Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair – If it’s been a while since your last haircut, you’re probably ready for a new one, but sometimes it’s hard to see the potential of your medium hair if you’re tired. It’s helpful to look through magazines, but sometimes they don’t have recommendations for your specific hair type. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to update your hair, whether it’s waves and highlights, a sleek shoulder-length hairstyle in a straight pin, or a shaggy layered cut—there’s something for you below.

Before heading to the salon for a makeover, check out these 50 gorgeous medium length hairstyles for ideas.

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

1. Medium length hair with straight layers Trendy and elegant, this haircut is perfect Straight cuts can be difficult to maintain, but the shine and confidence they bring is worth it!

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2. Cuts and Layers Straight thick hair requires medium haircuts and layers for light With this haircut, you can enjoy multiple layers of ease and volume cut along the length of your hair.

3. Golden Leaf Medium Brown Want something cute that you can easily dress up or down? Go for a wavy lob

4. Wavy hairstyles with textured edges Medium length hairstyles are meant to bring out the beauty of your loose locks. A cut like this doesn’t require much styling time—learn how to blow-dry medium tresses to create those gorgeous face-framing waves.

5. Medium Length Hair with Loose Layers Layers like these will make your locks super soft, light and shiny – just what you need for a date or night out. However, hair health is very important for these types of results

The 10 Best Medium Length Hairstyles

6. Layered Medium Hair with Bangs It’s amazing how much you can change your look by trying a new trendy hairstyle. Some women prefer sleek and stylish hairstyles, while others prefer messy, sleek and bold medium short hairstyles with trendy long bangs that perfectly match their badass personality.

7. Soft brown style with highlights You can enjoy summer vibes all year round with a beachy style like this sandal bob!

8. Medium Hairstyles For Women With Blonde Hair A shoulder length hairstyle can easily maintain a beautiful wave length and an effortless overall look.

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

9. Bang and See Through Layers Medium hair is usually the right length to create voluminous bangs. Soft layers and wavy bangs enhance the effect by adding visuals and depth to the hair.

Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Right Now

10. Shade base and sweep layer This hairstyle is a must for women who want the look of medium length hair Blown layers and shade bases do the trick!

11. Caramel Lob with Front Highlights Blonde highlights in the front have become a huge trend and seem to be on trend forever. Embraced by many Hollywood stars, the curtain reveals your face, allowing people to enjoy your beautiful eyes and beautiful smile.

12. Medium Length Haircut Perfect for any occasion, medium length haircuts like these are gorgeous and the waves add extra volume and texture to your locks.

13. Copper Red Shoulder Length Hair If your hair is hard to manage, try a layered mid-length version Medium length hairstyles with multiple layers are great options for taming thick hair, giving more styling options, adding fullness to thin hair, or taming very long hair.

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14. Wavy Shoulder Length Hair Channel your inner bombshell with this hairstyle! Depending on your taste, you can choose to blend in a solid color or add highlights Curl your hair in soft waves and you’re photo-ready!

15. Straight Medium Hair With Side Bangs Medium Haircuts For Women Still Look Sexy Keep things soft with a side swept fringe

16. Medium Length Wavy Hair with Balayage Balayage is a great way to get medium length haircuts that magically make thin hair look fuller and thick hair look lighter. Only the best hair colorists know how this magic works

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

17. Nourishing layer for healthy hair Medium length blonde hair only becomes more attractive when it is filled with a layer of skin. A side part and long bangs are universally flattering style options that you should definitely consider!

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

18. Volumes Shaggy Lab Medium length hair looks great when cut in messy layers This shaggy change, for example, is a trendy hairstyle that’s boyish and sweet at the same time.

19. Warm Brown Haircut for Women Show your fun side and create positive vibes with this hairstyle Add balayage or sombre to your hair for more color and extra comfort

20. Shoulder Straight Haircut Is your straight hair boring? Rock a medium bob

21. Blended Copper Brown Lob This light brown lob is one of those effortless mid-length hairstyles that doesn’t require careful styling and can be worn messy to show off its texture—just spritz hair with texturizing spray and sweep around the crown.

Trendy Beach Wavy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

22. Piss-y midi shag with bangs Medium length hairstyles for women with bangs are perfect for women who want to hide a large forehead. Add a darker color and a lighter shade like deep brown to the edges for more depth

23. Cutting Keys with Long Bangs This curtain rod pod is so pretty and feminine that it definitely qualifies as one of the best low maintenance medium length haircuts! The cut itself adds volume to the hair, while blonde highlights complement and accentuate your best features.

24. Straight Bob with Depth Since fine hairstyles can feel flat and lack movement, it’s better to go for medium haircuts with minimal layers and textured edges and pair the cut with a color that enhances depth.

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

26. Medium Hair with Graduated Bangs Some types of bangs look great with shoulder length hair One of the smartest bangs is that they look really great on medium locks Resting on her chest and sweeping across her chest and collarbone bangs can only be achieved with medium length.

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27. Medium Hair with Balayage Balayage highlights look very attractive on women with medium hair who may swallow long hair or pay attention to short hair but never shoulder length hair probably because the color closer to your face draws more attention.

28. Butterfly Layer with a Double Twist Trendy butterfly haircuts for medium hair need extra volume and bounce, especially when layers can be strategically placed to balance your bone structure, such as a wide jawline.

29. Ruffle Lob with Curtains A bob with shaggy layers is a stylish hairstyle that looks amazing in any setting. It has a touch of grunge and looks great!

30. Medium Hair for Thin Hair Add some pep to your legs and some body with a cute bob in your hair

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31. Texture Layered hair gives the illusion of more body and waves add beauty

32. Wicked Medium Length Hair You really can’t go wrong with a medium length hairstyle that offers a variety of stylish ways to style your hair because even ugly ‘surfer’ hair can look glamorous in medium curls.

33. Reverse Shoulder-Shag Length A great shoulder length haircut to complement your outfit and complete your style. Detailed, yet elegant and charming, the face-framing bangs, middle part and flip ends hairstyles are really interesting.

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

34. Smoky Hair With Wavy Ends Vintage medium hairstyles are all the rage these days, and this cut borrows from a 1970s hair icon with burnt ends and nourished layers paired with dimensional beige bangs.

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35. Blonde Haircut with Medium Roots A combination of good old blonde balayage and shaded roots that never dies and always works. Women who prefer blonde shades need medium haircuts and the volume of its curls, and the extra volume almost always includes layers.

36. Bronze Red Medium Wave Add a pop of glam with a bold all-over color with choppy waves.

37. Flamingo Pink Bob with Layers and Bangs Soft peach tones are among the biggest hair color trends for women in 2023, and this copper and pink color mix works beautifully for an airy style filled with soft strands.

38. Light brown pods with face framing Oval faces can rock any shoulder-length haircut, here’s a great way to enhance the perfect symmetry of this face shape with a set of layers along with subtle highlights.

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39. Shaggy Midi Cut with Honey Balayage If you’re looking for a medium-length haircut that can add texture and movement to straight or slightly cropped hair, this voluminous shag with brown and gold highlights isn’t too soft but full of vibrancy.

41. IC Blonde Comb-Over Lob Medium-length haircuts for fine and thin hair should give the roots some depth and volume and leave plenty of body at the ends, like this cool long bob.

42. Withdrawal

Cute Hairstyles For Wavy Medium Length Hair

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