Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50 – A few years ago I looked in the mirror and realized that my eyes were hooded and sunken as I got older. I panicked and watched tons of makeup videos to see if I could learn how to camouflage the hood and make my eyes look bigger.

Luckily, I’ve learned a few tricks to help my aging eyes look their best. Today I’m sharing all my favorite makeup looks for older hooded eyes.

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

As we age, our eyes become hooded, the skin on our brows becomes heavy and droops over our eyelids, in some cases partially or completely covering our eyelids. This side by side comparison of when I was 17 and then again when I was 50 describes what’s going on.

Genius Eyeliner Tricks And Hacks

As you can see, my eyes have always been slightly hooded, with very few eyelids. But as I got older, the extra skin above my eyebrows (like every other part of my body!) began to sag and sag.

As we age, we can develop droopy eyelids, which can make it difficult for our eye makeup to stay on smoothly. We can’t recapture our youth, but at least we can update our eye makeup techniques to enhance our existing features.

Do you have hooded eyes? To determine if you have hooded eyes, hold a mirror in front of your face and raise your eyebrows. If the skin on your eyelids looks smooth, without folds or wrinkles, you don’t have hooded eyes.

If instead you look in the mirror with eyebrows, you have excess skin covering some or all of your eyelids, you have hooded eyes.

Best Makeup For Older Women Over 50: Face Lift Effect Tips

Hood eyes are not like droopy eyes. Hood eyes are a common eye shape for many people, regardless of their age. Blake Lively, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are beautiful ladies with hooded eyes.

However, while hooded eyes are caused by aging, sagging skin can make your eyes look dull and sad. (I know, oh sweetie)

Here is a detailed video with tips for hooded eyes. I will describe each step of the process in more detail below.

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

The palette used in this video, Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar, has been discontinued! However, these palettes have similar colors. (Update: The original palette is back in stock – get it here!)

Eyeliner Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

If you have hooded eyes, your eyebrows are very important. They can visually lift your eyes and make them stand out.

You want to shape your brows so that they have a visible arch. This will make your eyelid area look bigger. Don’t pull your brows down as this will pull your eyes down and make them look lower.

A few years ago I shared the brow routine I did to fill in my very thin brows and it was one of the most popular posts on Midlife Rambler…

Apply the primer evenly all over the eye area with a concealer brush or even your finger. Then lightly apply your eye primer with the powder. If you try to apply a sticky primer, your eyeshadow will catch, drag, and apply unevenly.

Your ’50s Makeup Tutorial

For this step, you can use an eyeshadow (I used White Chocolate in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette) or just a translucent powder with a fluffy brush. This will set your primer and give you a nice smooth surface to apply the paint on.

Keeps your eyeshadow in place. I’m finding more and more that my eyeshadow can slide during the day. Eye shadow primer keeps eye makeup in place all day.

This helps create a smooth surface for your eye makeup. My skin around and around my eyes is probably the most wrinkled and hideous skin I have right now. A smooth face is an anti-aging method. When I wear eyeshadow without a primer, it tends to stick to some areas of the lids and run over others, making the eyeshadow look messy and uneven. I hate to use the word “spackle” to refer to the face, but the primer really works as a sort of polish to smooth the surface of the eye.

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

Primer gives your eyelids an even color and brightens them. Like many older women, I have freckles and other dark spots on my eyelids. Using a primer helps keep the eyeshadow colors in the palette intact instead of picking up undertones from my uneven skin tone. I like to use a primer that’s a little lighter than my eye color to smooth and brighten my lids.

Easiest Ways To Apply Eyeliner For Older Women (video)

My favorite eye primer is Urban Decay, but there are some great options out there.

Have you ever carefully applied eyeshadow only to find that you can’t see it when your eyes are open? I have and it’s frustrating.

With hooded eyes, the upper part of your eyelid falls into the lower eye crease, hiding your natural crease and a large part of the eyelid.

So, to make the eyes appear larger and the part of the eyelids to visually recede, we create a crease by applying a medium eye shadow (slightly darker than your natural skin tone) to the natural crease. .

Helpful Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

Use a medium shade with a small flat brush just above your natural crease. Keep your eyes open while doing this so that the transition shade can be seen with clear and calm eyes.

Extend it only to the edge of the eyebrow. Blend it on lids and brows with a soft brush.

Using a flat brush, take the color you used to curl and apply it under your lower lashes. When you reach the outer corner of the eye, apply the color about the width of an eyeliner brush towards the outer brow bone.

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

To even out the color transition, use lighter shades on the lids. It is best to use a lighter satin or slightly shiny shadow on the eyelids. It reflects light onto your eyelids, making the upper crease less noticeable.

Seriously Simple Mature Skin Tips From An Over 40s Makeup Artist

Monochromatic eye makeup for older hooded eyes? Yes please. This look couldn’t be faster or easier and will get you out the door looking stunning in less than five…

It’s a persistent myth that women over 40 can’t wear shimmery eyeshadows because they accentuate our wrinkled skin. However, shimmer eyeshadow is great for drawing attention to areas you want to enhance or look bigger. A little on the browbones tones your eyes and adds a nice glow.

As a general rule, remember to use darker, matte colors in the areas we want to pull back, such as the fleshy part of our eyes under the browbones. Then we apply a light shimmery shadow to the areas we want to improve and enhance, such as the eyelids and the inner corner of the eye.

Define your crease and the outer corner of your eye by taking a darker shade and applying a slightly darker shade under the original crease color. Use the same color to cover the outer third of the eye.

Best Eyeliner Colors For Hazel Eyes

Using a small brush and a lighter lighter color, highlight the inner corner of the eye and then the brow bone to add definition. Do not go over the top of the eyebrows, as this will only increase the plump part of the eyelids. Instead, add a little under the arch and outer corner to define the brows.

Eyeliner is tricky for people with hooded eyelids. A regular winged eyeliner lifts our entire eyelid and makes our eyes look smaller.

Instead of a winged liner, I like to enhance my lash line by dipping a flat brush in black mascara. I then run the brush over the lashes to add depth and volume to the lashes.

Best Way To Wear Eyeliner Over 50

Curling your lashes can help prevent a droopy eye look. I like to use a waterproof mascara on my upper lashes so it doesn’t smudge on my hooded lids.

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Deep Set Eyes: 15 Steps

I used a more natural looking mascara on my lower lashes to give them some definition.

I used IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara on the upper lashes and Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara in Black Black on the lower lashes.

The mini concealer helps to hide dark circles and brighten the eyes. When I reviewed my favorite TikTok makeup tricks, I shared my favorite eye-lifting concealer technique.

I recently shared a quick and easy eye makeup look I found on TikTok. As I mentioned in the post, I am addicted to TikTok in 2020 and…

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I have a nice, defined crease that makes my natural lids look bigger. The lighter color on my lids helps me draw my eyes out of my lids and into the outer corner of my eye.

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