Famous 70s Hairstyles

Famous 70s Hairstyles – If there was a decade that represented fun and freedom when it came to style, it was the 1970s. The 70s were not only a fashion icon (and still relevant today), but also an aesthetic revolution. Thanks to the civil rights and women’s movements, freedom permeated the way people dressed and wore their hair. In fact, some of the best hairstyles of all time can be seen in the decade, and we can thank these women for being the trendsetters.

The star’s hairstyle was a decade-defining sensation, and it’s come back into fashion several times — most recently with the help of TikTok in 2021.

Famous 70s Hairstyles

Famous 70s Hairstyles

When it comes to hair brands, few compare to Diana Ross. The singer was and still is famous for her hairstyles ranging from sleek bobs to big Afros.

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Goldie Hawn’s hairstyle trends started in the 60s and continue with her long fringe style, which is still the talk of the salon today.

Grace Jones’ 80s flat top will be forever enshrined in the Hall of Fame, as will her designs from decades earlier.

Jane Birkin is often referred to as a fashion icon—it’s the name of the Hermès bag—but it’s her low-maintenance hairstyle that’s most memorable.

Some of the singer’s most memorable hairstyles appeared during the decade, including a very long, straight style known today as simply the “Cher Hair.”

S Hairstyles That Are Trending Again

You know her as Marcia Brady, who has golden hair (like her mother) and is envious of her acting sisters who help establish her as a true young actress.

The Blondie singer lives up to his band’s name with a platinum style synonymous with New Wave style.

Married to Aristotle Onassis from 1968 to 1975, she became First Lady “Jackie O” but kept her signature.

Famous 70s Hairstyles

Long, low-maintenance hair has always been an integral part of the Fleetwood Mac singer’s creation, as seen in this photo from 1977.

Best 70s Hair Trends To Try Now

The internet loves Meryl Streep memes, and with her long blonde hair, it’s not hard to see why.

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The 1970s Layered Hair Do That Flatters At Any Age

No matter how many years pass, there’s one movement from the era that we’ll never let go of: 70s hairstyles. Winged, flat ironed or big, gorgeous Afros, no day is complete with really, really messy hair.

“The ’70s were really four different people,” says celebrity hairstylist and actor Harry Josh. “It’s straight bohemian, punk, sex bomb or disco.”

Whether you’re looking like a hippie with long, center-parted hair or looking like a disco queen wearing halo-like curls, these looks inspired by some of our favorite icons of our time will have you ready to boogie the night away.

Famous 70s Hairstyles

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Famous 70s Hairstyles

Black women who haven’t been abused get fillers too – and I refuse to have mine removed. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told my fillers and actually had it turned down. “As a black woman, we were born Jackie Adedeji

The Best 1970s Hairstyles

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Beauty Michaela Jae Rodriguez Skin Clearing Secret Zoom interviews are commonplace these days, but it’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with an interview subject as passionate and sensitive as Mikeby Amanda Mitchell. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the web and rounded up four of the most iconic ’70s hairstyles, from Bob Marley’s legendary locks to Diana Ross’ afro.

The 70s were a mix of bohemian and chic, but most of all, it was a time of freedom. The freedom to express ourselves in the most unexpected and creative ways, making it one of the most amazing decades to look back on. Sit back and enjoy this read!

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How can we talk about ’70s black hair without mentioning Queen Diana Ross? Although she is famous for her music, her hairstyle will always stand out. The afro made its debut in the 60s, when the era of “black beauty” began. It was a political and social statement at the time, but slowly faded into a retro, low-maintenance style.

The 70’s scream volume, volume, volume. The queen of disco, Donna Summer is known for her great style and she lives comfortably in her ’70s hairstyle. This hairstyle on the cover of her 1977 album Once Upon a Time is one of the most iconic images of her era. Big, loose curls can be achieved with larger rollers and a little curling iron.

This look is a 70’s classic. Although this hairstyle has been around for quite some time before the 70s, it became very popular when reggae music entered the mainstream. Bob Marley’s fame had a significant impact on the popularity of the area at that time.

Famous 70s Hairstyles

Teresa Graves rocked this season with her short hair. The 70s were known for their voluminous curls and this one is no exception. Also successful with big rollers and a bit of fluff like the Summer Summer Curl above.

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Welcome to the home of all hair! Here, we believe your black beauty is natural, relaxed, altered or parted. We are a safe space for all types of black women to learn, educate and inspire each other in all things hair.

10 Past Hair Trends This Spring/Next Fall What are Sulfates and Why the All the Buzz? Over the past few years, we’ve been obsessed with ’90s and early ’00s hairstyles. But lately, we’ve been ditching our zigzag features in favor of ’70s-inspired locks. Here are some of the best ’70s hairstyles we’ll be trying in 2023, from classic puffs and straights to shaved fringes.

The star is known for her voluminous tresses and fringes.

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