90s Womens Hair Styles

90s Womens Hair Styles – Kind of (surprise! surprise! wow!). “I feel like the ’90s never went away,” says LA-based hairstylist Kamara Brown as we mentally teleport back to my younger days. “A lot of girls are coming back to ’90s hairstyles because they’re easy and fun, and some are even basic to protect your natural hair,” she said.

On the horizon remember summer? Me neither—there’s never been a better time to play with a cute throwback style for your natural hair, whether you’re trying to channel icons of the decade like Brandy, Janet Jackson, or Halle Berry, or you just want to pretend that 2020 is ready. not a second came.

90s Womens Hair Styles

90s Womens Hair Styles

Need some inspo? It’s good. Because we’ve got three hairstyles—Brown, Jazzee Santiago, and Jasmine Pierce—to weigh in on seven iconic ’90s hairstyles you’ll definitely want to recreate today.

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Ask anyone for their list of ’90s hair icons and I guarantee you’ll hear Brandy’s name over and over again. “Braids have always been in style, but they were really popular in the ’90s thanks to Brandy,” says Jasmine Pierce, hair stylist at Yeluchi in Los Angeles. Whether you’re dressed down and casual at Moesha or dressed up and dressed up on the red carpet,

“When I think of the ’90s, I think of Janet Jackson’s big, thick braids, the best,” says Jasmine “Jazzee” Santiago, a hairstylist in New York. “They never really took off, but chunky braids were definitely popular in the ’90s.” Although Jackson has worn her braids in several styles, her cute look at the 1993 Grammy Awards (pictured here) is a great idea for Halloween. Need more information? Brown said Jackson’s face was scratched

“We saw women like Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill grow their communities in the ’90s, which I think really helped women break free,” says Pierce. Badu is known for her stunning red carpet hairstyles, and her look at the 1999 Grammy Awards was no exception.

Brown and Pierce think Halle Berry’s pixie cut is a classic ’90s look. “Halle Berry and Toni Braxton made short hair the thing in the ’90s,” Pierce said, adding that the style was defined by short, wavy layers with slight tapers in the back. “There are a lot of black women (like Halle) who wear their hair down,” she added. I mean… Is there a better time to play with your hair? I don’t think so.

The 20 Best ’90s Hairstyles That Need To Come Back

“When Venus and Serena were on stage in the ’90s, they had their hair braided and tied with lots of beads,” Pierce said. “My friends and I think it’s the coolest thing.” Hot tip: The matching look worn by the sisters on the field in 1999 is a brilliant Halloween outfit with your boyfriend or partner.

“The natural hair community was obsessed with Lisa Bonet’s hair in the ’90s,” says Santiago. “Twists, dreadlocks and hair accessories are huge and it’s really acceptable to twist your hair as opposed to wearing it curly and natural.” If you want to try Bonet’s signature hair, Santiago says a fake pose is a good place to start. “They’re great for getting that little bohemian vibe.”

In general, specifically, it makes me think of the ’90s,” Brown said. “All the cast members wear different styles, whether it’s high ponytails, flip-ends, or crimps. Everybody has their own thing,” Brown said of the TV show.

90s Womens Hair Styles

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Best 90’s Hairstyles We Loved

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Sky Kim is a hairdresser with ten years of experience. He currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York City.

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90s Womens Hair Styles

Although sometimes debatable, most ’90s hairstyles hold a place near and dear to our hearts. Yes, every decade has its fair share of great hair moments—60s hairstyles, flapper bobs, and finger waves are just a few to remember—but we’d be remiss to forget the many ’90s hairstyles marked by – throughout the decade.

Awesome 90s Short Hairstyles For Women

From messy, bright and shiny hair accessories to braids, twists and even a few spikes, the ’90s provided plenty of fodder for inspiration that we can apply to our locks today. It’s also safe to say that all of our editors have tried at least some of these styles at some point (some work better than others), and we know we’re not alone. . With the help of three hair experts – Philip Downing, Rita Lowery and Sienree Du – we’ve compiled 20 modern takes on iconic ’90s hair.

The only thing better than messy buns in the 90s? Dirt cake with long, separate whorls. “The trick is not to be precise,” Downing told us. “If pieces fall, use this to your advantage, it adds to the ‘mess’ approach. To give hair regularity and texture, she recommends setting with Queen Fun Day Thickening Spray ($20). “Then place the ‘dirt ball’ according to the bone structure,” Downing instructs.

The higher you wear the bun, the more elongated your face will appear, comments Downing. To create balance, those with round eyes may want to place the bun on top of their head, while those with oval eyes will find a bun placed lower is more flattering.

Twists are a protective style that never goes out of style. Here, they’ve been accentuated with blonde highlights à la Bob to achieve ’90s perfection. To hydrate hair and make it easier to style, try a lighter conditioner like Design Essentials Almond Avocado Detangling Conditioner ($14).

Iconic Hairstyles From The 1990s

Jennifer Aniston has since said she’s not a fan of Rachel, the ’90s hairstyle her iconic character is famous for.

But today, he makes a modern and grown-up version. “We’re seeing this look updated with a more ‘hairy’ feel,” says Downing. “Short layers, working with fringe to open up the eye area is the best way to bring this look into [modern times]. Also, if there’s natural movement in your hair, it’s great to encourage you to rock this iconic look. also. a more beachy feel.”

Yara Shahidi brings her classic ’90s hairstyle into the 21st century by letting her natural curls loose and play. “Adding some swirly pieces in the back makes it edgy and young,” comments Lowery. To see:

90s Womens Hair Styles

The only thing better than watching their movies, reading their books and wearing their clothes? Channel Mary-Kate and Ashley’s ’90s signature look, as Keke Palmer does here. To modernize the planta-do: “Make sure it’s gone and you’re living inside,” says Du. “Also, adding modern accessories can help make things feel less dated.”

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Raised margin yesterday… and today. Not only are they practical and stylish, but they can also complement the front. Go for clip-in bangs like Kendall Jenner with this smart hairstyle. An updo like a ponytail or a bun will help blend the fancy more naturally.

The classic swirl of the butterfly clip was the ultimate hair accessory of the 90s. It looks modern paired with this beautiful afro style. “Butterfly clips are a beautiful accent to the look. Use them to hold a fringe, at the base of a ponytail, or to decorate an accent braid,” advises Du.

Veils are far from exclusive to the 1990s, but we can’t forget how women like Erykah Badu took them to the red carpet. Instead of braids, this trendy outfit pairs a gold headband with high heels and, in typical ’90s fashion, eye frames.

Bright hair was a must in the ’90s, and if recent red carpet and catwalk looks are any indication, we may be starting to see it make a comeback. According to Du, “Crimping can look a little silly, but if you do it right, you can look stylish and editorial. Be systematic about where you should crimp, such as keeping the roots smooth and crimping the ends hard looks great or

Popular 90s Hairstyles For Women To Try This Year

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