple messy side bun is basically a light side part that sweeps longer sections of hair to one side.

Ways To Deal With Thick, Wavy And Unruly Hair

It’s easy and can be done in seconds if you brush your hair lightly to the side. The goal is to keep it messy, so if you like it, go for it!

A fringe is a super classic hairstyle for young men. All you have to do is brush your hair in front of your face.

You can make this look more stylish by buzzing the sides and leaving the top nice and long.

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

A high brush will give you the most height and volume of any hairstyle on this list.

Terrific Long Hairstyles For Black Men

You can keep the sides very short or leave them loose when brushing the front of your hair.

You definitely need a good hair product for this hairstyle to keep your hair as long as possible without losing it to gravity.

Middle part straight hair is great for Asian teens or young men with really straight long hair.

Part the hair straight down the middle and part both sides in the direction of the hair.

Long Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair In 2022

You can also make the part slightly in the middle (as seen in the pattern above) to give one part more volume.

This is it! Here are the 15 best hairstyles for young men with long hair. We hope you find a style that works for you!

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Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

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It’s proven that having good friends around you makes you a more positive person, but it can happen… Classic men’s hairstyles are making a comeback because they look just as good today as they did in the past. Chic styles, pompadours and loose fringes are back. Most of these styles are now worn with undercuts and side fades or other interesting features like matte crop tops and textured styles.

Check out these photos that show how modern barbers are bringing back all the best cuts with a new update. This classic men’s hairstyle with a modern twist combines the best of the past with the latest trends.

This is one of the most popular hairstyles at the moment, replacing the previous long hair with a cropped one. Instead of a separate hairstyle with no transition between short and long, this cut tapers from short hair to shorter.

All You’ll Want To Know About Long Hairstyles For Men

Instead of mixed hair everywhere worn with shiny products, hair is brushed with some texture. Not quite a pompadour, it’s a matte, sleek style with a modern edge.

One trend towards men’s hair is longer hair with a messy style. This classic men’s medium length hairstyle can be styled as stylish as Errol Flynn. Instead, this style takes the wave of famous thieves to the next level, increasing the sex appeal.

While the hair is still combed, the long hair on top is left in loose waves that add volume throughout and is rolled with a fringe touch on one side.

Haircut Styles For Men With Long Hair

Long on top and short on the sides and back, this classic hairstyle has a vintage feel with a modern twist. A version of the popular pompom, this version is matte, not smooth. It also mocks for maximum height.

Men Cannot Have Long Hair In This Country

In the 1990s, music was all about loud and low voices. Now men’s hair is all short-long-short. This cool cut does just that with long hair on top and faded skin with an angle to the side. The top of the hair is styled with a wavy texture for easy messy coolness.

If long hair above is good, long hair can be better. This cool cut and style is the new version of the slip back. The sides are an ultra clean cut with a low fade that minimizes short hair at the hairline. The hair above is combed back, but with added waves.

The other direction in which men’s hair goes is upwards. This shine makes the most of thick hair by styling it vertically for a true wall of hair.

This unique style, which raises the hair higher, is flamboyant on one side and a different beast on the other. On the glamorous side, hair is parted and worked diagonally to create these vertical hair waves. It might not be an everyday look for most men, but this performance with a different twist will make you stand out from the crowd.

Long Hairstyles For Men

Inspired by bold style, this new approach is literal

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