Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50

Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50 – Cardiologist Sanul Corylus, MD, owner of a private practice in Philadelphia affiliated with Temple University Hospital. says, “Once you hit 40, you realize that gaining and losing weight is harder than ever.” “Changes in your activity levels, your eating habits, your hormone levels and the way your body stores fat can all have an impact.”

Unfortunately, your muscle mass decreases as you age—by 3 to 5 percent in your 30s, says Barbara Kovalenko, R.D. And says Lastana’s nutritionist.

Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50

Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50

A decrease in muscle mass is accompanied by a decrease in metabolism. When your metabolism slows down, so does your caloric expenditure, making it difficult for men to maintain enough of a calorie deficit to shed some of that stubborn fat.

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“For this reason, losing weight after age 40 can be challenging, especially if resistance training (which helps compensate for muscle loss) is not a regular part of one’s routine,” says Mary Wirtz, R.D., a certified sports nutritionist.

It’s true that it’s natural to lose muscle mass over time, which can lead to weight gain (more on muscle loss later). But that’s not the only reason why you might be a few pounds heavier than before.

When it comes to weight gain in your 40s, “it’s multifactorial,” says Fatima Stanford, MD, MPH, an obesity specialist and researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. A number of factors can influence you and help you gain or maintain weight, including your lifestyle, diet, biology, and sleep habits.

The good news is that there are also countless ways to get your weight where you want it – you don’t have to force yourself to one approach, just choose what works for you.

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Boys often wonder if a drop in testosterone is causing their weight gain, Stanford says. “As men become overweight and obese, testosterone levels drop, leading to less energy and more fat retention,” she says.

Excess fat lowers testosterone levels. But taking testosterone is usually not the answer. “It is not the main problem. When we normalize the weight, testosterone levels return to normal,” she explains.

Instead of relying on testosterone first, try these other, more effective strategies to change your biology and lifestyle to lose weight after 40.

Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50

“There are many eating habits that can be used to lose weight,” says William Samuel Yancey, MD, director of the Duke Diet and Fitness Center and associate professor of medicine at Duke University.

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There is evidence behind many, whether keto, paleo, Mediterranean, vegan or whatever. Interestingly, there isn’t as much research on what works for men as there is for women, but “sometimes it’s so easy for men to reduce the time you eat to 8-10 hours a day,” says Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D.N., an integrative and lifestyle medicine consultant at the Cleveland Clinic. clinic Even something as simple as not eating after 6 p.m. can make a big difference—one of her male clients, who lost 150 pounds, finds it particularly helpful.

If you decide to follow a specific plan with specific rules, make sure it’s compatible with your lifestyle, which for most people in their 40s will be increasingly complex with more responsibilities at work, with family, and perhaps with the elderly . Parenting Brings It can be difficult to implement a vegan diet in a healthy way when you live a takeout lifestyle. Preparing meals can be a challenge if you are not home long enough to cook. Don’t choose what suits you friend; Choose what best suits your busy 40+ lifestyle.

Stanford stresses that you need to make sure the diet you choose to lose weight after 40 can be sustained for the rest of your life. “If it’s not something you can continue for the next 20 or 50 years, then why do it?”

For a sustainable plan, “I don’t focus too much on calories. It’s important to eat a quality diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables,” says Stanford. “Processed food leads to weight gain. The less processed food you eat, the better.”

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And you’ll be happier. Her example: A good meal of salmon, a few grains, vegetables, and a salad can be much more filling than a shake meal, and you’ll feel full afterward. While advocating for a quality diet, he says, “That’s not surprising—we know that lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are constants no matter how much healthy eating guidelines have changed over the years.” She says.

After age 30, you can lose three to five percent of your muscle mass every decade if you don’t stay active. Note the last part of this point: “If you do not remain active.” As you age, “there’s a lot of competition for your time and energy,” says Dr. Yancey says. For some men, this can make physical activity disappear from the picture. But it doesn’t take a heroic effort to bring him back into your life.

You can maintain or rebuild this muscle with a regular strength program—that is, by performing movements that engage the core muscles of the body at least twice a week. A great place to start: this 3-week full-body workout plan for men over 40.

Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50

Why it’s so important: “The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn,” says Kirkpatrick. While it doesn’t actually help you lose weight, it can help you gain weight—along with all the other good things for your body, mind, and life. Many people over the age of 40 like HIIT because the tight time frame makes less of an impact on your schedule.

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And as he says: “It makes sense to train more often, but with less damage to muscles and joints. The exercises we do are only as good as our ability to recover from them. No recovery, no gain.” . “No.”

This doesn’t mean you should only do strength training; Aerobic activities are also beneficial. But adding strength training to your spin/run/row/elliptical routine is essential.

On days when you struggle to find the motivation to get out and exercise, see what seniors can do too. Take Rudy Kadlub, for example, who at the age of 71 set four world records in powerlifting. Or take inspiration from Simon Gipson, a 75-year-old cyclist who beat diabetes by bicycle and now completes a 300-mile ride every year.

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“According to the Mayo Clinic, having a supportive environment of friends or family members is key to long-term weight loss success. A supportive environment often increases accountability and helps maintain long-term motivation,” Wirtz said.

As a so-called “accountability friend,” Wirtz recommends a family member or close friend to a colleague or neighbor. Social media support groups are also options. Local gyms and online message boards can be great places to find like-minded people who can care for them as they try to lose weight.

According to Kovalenkov, accountability is a powerful motivator when it comes to losing weight. “According to one study, participants who had a weight loss partner lost significantly more weight than those who tried to lose weight alone.”

Best Weight Loss For Male Over 50

If that’s not motivation to text a friend or talk to someone after a workout, we don’t know what is. Sometimes the best way is to have your weight loss friend become your workout partner. Finally, it’s important to prioritize exercise (and, as we now know, strength training).

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“Many people in their 40s don’t have a lot of free time to juggle office jobs, travel and family responsibilities. But at least 2 ½ hours a week of moderate physical activity, such as B. brisk walking or light gardening is good.” “For your weight and overall health. This is key,” says Corylus. “Plan this time into your schedule and make it a top priority.”

Scheduling such workouts with a friend or signing up for the same yoga classes as the other “regulars” at your local gym will motivate you to stick to your exercise goals.

However, it bears repeating: chronic stress is associated with obesity and overweight. More specifically, reducing stress in your life can also help with weight loss, Kovalenko says.

“Research shows that chronic stress can make it harder to lose weight and contribute to weight gain. Stress can lead to the release of cortisol, a hormone that can increase appetite and cause overeating.”

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