Best Skin Care For 55 Year Old Woman

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As we age, our skin changes, becoming thinner, drier, less elastic and more prone to lines and discoloration. While no cream-of-cream can promise eternal youth and beauty, the best anti-aging creams can slow down the effects of aging and offer targeted ingredients to help mature skin look its best. better and feel more comfortable.

Best Skin Care For 55 Year Old Woman

Best Skin Care For 55 Year Old Woman

A good face cream with anti-aging ingredients helps replenish skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines; Make the surface of the skin soft, firm and smooth; And boost the body’s natural healing process to help skin look and feel its best. We’ve worked through jars, tubes and pots of day and night creams to discover formulas that truly smooth skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and give you a youthful glow.

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Read on for some important information to keep in mind before buying, and about the jump for our favorite creams.

Taking the crown for best day cream, Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30 drops to £61. With an average price of £77, this hefty £16 saving is not to be missed.

As we age, our skin produces less of the natural oils that help keep young skin dewy, plump and healthy. As a result, the skin on the face becomes dry and appears dull. The levels of elastin and collagen – substances that repair the skin naturally produced by the body – begin to decrease, so that the skin does not fully recover after a smile or frown, and fine lines and wrinkles began to appear. With age, the skin may show dark spots, especially after sun exposure, and dark circles under the eyes may become more obvious.

Skin products that target the first signs of aging focus on hydrating the skin and smoothing fine lines. Products for mature skin provide intense nourishment to help repair skin that has lost elasticity and contain ingredients that help reduce dark spots and discoloration.

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The performance of a product depends on its ingredients, how often it is used and how long you use it – and whether what you buy is suitable for your skin and age. An anti-aging cream cannot reverse deep wrinkles, but evidence suggests that it can be effective in dealing with fine lines, at least preventing the increase of wrinkles, even if they do not remove them completely.

Your choice of cream can help, but you can also reduce the signs of aging by avoiding smoking, using a good SPF cream year-round that offers UVA and UVB protection, and avoiding harsh sun rays. soaps and cleansers that strip the skin. Skin. Natural oils. Cleanse gently with a cream cleanser or conditioner, and keep your sun hat on!

Some of these ingredients, especially retinol, can make the skin more sensitive to the sun, which makes the use of an SPF cream even more important. Retinol can also cause irritation at first introduction, so it is best to use such products daily at first to increase tolerance. If you have skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, do a patch test first or talk to a dermatologist before adding anything new to your skin care routine.

Best Skin Care For 55 Year Old Woman

Anti-aging creams don’t come cheap – the health and beauty industry loves to tell us we have skin problems so they can sell us an expensive solution. Some anti-aging creams retail for over £100, and claim to contain ingredients that will solve your aging problems and keep you 21 forever. However, we’ve kept this roundup at a more realistic and reasonable price range, with prices starting at £28. That’s because you don’t have to break the bank with anti-aging creams to see results with long-term use. As long as the cream contains some of the ingredients listed above, especially retinol, you will reap the anti-aging benefits.

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It’s worth taking the time to research your skin type so you can match ingredients accordingly. Your skin type affects how your skin ages in the first place and therefore informs the treatments that are most effective. Oily skin tends to benefit from exfoliating ingredients such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid that encourage the skin’s natural renewal process. Dry and sensitive skin, on the other hand, can benefit from moisturizing creams with antioxidants to limit damage from the sun and pollution, and promote healing.

A lighter cream or serum may suit you in your 30s, but as you get older you’ll probably need a more nourishing cream. Do not forget that the delicate skin around the eyes reacts best to special eye products.

Apply the cream after cleansing, toning and serum, if you use. Wait a few minutes before applying your makeup (day cream) or going to bed (night cream), so that it has time to sink into the skin. Some creams are made for morning and night use; Thicker night creams or overnight masks are designed to sink into the skin overnight and are better suited to be used as part of an evening routine.

At Expert Reviews, we know that practical tests provide the best and most complete information about a product. We have personally tested all the anti-aging products in the summary below, according to the directions on the packaging.

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We use the creams ordered for a week and note the results on fine lines and wrinkles as well as the texture and firmness of the skin, how the product feels and smells when used and any problems such as weight, obesity or rest. Let’s note how the skin feels immediately after use (or the next morning in the case of products intended for overnight use), and the effects of repeated use.

Review price: £49 | Check the price of bots Combination skin, where the cheeks are dry and the T-zone on the nose and forehead is oily, can be difficult to treat: harsh exfoliants can irritate dry cheeks, while anything in excess rich and oily can make oily zones look. and feel inferior. Clarin’s multi-active needs offer a fantastic solution. This is a night cream specially made to tackle two skin types in one.

With the heavenly floral scent of jasmine, heliotrope and freesia, this light cream will give tired skin a brighter glow in the morning.

Best Skin Care For 55 Year Old Woman

Key Features – Quantity: 50ml; Best time to apply: Evening; Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Thistle Extract, Myrrh Thamnus Extract, Glycerin, Shea Butter; Vegan: No; Non-Violence: No

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Review price: £59 | Check Cult Beauty Price If you’re starting to notice fine lines, lack of firmness, and discoloration from sun damage, Drunk Elephant’s powerful combination of cell-boosting peptides and amino acids promises to restore the skin and texture. The protein-rich concentrate, which can be used alone or added to a moisturizer or serum, contains nourishing marula oil and water lily, along with signal peptides that direct skin cells to regenerate. their own cell building proteins.

The vegan formula is silicone and fragrance free. You’ll notice firmer, plumper skin from the first use and fewer fine lines and dark spots over time.

Key Features – Quantity: 50ml; Best time to apply: day and night; Main Ingredients: Amino Acids, Growth Factors, Signal Peptides, Glycerin; Vegan: Yes; Non-Violence: Yes

Review price: £70 | Check price Clinique Clinique’s rich moisturizing cream with nourishing vitamin E and brightening vitamin C works to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production, lifting and firming the skin for a more youthful appearance. on appearance. The light cream has a very slight chemical smell in the jar, which disappears immediately after use. It’s noticeably rich but sinks into the skin quickly, leaving the face soft and glowing. Immediately after use, dry skin feels fresh, comfortable and hydrated. With regular use, you should notice firmer and smoother skin after four weeks. Repairware Uplifting Dry is perfect for dry to very dry skin; It is also available in a version suitable for combination skin.

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Key Features – Quantity: 50ml; Best time to apply: day and night; Main ingredients: vitamin E, vitamin C, jojoba, glycerin; Vegan: No; Non-Violence: No

Review price: £22 | Check Price on Amazon L’Oreal’s Brightening Moisturizer combines retinol—a powerful ingredient known to soften skin and promote healing—with SPF 30 sunscreen protection and vitamin C to fight dark spots and change. Use daily to see smoother, brighter and more even skin tone. The pleasantly scented moisturizer goes on smoothly and is easily absorbed; Use twice daily after cleansing to see results within weeks.

Key Features – Quantity: 30ml; Best time to apply: Sun; Main Ingredients: Retinol, SPF 30, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, Glycerin; Vegan: No; Non-Violence: No

Best Skin Care For 55 Year Old Woman

Review price: £80 | Check prices at John Lewis This world-famous face cream will make you feel like you’ve just had a facial. The moisturizer’s name comes from the unique aromatic antioxidant ingredient, Immortelle Flower Extract – “the flower that never dies”. The texture of the cream is rich but easily melts into the skin

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