Can I Wear A Black Suit To An Interview

Can I Wear A Black Suit To An Interview – A black suit is suitable for many men to look for. But it shouldn’t be. There are certainly times and places to wear a black suit, but the opportunities are limited and don’t include professional attire. However, I would like to specifically explain why men should not wear black suits. But this also brings us to the question of when and how to wear a black suit, which we will briefly discuss later.

Almost two years ago, a young student came to my office for an internship interview. Unfortunately, he was wearing a solid black suit. He had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was glad that she was dressed for the interview. It’s nice to know that kids today haven’t completely lost it. However, at the interview, I was wearing a black suit, so it was a pity and disappointment. I strongly believe that a black suit is inappropriate for an interview or a fairly casual or formal office environment. I knew at the time that he didn’t know much more, so I can’t entirely blame him. Fortunately, the result was a great educational moment.

Can I Wear A Black Suit To An Interview

Can I Wear A Black Suit To An Interview

The resulting discussion was useful for both me and my students. I then explained to the students why black suits were not suitable for interviews and what the best options were. I would like to extend this discussion to why men should not wear black suits. I’m not against wearing black in any way, or black suits in general. Mostly black suits. We also make it clear that we do not mean a black suit or a black suit.

How To Wear Black In Classic Menswear

We’ve all seen that photo. Dressed in a black suit and white shirt, this disheveled celeb may have an incredibly attractive woman under her arm.

The Beatles wore black suits. Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld chose black suits as their uniforms. A black suit, white shirt, and black tie were the uniforms of not only Reservoir Dogs, but also Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield. And let’s not forget Men in Black and Man in Black (both Johnny Cash and Westworld characters).

Most of us are the type of guy who doesn’t have an unseen clout or status in society, but I’m a celebrity, so I can break all the rules.

So why doesn’t it work? There are several reasons: the relationship between contrast and color, background, tradition, and grief.

Gabrielle Union Infuses Some Fun Into A Black Suit

First, let’s talk about the color and contrast argument against a black suit. For most men, a black suit contrasts too much with their hair and face, especially in the sunlight. It washes out their skin color and looks very uncomfortable. I specifically mention low-contrast men. People with fair skin, eyes and hair. The black of a suit can turn orange or yellow in sunlight, or blue in fluorescent lighting, neither of which is ideal.

For example, in the image above, his three men with different hair colors are wearing the same black suit. This look is good for men with dark hair, but black suits don’t look good on brown hair, and even worse on blondes. The contrast between a black suit and skin and hair color does not provide an ideal frame for most men’s faces. However, dark-skinned or dark-haired men look better in black suits.

Similarly, black can be difficult to match with shirt and tie colors. For large black fabrics such as suits, black can easily overwhelm other colors such as pink, yellow, and light blue. This limits the number of color and texture combinations men can wear. This stark contrast doesn’t appeal to most men, myself included. Plus, all of these colors look great with a dark gray or dark gray suit, so why should you handicap yourself? In fact, the only color shirt that goes well with a black suit is a white shirt. They may also wear gray striped or checkered shirts. I also admit that a black suit with a black jacket or shirt might work better for some men, but that time of day is usually at night.

Can I Wear A Black Suit To An Interview

I want to talk to you for a completely unrelated reason. Years ago, I heard that part of the reason black suits are frowned upon by experts is because Abraham Lincoln was assassinated wearing black. Brooks, to be exact, was a Brothers suit, but in 1865 it was a little different than the suits of today. Because of this fact, the story of the black suit was unlucky. Subsequent research has failed to confirm or disprove this theoretical tradition, but I stand by it and put it on my list of reasons not to wear a black suit. Despite the validity of this theory, it has long been a common belief among well-dressed people, at least in the United States, that a black suit is not a business suit.

How And When To Wear A Black Suit

When would a black suit suit you? Funeral. A man in a black suit is historically in mourning, showing respect for the deceased and his loved ones. Personally, I don’t want to be mistaken for being in mourning or coming from a funeral. I mean, I like to narrow down the reasons for wearing a black suit and use it for a specific purpose.

The final reason why men shouldn’t wear black suits is circumstance. Have you seen anyone in a black suit lately? Waiter. Being a waitress is not a bad thing. It may be a noble profession, but unless you’re a waitress, you probably don’t want to dabble in it. I will admit that a black suit is much more formal than a charcoal or navy one. But this is a different kind of civil servant. A type of ceremony that should be reserved for formal occasions such as funerals and evenings. In other words, a black tailored suit is only formal when worn as a tuxedo and slippers. It’s dark and calm outside. I prefer to book black tailored suits for semi-formal and formal occasions rather than business or professional events. Therefore, the uniqueness and importance of black and white ties becomes even more important when wearing only that color while following these dress codes.

Purely subjective, but I think black suits are bland and boring. It is bland and tastes like an undercooked steak. I should also add that a black suit can look cheap at best, and cheap and tacky at worst, if worn poorly.

I have my bias against black suits, but I will admit that they can be appropriate for formal evening events and clubs. The more formal color of the black suit and its complement make the black suit stand out in a pale evening setting. But a dark gray suit basically serves the same purpose. Yes, there is an argument that a black suit beats a suit in the most difficult situations, I don’t like it, but I think a black suit pretending to be a tuxedo is better than no suit at all . all. I agree with the idea that a gentleman should always have at least one tuxedo.

Black Suit For Men 2 Piece Suit For Office Wear Party Wear

So the question remains, why bother wearing a black suit when the vast majority of men look better in a dark gray or dark gray suit? The short answer is, as you can probably guess, most men don’t need to bother wearing a black suit. This is a waste of time and money and most men can do better things for themselves. If you want to wear a black suit, use 4th or 5th instead of 1st or 2nd to understand when and where to wear a black suit. But again, most of us look better in a navy or dark gray suit. If you follow the rules of fashion, a black suit seems like a natural and versatile choice for your wardrobe, right?

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