Fashion For 70 Year Old Woman 2019

Fashion For 70 Year Old Woman 2019 – Tricia Kasden: “The beauty industry, like the fashion industry, is a great way to create youthful skin.” Photo: Phil Fisk/The Observer

The most exciting voices in beauty blogging are over-60s who are fed up with the industry’s youth

Fashion For 70 Year Old Woman 2019

Fashion For 70 Year Old Woman 2019

For several years, women in their 20s have been sharing their favorite products and tricks in their bedrooms on beauty blogs. Now, new beauty bloggers in their 60s and 70s are getting behind their laptop cameras to share the beauty tricks that work for them. She fights the stereotypes of what she sees as “old women” and insists that the beauty industry rejects her.

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I chose to view the beauty industry as a political movement. It may sound cliché, but I’ve always loved makeup, and in the 60s I was crazy about the industry and wanted to disrupt it. Accidental youth is widespread. When Dior announced Cara Delevingne as the face of their new anti-aging line, I was pleasantly surprised. He was 25 years old. The anger must have been strong, but it could not overcome the eyelids. The language of the “anti-aging” industry is becoming increasingly aggressive. Adding that phrase to any product tells me, as a 70-year-old woman, what I need to do to stop this natural process.

I’ve been writing a beauty blog every week since 2013 and I’ve probably written 50 videos. Beauty blogging is an executive coach for me, I get in front of a group of people and talk to them and get on with my work. My audience treats me like a friend and gives me a lot of feedback. I love the ease and speed of using social media.

I got into beauty in the 60’s when I saw many changes in my face. Take my eye My eye sockets are deep, as my bones grow old; The skin on my eyelids crawled; My eyebrows were less visible. I tried different products to adapt to the change and spent money on good things because I thought they would be good, but most of them were wasted. No one in the beauty industry can say that this works well for my aging skin. They don’t want to present their products on a non-ideal surface.

I realized that other women were facing the same problems, so I decided to find a cosmetics manufacturer. My idea was to put everything under one roof and say, “If you’re over 55 postmenopausal, this will work better on your old face.” My two daughters and I launched Look Fabulous Forever in late 2013.

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My most popular eye and lip makeup video for older women and has 2 million views. The products and techniques used by younger bloggers don’t just work on older women. The beauty industry, like the fashion industry, creates the perfect look – young skin. As the skin ages, melanin is lost, losing its features, the skin becomes dry, and makeup runs and does not last long. Today there is a trend for a dark, heavy hook. If you try a hard, straight line with gel eyeliner on my lids, it looks messy and messy.

But old women, we don’t have to follow what the young ones are doing. I recommend not getting a black bar in your videos and products. Instead, use a black powder eyeshadow and press it into the base of your lashes with a small lash brush and it will smudge a little. Looks great and really solves problems.

For me, applying makeup isn’t about looking young, it’s about being able to face the day. I love to dress well, do my hair, put on my face and feel like the best version of myself that I can create. I love transformational makeup, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Fashion For 70 Year Old Woman 2019

Macri Park (right): “People have stereotypes about how ‘old people’ should do their makeup, but that’s how I do my makeup.”

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Makeup is better and more interesting than ever. When I was younger, I didn’t have highlights, bronzers, or contours. There was only lipstick and powder. I like to create make-up and look at the beauty salons that young people go to. I hate being made to look like an old woman.

A year ago, my grandson developed dementia, as did many of my old friends. He wanted to occupy me. So she quit her job and took me to Australia and we started making videos and posting them on YouTube as Korea_Granda.

The most popular videos are my makeup tutorials. At first I was preparing to be a dentist. 1,000,000 won (about 70p) of cheap lipstick and, using the old fashioned method to curl the lashes, slightly heat the toothpick and press it into the hair. It’s very different from what young women are doing these days. The video got 2 million views and made me internet famous in Korea.

In Korea, older women wear their hair down, wear older clothes, and wear a lot of makeup. But not young people, other old people demand that we be like that.

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YouTube has completely changed my life. I saw most of the world, ate the most expensive meal on a boat in Korea. Unfortunately, my friends don’t know how to access YouTube, so they can’t see my videos. I like to watch young YouTube channels and get inspired. Sometimes I miss my youth. I keep making videos because they make me happy. I was just being myself and having fun. People have stereotypes of how “old people” do makeup, but that’s how I do makeup. All I do is empower other women to do whatever they want.

In 2013, I was watching young people’s blogs on YouTube, and when they were talking about beauty, I said, “Well, I’ve been doing makeup for 50 years and I have a lot of experience. Can I do it or not? “I filmed myself in my son’s old bedroom. Then I figured out how to upload the video. Two people were watching. But I didn’t care – I continued. I now have 70,000 followers on Melissa55.

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Fashion For 70 Year Old Woman 2019

I didn’t feel like I had anything to offer anyone else. I am a normal person. Like all women in America, I’m married, grown up, I don’t have a career – but I want to show you that you can feel good about yourself when you’re older. Our generation doesn’t age like our mothers – we wear holey jeans and have long or gray hair.

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Over the past few years, more and more people have been searching the internet for videos of women over 50 applying makeup, and this has really helped me and other older beauty bloggers grow. My top makeup tip is to visit a beauty store and find a free foundation that suits your skin type – foundation is everything. I use the Laura Mercier oil which gives me a glow. I completely stopped using powder. I find regular terry cloths too rough to clean my face, so I knit mine for its beautiful texture. Skin care has always been important to me and I have been using Retin A from my dermatologist since I was 30 years old.

I am friends with other older bloggers and we all buy the latest technology. We learned how to edit beautifully, add music and set up lighting. It takes time to do well. “Dude, why don’t you quit YouTube?” We welcome your comments. But we will continue to fight to be heard.

Being an older woman in society is difficult. For most of our lives, we did our duty and felt important and relevant to our children. Advertisers don’t know us. When we see television or models, we do not recognize these girls. Estee Lauder pissed me off when Kendall Jenner used it to advertise their cream when she wasn’t blushing.

Most of my audience is women my age. I’m close friends with many of them and the kinship is part of my video making. We have a group that meets online and chats daily. Whether it’s kids or health issues, we lift each other up and support each other

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