Different 70s Hairstyles

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Elinor Block is the Associate Editor of Who Wears England with over 9 years of media experience. He currently lives in London, England.

Different 70s Hairstyles

Different 70s Hairstyles

Sky Kim is a hairstylist with over a decade of experience. He currently works for Serge Normatt at John Frieda in New York.

Get The Look: ’70s Hairstyles

We blame Gucci for reviving ’70s hairstyles. Since Alessandro Michele took control of the Italian fashion house’s design in 2015, we’ve seen more and more ’70s styles on the runway, with ’70s hair, curls and hippy looks, with more celebrities rocking winged, loose stems. Take Billie Eilish’s shaggy blonde or Miley Cyrus’ rocker mullet: We’re welcoming this fun, vibrant decade into our lives with open arms, because it’s one of the most beautiful times for hair.

From Diana Ross’ disco-inspired afro, there are so many chicks to be inspired by. Not only that, but this style is still very relevant today. We believe you can dress just like they do and look great. To prove just how amazing this decade was for hair, we rounded up 20 of our favorite looks.

Browse our top picks for some great 70s hairstyle inspiration to beat the heat on a Saturday night.

According to celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo, the ultimate “cool guy” of the era, this shag is quintessentially ’70s. “Shaggy has been deconstructed and reinvented in many ways since its inception,” he says. Billie Eilish’s platinum shag broke the internet in 2021, and we’re loving the shiny layers with a veil of shimmer.

Worst Beauty Trends From The 1970s — Worst ’70s

And as a result, everyone wanted this hair during this decade (and the 80s too). In fact, this iconic hairstyle is still loved today. You’ll need a decent barrel brush (we like Drybar’s Double Pint Round Ceramic Brush, $42) to create this look.

Winged open bangs (aka Birkin bangs) are a sparkly, French cut we didn’t know we needed, and we love how they look on Jourdan Dunn. According to celebrity stylist Michael Duenas, today’s version is a bit longer for side or front wear. “Ask your stylist to place the comb at the beginning of the hairline that goes to the back of the head,” she says. “Where the comb comes up is how thick the section of your bangs should be.”

If you thought the Easter mullet would never come, you’re not alone. However, ’70s mullet is polished enough to always feel fresh. Miley Cyrus constantly wows us and leads the way with sensational new looks that always blow up living rooms and Pinterest right after.

Different 70s Hairstyles

In the 70s, layers were pretty much all or nothing. On one hand, you have a whole layer of serum and on the other hand, you have hair that is basically the same length. “Modern bobs tend to be blow-dried and ironed with straight or very loose ends,” explains Duenas. “In the ’70s, most of it was cut off. You have more volume and ends with velvet.” Duenas recommends using Aloxxi Volume Serum ($27) on thin hair to add volume and Aloxxi Essential 7 Repair Hair Serum ($37) on thicker hair to add shine to a perfectly polished bob.

We Tried The Tiktok Hair 70s Hair Trend

Quick question: Do you follow Goldie Hawn on Instagram? If not, I suggest you do so immediately. Hawn has been good ever since, and while that’s mostly due to her incredible acting skills, her iconic ’70s hairstyle doesn’t hurt. Celebrity hairstylist Corey Aaron Scott explains how to create the perfect voluminous comb: “Blow dry and straighten hair to create volume.” For that extra flair, you can use a hair roller in half inch sections and don’t forget the flexible hairspray.

While the ’90s had high pigtails, the ’70s were all low-cut, loosely gathered, light, airy and without unnecessary patches, Duenas explained. To restyle it, she recommends starting with a rough blow dryer or blow dryer and then building up the middle part. “Comb all the hair from the crown to the nape of the neck, slightly parting the hair below the waist from the crown to the nape,” she said. “Pull the earlobes down and secure with a rubber band to add volume to the crown.”

The 70s loved their bee stable, that’s for sure. This half-up look was popularized in the 60s, no doubt inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot, but people are still obsessed with sultry cuteness in the following decade. But can you blame them? Clearly, there is some timeless magic going on here.

Scarves, bandanas – anything you can tie in your hair – 70s (and 80s) live for the carefree, fun and hippy vibe. And to be fair, we still are today. Look how cute Alana Morrison is in her bandana.

Flattering Ways To Style A Middle Part

Ask anyone who was around in the 70s and they’ll tell you that was a long time, locking the freewheel with neutral. As Tardo says, “The allure of ’70s hair lives on thanks to the era’s iconic reputation for being shiny and beautiful.” And this style is nothing if not glamorous and cool.

With pure hippie beauty, there’s only one person we can think of to copy and that’s Stevie Nicks. This is a rocker-chic two-part Woodstock festival hairstyle, like this long version of the classic shag, that really does it for us.

Feathered hair from the 70s is coming back into the trendy circle and cutting the curtain along the way. “I think bangs are and always will be iconic,” says Scott, adding, “I’ve seen a lot of bangs and layers blown out to create that feathery look.” To recreate, she recommends using a round brush with lots of volume and a good layer to dry. “I recommend blowing this section off your face, letting the brush warm up. Then let it cool and finish by spritzing it with a good flexible hairspray.”

Different 70s Hairstyles

For a non-rock vibe, look no further than Tina Turner. The singer was and still is known for rocking voluminous strands, but in the ’70s she kept it layered and glamorous.

S Hair Trend Natural Texture Gabrielle Union Solange

Since the 70s, bangs have been the time to explore short, straight bangs that barely touch the eyebrows. They tend to be fatter, more blunt in shape than their skinny Birkin counterparts, but also appear with varying amounts of separate pieces here and there. To say we’re obsessed with Duckie Tot’s take on the 70s bow tie would be an understatement.

This decade saw a variety of shag looks and one of our absolute favorites is the Curly shag. Seen in recent years on the likes of Khadijha Red Thunder, Zendaya, Alanna Arrington and Sandra Oh, to name a few, the layered cut has been finished with effortlessly curly bangs. Bangs need to be cut a little longer, Scott says, so “anticipate them going up and shortening as they dry.”

If baby braids—whether placed as face frames or spread out in random spots throughout your hair—don’t really scream ’70s hats, we don’t know what. “Braids are fun and whimsical,” says Scott. “I love when you do a classic clip-in braid and then take it out to be messy and messy. The clip-in looks like you want it, you can always put it where you want.”

Sleek, long and straight are the trends Tardo noticed, “I immediately thought of Cher from the ’70s with her perfect mane,” she says, noting that the Kardashians often champion the look. “Ask your colorist for a rich brunette or a sheer sheen. This will add shine to your hair and give it the perfect silky finish to make your long middle part hair come true.” For a DIY option, Tardo recommends Clairol Natural Instincts ($8).

Incurlers: Pick A Hairdo!

We can’t talk about 70s hairstyles without mentioning the queen, Diana Ross. During the iconic decade, Ross was dominated by her music and became the first black woman to co-host the Academy Awards. Although she is known for many different hairstyles, her natural afro style has always been one of our favorites.

If anyone can rock a ’70s ponytail, it’s Ariana Grande. Full and voluminous is the only way to do a daytime pony, and side bangs are just the icing on the top.

Meryl Streep proves once again that she can’t do anything, including her amazing 70s blonde hair. During this decade, the actress rocked a natural look. She’s very girl-next-door with an extreme side part. what’s not to love If ever there was a decade that represented fun and freedom when it came to style, it was the 1970s.

Different 70s Hairstyles

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