Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area

Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area – What not to do after shaving or shaving (to avoid long hair, irritation and hyperpigmentation)

Pubic hair removal is a deliberate choice. You can decide to let the tree grow or remove it. You should be prepared regardless of which option you choose to take appropriate measures to maintain pubic health and hygiene.

Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area

Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area

Shaving or waxing pubic hair comes with many benefits and side effects. To enjoy the benefits and avoid side effects, you need to make the right preparations and take the necessary precautions after hair removal.

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Many ladies trim their bodies to get rid of the bush. Once the hair is gone, you are quick to jump to enjoy new skin. Such a quick hair removal ceremony without care afterwards will lead to problems and short skin.

This article will show you the things to avoid after shaving and waxing to avoid problems and enjoy a smooth bikini area for a long time.

Shaving involves removing unwanted hair with a sharp razor. This hair removal method is one of the easiest and cheapest methods. It only costs you the razor and a few extras to choose from. You can shave safely at home by yourself.

Although easy to do and low cost, there are many side effects. Side effects of shaving pubic hair include razor bumps, razor burn, itching, and cuts. To avoid these side effects, you must be well prepared and take the necessary precautions.

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Use a sharp, clean blade. Exfoliate your skin before shaving to remove dead skin cells and dry your skin. Apply shaving cream or gel to act as a barrier between your skin. Also, don’t cut where your hair grows.

Bikini waxing involves removing unwanted hair using melted wax. Whether it’s cold or hot waxing, waxing pulls your hair from its follicles. It leaves bare skin on the affected area. Waxing does more than shaving, removing hair rather than cutting it. Therefore, it reduces the risk of razor bumps and is stronger than a razor.

As with any hair removal method that involves pulling hair from its follicles, overdoing it is painful. Apart from the pain, it has other side effects such as ingrown hairs, inflammation, skin irritation and skin burns. To avoid these side effects, you need to prepare your body properly.

Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area

Before the appointment of wax, it is recommended to take anesthesia pills to reduce pain. You should also avoid eating anything that can weaken your body. Besides, it is recommended to remove the pubic skin the night before your wax appointment.

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This softens your skin and makes hair removal easier. Additionally, it removes dead skin cells that can cause ingrown hairs. Then, do a patch test to see if the wax ingredient will suit your skin. Wax with harsh ingredients can irritate your entire complexion. If you are unsure of the proper waxing procedure, do not attempt to do it yourself. Find a professional spa and do it there.

Let’s say you make the necessary arrangements and succeed in cutting down the forest. Is that all? Is this preparation sufficient to prevent the side effects of shaving and waxing and prolonging the time of hair removal?

Hair removal, either by shaving or waxing, removes the top layer of skin and unwanted hair. As a result, the pubic skin becomes vulnerable to irritation, infection and injury. So you have to be very careful to avoid these bad accidents.

Locking and shaving brightens your skin while removing hair. It opens the pores and makes the pubic skin vulnerable to infection. To close your pores and soften your skin, you need to moisturize your skin. The stress of applying and removing multiple waxes can irritate your skin. If you fail to apply it, your skin may become inflamed and itchy.

I’m A Hair Removal Expert

Apply ice packs to your exfoliated skin to close your pores. Do not add ice directly. Let the packaging act as a barrier. To moisturize your skin and prevent inflammation, use natural moisturizing oil or aloe vera gel. To soothe your skin and seal your pores from infection after hair removal, use OYO’s ‘remove touch’. It contains natural anti-inflammatory oils and skin oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.

Even if you feel strong, you will have to suppress your desire for sex in a different way than physical sex. The wax leaves your skin soft and supple. Physical contact during sex irritates the pubis and can cause bruising. Avoid intercourse for at least 48 hours after mixing.

Exposure of sensitive pubic skin to heat can further irritate and burn the skin. To ease your nerves after hair removal, take a cool shower. In addition to high temperatures, warm areas and stagnant water are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Your pores will open up after waxing and bacteria can easily enter. Therefore, you should avoid sauna or hot sauna for at least 48 hours after your appointment.

Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area

Exposing your shaven or shaved skin to the sun or tanning bed can burn and discolor the skin. Hair removal makes the delicate pubic skin more fragile and vulnerable to damage from UV rays. Spray tans contain harsh chemicals that irritate the delicate pubic skin. So avoid scratching and blowing the bed until it heals. It is highly recommended that you wait at least 48 hours after hair removal.

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Yes, exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs from breaking and shaving bumps after hair removal. This is the gospel of pubic hair care! However, skin removal should be done carefully. While exfoliating before hair removal can smooth your skin and slow down dead skin cells, excessive exfoliation can damage your complexion. Shaving and re-shaving loosens your skin, so you should let your skin cool down before shaving again.

Exfoliate your skin 3 to 4 days after hair removal to remove dead skin cells and debris that can clog your skin and cause bumps and ingrown hairs.

The delicate pubic skin may feel itchy and tender to the touch. He. Smooth skin can look attractive to your partner. However, resist the urge to touch him or allow anyone to do so. Excessive skin contact should be avoided to avoid transferring bacteria to vulnerable skin and to avoid skin irritation.

Whether you swim indoors or outdoors, you should not go under chlorinated water for at least 48 hours after your pubic hair grows. Chlorine in the pool irritates your skin. Besides swimming in a public pool, it can put you at risk of infection.

Shaving Vs Waxing: Finding The Right Method For You

Your pubes need fresh air after hair removal. Wear loose-fitting underwear and pants to blend in with the new hairstyle. Besides being hot, tight clothes can irritate your skin and cause itchiness. If you decide to remove your hair during your period, do not use sanitary pads.

Tampons and menstrual cups are better. The wax will require you to be there for a while. At the same time, you can’t go without menstrual protection for a long time if you don’t want to be contaminated with blood. On the other hand, applying a bandage after shaving can irritate your skin. Your skin will not be allowed to breathe and the person you come in contact with may itch.

If you’re still seeing ingrown hairs and shaving bumps after all that effort, don’t scratch or remove the bumps. Picking or scratching it can cause an open sore. If this is not managed properly, it can become infected.

Better To Wax Or Shave Bikini Area

This disease is called folliculitis. Instead of scrubbing, gently exfoliate the affected area with a gentle exfoliator to loosen dead skin cells and loosen the hair trapped inside the bumps.

Shaving Vs. Waxing: Your Complete Guide

Timely cleansing, exfoliation and waxing of the pubis is an important hair removal procedure to be followed. However, using products with harsh ingredients and fragrances can irritate your pubes. Avoid alcohol after shaving. Instead of putting your skin at risk, choose natural cosmetics or products made with natural ingredients.

OYO ‘Finishing Touch’ is a pubic skin safe cleanser formulated with soothing and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Oat Silk Oil. Not only does it unclog your pores, but it moisturizes and softens your skin.

Exfoliating before and after a few days after shaving and waxing is important. However, harsh scrubbing that can damage the sensitive pubic skin and cause adverse reactions should be avoided. Gentle exfoliator for pubic skin. It is specially formulated with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin-lightening ingredients. It will help remove dead skin cells, remove gray hair, and fight skin aging.

It is also important to clean your pubes regularly to remove skin care product residue, dirt and sweat stains. However, perfumed soaps and harsh ingredients like parabens and sulfates will damage the V-zone.

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These harsh ingredients will irritate the pubic skin

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