Better To Sleep With Or Without Pillow

Better To Sleep With Or Without Pillow – Dr. Amy Wolkin is a physical therapist based in Atlanta, GA. After graduating from Wellesley College in 2012, he earned two degrees from Emory University. He graduated in 2017 with a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. His clinical interests are ambulatory orthopedics, women’s health, and pediatric sports medicine. She has advanced training in pelvic floor physical therapy and dry needling.

It is not easy to answer the question whether it is better to sleep without a pillow. There isn’t a lot of research on the subject, probably because everyone is different and everyone’s preferences are different. If you suffer from neck or back pain, your pillow could be the problem. Below, we’ll detail the benefits of sleeping without a pillow — including sleeping without a pillow for neck pain — as well as the downsides of sleeping this way. In addition, we will also give advice to those who can benefit from a night without a pillow.

Better To Sleep With Or Without Pillow

Better To Sleep With Or Without Pillow

Depending on how you sleep, walking without a pillow can help protect your spine. Especially for stomach sleepers, don’t have anything under your head to keep your body in a more neutral position. When the body is flat, the spine can be straight, which means less potential for postural issues. However, there is little research on this and it varies from person to person.

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When your body is out of alignment, which can happen when you sleep with a pillow, you may experience neck tension or back pain. This could be because you use your muscles while you sleep to keep your body comfortable. Upon waking up, you may experience pain due to muscle tension. Sleeping without a pillow can help keep your body in a more comfortable position during the night.

Unless you wash your pillowcase every day, there is the potential for bacteria to build up on the pillowcase and contaminate your face. Also, the pillow doesn’t breathe very well and putting it on your face doesn’t allow your pores to breathe. However, keep in mind that sleeping without a pillow still requires the sheets to be clean while the skin is also exposed. In addition to transferring bacteria to the skin, pillows have been shown to increase wrinkles on the face due to overnight compression.

When it comes to how to sleep without a pillow, you might have a hard time getting there if you’re not careful. After all, chances are you’ve been sleeping on a pillow for years. Gradually decrease pillowless sleep by reducing pillow thickness. Start with two pillows and get used to them before moving on to thinner pillows and then no pillows.

Sleeping without a pillow is not for everyone. If you tend to sleep on your side but want to try the pillowless route, listen to your body ache after trying it. Chances are, side sleepers are uncomfortable without a pillow; so if your body tells you, listen.

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For some people, sleeping without a pillow can be painful. Without a pillow under your head, you can misalign your spine. This can cause not only pain but also posture problems.

As with back discomfort, sleeping without a pillow can cause neck pain instead of alleviating it. If your body is out of alignment because you’re not using a pillow, you may be putting too much pressure on your neck, causing more pain. And just as sleeping with a pillow can cause pain for some people, it can also cause pain without a pillow.

Stomach sleepers are probably comfortable without a pillow. Since your rotation is more neutral when you’re on your stomach, keeping your head on the bed makes it easier to relieve neck and spine discomfort. This can put pressure on the neck when the head is turned, but it will be more comfortable than using a pillow.

Better To Sleep With Or Without Pillow

Side sleepers can be uncomfortable without a pillow. When you’re on your side, your head is slightly above the mattress because your shoulders are under it. The pillow will cradle your head to keep your neck and spine neutral. Without a pillow, your head cannot rest and you may experience pain at night. A softer mattress might help, but a pillow will provide more support. We recommend that you sleep on your side with a pillow.

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Going back to sleep can go anywhere. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the important thing to consider here is your mattress. With a firmer mattress, your body will sink deeper, reducing pressure on your neck if you don’t have a pillow. However, if you’re on a firm mattress, your spine will be too straight, which means your head will lift off the mattress. The pillow will provide support under your head so that everything is aligned.

If you ask yourself, “Should I sleep without a pillow?” there are a few things to consider. Sleeping without a pillow can help some people. It can reduce back and neck discomfort and make sleep a more pleasant experience. However, going without a pillow is not for everyone. Listen to what your body is telling you, think about your sleep patterns and do what works best for you. Editors curate each item that appears on this page, and businesses can be compensated through affiliate links in the story. All prices are correct at the time of publication. You can learn more about the affiliate process here.

You went and came back last night. And the night before. And the night before. And even if you buy a good, rated pillow online, you’ll still end up with back and neck pain when you wake up in the morning. Could it be a pillowless solution? We spoke to two sleep experts to find out if it’s better to sleep without a pillow.

Pillows aren’t the only balls that make the bed feel comfortable. In fact, pillows have several very important jobs. The first? “Maintain spinal alignment in different sleeping positions to avoid neck, shoulder, or back pain,” says Dr. Venkata Buddharaju, sleep expert, certified sleep physician and author of Better Sleep, Happier Life. When you’re sleeping on a flat surface, a pillow (or two) can help support your neck’s natural curve and keep it in place. And when you change positions during the night, the pillow will help keep you comfortable and keep you from waking up when you readjust.

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Pillows make sense if you think about it: “If you look at a person sleeping, their shoulders are more than their head,” says sleep doctor Dr. Alex Dimitrio. “That means for side sleepers, basically their shoulders can get in the way and they need a place to rest their head so it doesn’t ‘hang’ in the air.”

Another benefit of sleeping with a pillow? It can help you breathe easier. “The advantage of the pillow, beyond comfort, is that it elevates the head above the body so that blood pools in the head and the airway is less obstructed,” added Dr. Dimitri.

Both of the specialists we use are very professional pillows (although it may take some experimenting before you find a support pillow that provides the right alignment for you). But if you’ve tried a lot of pillows and you’re still experiencing back and neck pain, it might be tempting to toss them around overnight to see if you feel better. Does an existence without pillows make sense to you? Well, it all depends on how you sleep.

Better To Sleep With Or Without Pillow

Two of our sleep experts agree: If you’re a side sleeper, it probably won’t help you sleep without a pillow because there’s a lot of unsupported empty space between your neck and shoulders when you sleep. Without a place to rest your head and neck, you will experience misalignment and pain. In fact, Dr. Buddharaju recommends trying a thicker pillow (firm or soft, depending on your preference) if you sleep on your side.

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Try sleeping without a pillow, dr. Dimitriu said (In this position, there is less unsupported space between your neck and shoulders than if you sleep on your side.) But in addition to going completely pillowless, it’s also worth trying a thin pillow to refine your alignment. “It helps people see their sleeping position to help identify the correct setting,” he added. So call your partner, roommate, or friend and ask them to check your sleeping position.

Sleep on your stomach? Lucky you girl, because sleeping without a pillow is really good for you. However, Dr. Buddharaju thought it was stomach sleep.

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