Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman – This year is full of great books. In addition to reading the first 23 Newbers, here are some other books I’ve enjoyed this year in no particular order. 30 books dedicated to the 30th anniversary of last Saturday.

1. The Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Hope, and a Little Girl Named Penny by Amy Julie Becker

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

Recommended by beloved blogger Micah Boyett, this beautiful memoir of a family who welcomed their first daughter, Penny, was shocked by a diagnosis of Down syndrome, and then marveled at how their love for her changed them. saw the world It is similar to another favorite theme of mine,

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2. Notes from Blue Bicycle: The Art of Living in a Messy World by Tsh Oxenrider

Posted by my favorite blogger Tsh Oxenrider @ The Art of Simple. I’ve been reading Tsh for years and I love how this book tells the story of his family’s move from Turkey to the states and how it brings the hustle and bustle of the states and the quietness and simplicity of their consumerism to Turkey.

Written by (new) favorite blogger Jen Fulwiler @ The Conversation Diary. In a beautiful story of an atheist conversion to Catholicism, Jen’s poignant and poignant style takes you inside her earthly family as she is part of God’s family. I wonder about the story behind how long this book was incubated and how it was written and rewritten before publication; It’s worth all the work and the wait.

My favorite blogger (and the only interior design blogger I read) is Nestor. And like her blog, this book is really about why we decorate our homes and about the spirit of hospitality and creative risks. I love it so much I bought it for my mom for her birthday.

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5. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb

My book club picks for September. A detailed look at the history of the Taliban in Pakistan and the Yousafzai family’s commitment to education, Malala was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October. This is a gritty but beautiful book about the intricacies of Pakistani society and the struggle to survive in a region that has experienced a series of natural and man-made disasters.

Recommended: January book club selection. This timely memoir tells the story of Brian Stevenson’s work to save death row inmates, many of them black, in the South. If I’m not already against the death penalty, this book will convince me. It is a beautiful tribute to the brave and hard work of racial justice in America.

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

Recommended: Ann Bogel @ Ms. Modern Lessons. I love Lutherans, and Nadi Boyce-Weber (liberal) embodies all that is beautiful about the ELCA: a deep love of grace, a desire for women to serve in leadership, and a heart for the poor. She has a tiny mouth and reminds me a lot of Anne Lamott.

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This funny and interesting account of Tina Fey’s career is surprisingly insightful about feminism, creative collaboration, and working as a mother and wife. That got me looking

Bill Bryson can tell a story like few others in this book, with the ability to recount his time on the Appalachian Trail or moving to England or a 300-year-old house or growing up in Iowa. 1950s. Funny and entertaining, Evan and I listened to this audiobook before bed for most of December.

10. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass / The Fine Knife / The Amber Spy by Philip Pullman

I’d like to coin a new term, “the third book in a disappointing trilogy.” Maybe it’s good in Latin, for example

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Again, I enjoyed the first book (except for the GM wolf bite at the end, which was a bit much for me) and felt like the second continued what it started, but the third just fell short for me. I think the films are based on Collins’ vision of The Third and its reflections on war and trauma. In the end, I loved Katniss and Peeta’s story and they weren’t together in the third story.

The third set of books I’ve read that I’ve enjoyed since the first, but the last one I felt let down. And I was very sad to end it. It’s a bold and correct choice for the author, but I don’t like it as a reader. Katniss and Lyra also had happier outcomes than Tris.

The tenth installment in the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series, this was a satisfying conclusion. I’m a little sad that they’re all over, but at the same time, there are so many characters and episodes to keep up with (not to mention 9 narrators) that it seems like it’s time to put the series to bed. . Maybe Riordan will turn to Norse mythology next? I like it.

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

Recommended: The book club may choose. I know John Green mostly from his crash course history videos, but he is also very talented as a fiction writer. His quick and wonderful way with words shines through in this beautiful book. The movie does it right, but if you want to spend more time with Gus and Hazel Grace, the book is worth it.

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By my friend Lorraine, my go-to source for all things YA. Set in the 1980s, this book focuses on a sweet and sexy romance (PG 13) between two high school students. I love Rainbow Rowell’s choice to explore poverty, weight and race, she draws us in and lets us feel the endorphins of first love and the sadness of tough decisions.

Recommended by my YA guru friend Lauren. I love broken fairy tales and this Cyborg-Cinderella story is one of my favorites. Think about it

, The Moon Chronicles introduces us to fierce and strong female characters (and funny princes/wolves) who work together throughout the series to defeat the evil Moon Queen. The last two books are coming out this year and I can’t wait.

Another recommendation from my friend Lauren (and her husband Jean). This fun book for book lovers explores the connections between the printing press and Google, secret societies and the love of the written word, with a bit of alchemy and medieval mystery, as well as dungeons and dragons. . For good measure. The audio book is great.

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Recommended again by my friend Lauren (and husband of our small group, Gene), this book is set 30 years ago with the second installment of a 1980s video game.

If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll enjoy the detail and homage to all things 80s. I think I missed about 90% of the references, but I still enjoyed the story of this character’s quest.

Recommended: April Book Club Pick, my friend Lauren. Set in the 1980s, this sweet story explores family ties and the fractures caused by the death of a gay uncle from AIDS. I loved the main character June and her lovely walks in the forest, I wanted her to live in the middle ages. I love being part of a book club, a lifelong goal, and this first book is a great start.

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

Recommended by Evan’s Grandma Ann. Arthur Ransome won Britain’s equivalent of the Newbery, the Carnegie Medal, for his latest book, And I Loved It.

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Boxcar has a children’s vibe, except it’s set in an English lake country with sailboats in the 1920s. Go on an adventure with Baby Walker.

Recommended by Anne Bogel @ Ms. Modern Lesson, where I get my funniest novels. The Rosie Project involves a quirky narrator who decides to fill out a questionnaire to find the scientifically perfect mate and then tries to help a girl named Rosie (according to her questionnaire) but of course what she it’s necessary. It is interesting.

Recommended by Anne Bogel @ Modern Lady Darcy. Another wonderful novel from the 1930s, this novel is about the practical and no-nonsense Miss Pettigrew, who is drawn into the dramatic and glamorous life of a ballroom singer in order to have the perfect day.

Recommended by Anne Bogel @ Modern Lady Darcy. Everyone loves a book whose title is hard to remember. All in all caps, I happened to listen to the last part of the book with the iTunes snafu and I

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I heard everyone rave about the book and the movie, and when I got a copy of the movie from the library, I wanted to read the book first. All the pieces were in place: it was a fantastic book. The movie is also good. The book is exactly that

: more story, more characters, more drama, heartache and fun. If you haven’t read it, read it.

Before the movie goes back to the library. I liked it, but I liked it

Fiction Books For 30 Year Old Woman

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