Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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The definition of medium length hair varies slightly depending on who you ask. Some say it’s when your hair falls past your collarbone but away from your armpits. Others define it generically, expanding the category to include anything from shoulder-length chops to Rapunzel locks. By the way, if you have medium length hair, it is versatile. With a few tweaks, you can create the perfect style in no time

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

We apologize if we’ve been a little over the top with our love for braids lately. With music festival season just around the corner and warmer days just around the corner, we’re getting back into the beachy summer vibes—with braids in our hair almost every day. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite braided hairstyles for medium length hair and are revisiting them. Just to remind you, these 16 celebs can inspire you to wear braids every day, whether it’s to breakfast, to work, or to a red carpet movie premiere. Does not matter; The sky’s the limit. Keep scrolling for some serious braid inspo.

Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

Reality TV alum and fashion star Olivia Palermo styles her hair in two low fishtails for a mid-length braid. We love how she keeps them textured and messy. For a similar finish, try Moroccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray ($30).

Here, Jennifer Lawrence wears her mid-length hair in a low bun. These braids prove that they’re just as made for the red carpet as they are for Sunday dinner. (Also proves that J.Law looks good with her hair color of choice.)

We love Yara Shahidi’s braids on the 2017 American Music Awards red carpet. On either side of her head, thin cornrows fell into a low ponytail, paired with a thick braid that ran from the top of her head to the nape of her neck. This produced a unique and somewhat unexpected result. (We’d never expect any less from Shahidi, who has recently become a source of natural hair inspiration.)

If you’re worried about a school-inspired braid, look no further. Selena Gomez’s braided fake hairstyle is unique, elegant and the glamping hairstyle of her dreams.

Black Braided Hairstyles Ideas

Kate Hudson wore this amazing simple braid at the Toronto Film Festival. We love how she paired her elegant braid with a black velvet bow. It looks super chic with pearls, doesn’t it? Sometimes wrapping your hair with a ribbon instead of a rubber band is enough to spice up the style.

Chrissy Teigen’s side Dutch braid starts at the top of her forehead and sweeps back almost like a crown. This is a pretty easy style to recreate, perfect for removing hair from the face and neck on hot summer days.

Margot Robbie’s traditional side braid has been updated with a simple detail – she sweeps the top of her hair back to the top of her head before braiding it. It reminds us a lot

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Rita Ora knows how to take decorative braids a step further. We love the little pearl pins placed through the braid. (For a similar effect, try pearl-tipped pins like Kendra Scott’s Pearl Hair Pin Set, $68).

Easy Waterfall Braid For Beginners

Elizabeth Olsen’s side braid is all about volume. Start by parting your hair deep on one side before spreading it out and securing with a rubber band. Don’t forget to add some mousse along the way.

We can’t get enough of the braided gowns on the red carpet. Here, Emily Blunt’s red hair is pinned up and wrapped in an elegant crown braid at the back of her head. We love that it feels soft and fluffy, not harsh at all.

Zoe Kravitz usually wears her hair long—waist-length in some cases—but we think these platinum microcuts look great on mid-length hair. Bonus points when paired with the double cat eyeliner.

Lucy Liu’s braided hair wraps around her head and changes from Dutch to fishtail. Perfect for those who love braids and can’t decide. (That’s us. We’re “the people”.)

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair

For those short on time (or, let’s be honest, motivation), Kate Bosworth’s simple braided top is a good choice. All the hair is swept back and tied at the top of the head. Then wrap a piece of braid around the bottom of the bun.

Emma Stone caught our attention when she hit the Met Gala red carpet. Volume is key for this, so use a volumizing product before styling. Teasing the hair at the top of the head can also help achieve heavenly volume.

Oliva Munn’s robust Dutch ponytail is straight and precise. We love how she paired her wild hairstyle with soft and slightly smoky makeup. Apply a few drops of SachajuanShine Serum ($36) to your hair to replicate your shiny locks.

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

It is for everyone who likes delicate, elegant braids. Jessica Alba has two French braids on either side of her head, but they are partially hidden by the hair in the braid. This is necessary for medium length hair. If you are looking for really easy braided hairstyles and easy braided hairstyles, look no further because we have what you are looking for. These braided styles are quick, easy, and super cute. The only thing you need for these braids is to know how to master the basic braids like two-strand braid, French braid, Dutch braid and fishtail.

Ways To Wear Shoulder Length Hair

So whether you’re attending a fancy event that calls for a stunning hairstyle, or you’re just looking for a quick way to add some cute details to your look, check out these easy braids for any hair type and length!

1. Easy loose ponytail. To create this beautiful braided ponytail, create several ponytails under each other and pull each one for maximum volume.

3. Rapunzel’s thick braid. Simple, quick braided hairstyles like the big braid here are easy to manage and perfect for long, thick locks.

4. Simple side braid and knot. A quick braid like the side braid is an easy way to look cute and chic this season.

Fast, Quick And Super Easy Braided Hairstyles For 2023

5. Simple braided mohawk updo. A voluminous faux braid hairstyle lends a touch of elegance to an elegant outfit.

6. Half Up Boho Braid. For a boho vibe to your wedding or evening party, try a beautiful fishtail braided crown.

7. Mouse braids. Even when it comes to simple braids, two braids are better than one. Plus, you don’t actually have to braid it, you just tie your strands into a series of ponytails and pull them apart.

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

8. Crimped and Braided Faux Hawk. Simple braids like reverse French braids can take on a whole new look when you place them creatively and add extra volume and texture.

Some Cute Braids For Short Hair

10. Simple wedding braid. The wedding dress is elegant and more beautiful with highlights to show off its texture.

11. Carefree Braided Chignon Updo. To achieve this style, you need to twist your locks, braid them to the side, pull the top and weave the braids with the locks at the nape of your neck to create a cozy low bun.

12. Braided wedding. Whether you’re the groom or the bride, quick braids like this elegant braided dress are a favorite.

14. Loose braid and bun. Secure your loose top with a regular hair tie and add a ribbon for an even prettier look.

Braided Summer Hairstyles To Try This Summer 2022

15. It is easy to raise half of the bride. Create two simple braids or fancy fishtails on the sides of the head, pin them at the top and bottom, then secure. Add hair accessories.

16. Low pony and polished braid with bangs. This gorgeous auburn hair adds depth thanks to a side braided crown twist. At the same time, the stylish bangs and hair create a nice contrast.

17. Elegant appearance with microphones. The classic three-strand braid is easy for beginners because it does not require special skills. However, you can still play with size, texture and placement to create a unique piece.

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

18. Loosely braided with a romantic twist. If you can play to your strengths, quick braided styles don’t look pretty. This loose yet chic braid softens your locks and allows your subtle balayage to show off at its best.

Stunning Two Braids Hairstyles To Spruce Up Your Look

19. Densely structured crown. This dress sounds complicated, but it simply features a Dutch braid on each side of the head and is done in a messy style for a boho vibe.

20. Easy braid for short hair. The cropped length bob gives enough room for the braid, so you can add a set of dutch braids to finish the look in a trendy tousled style.

21. Braided and low bun on one side. This style calls for a Dutch braid that starts on one side of the head and flows down the nape of the neck into a chignon. Save the threads

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