70s Hairstyles

70s Hairstyles – For the past few years, we can’t seem to get enough of the 90s and early 2000s hair trends. But lately, we’ve been ditching the frizzy parts and bangs in favor of 70s style locks. From classic looks like slicked back bangs and thin hair to shaggy cuts, here are the funniest 70s hairstyles to try in 2023.

The star was known for her lush bangs and veil. Use hot curlers (or curling irons) to create big cylindrical curls on your face before brushing for volume and maximum bounce.

70s Hairstyles

70s Hairstyles

This hairstyle is still loved by fans because it is very beautiful. Shaggy hair has cut layers that bring out your natural texture and thick bangs that frame your face shape.

Iconic 70’s Black Hairstyles — Everything Hairr

Made famous by celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, this long slit bangs are the perfect look for this season. Regardless of the texture or length of your hair, bangs will frame your face and add volume to your curls. All you need to maintain the look of your home is a round brush and a hair dryer to shape it on both sides.

The disco era also featured many sleek, straight locks. Also known as “Cher Hair”, this hairstyle has a deep center section, slicked back ends, and great length without pigtails. The secret is to apply hair oil to soften the strands and give them shine.

From Olivia Newton-John to Elizabeth Olsen, it’s easy to see why you might think of soft bangs when you’re looking for subtle changes. It adds softness to your overall look without being too bulky.

This loose haircut was seen on everyone from Jane Fonda to Joyce DeWitt in the 70s. The short style features long layers at the top, a deep side part for added volume, and a ribbed hem that wraps around the neckline.

S Hairstyles: Six Hair Trends That Rocked 70’s (with Examples)

Pop has had a lot of time lately, as evidenced by Selena’s dirty chops. To create a similar look, ask your stylist for a cut that grabs the jaw and incorporate a texturizing spray into your routine to bring out those fresh lashes.

If you want to go big, consider disco curls. Think: Donna Summers and Diana Ross, who ruled the disco scene with chart-topping songs and mega-castles. To achieve the desired result, use an inch-thick curling iron (or hot curlers) to twist the curls before running a brush or wide-toothed comb over each strand to pull out more.

The Natural Hair Movement marked the 1970s when many women began using their natural hair. Take a cue from Jodie Turner and order a haircut that accentuates the height and shape of your hair. You can use a hair clip to lift the roots, especially if you have thick or curly hair.

70s Hairstyles

Although honeycombs were introduced in the 1960s, they became a staple in the 1970s. Use a comb to recreate the look and create volume in your hair. Then twist a section of hair at the back of your head and pin it up at the crown before securing the end with a bobby pin (or banana barrette). And the last thing: leave a few strands for a casual look.

As A Black Woman I Know Too Much About White Hair

Most hairstyles from the 70s were big and bulky, but this cut took a different approach. Like Janie Dickinson, Naomi Campbell and Lauren Hutton, the straight moon haircut is associated with simplicity.

FYI: This hairstyle is not just for kids. Follow in the footsteps of Yara Shahidi and kick up the nostalgia by braiding in a few pieces for extra length and trimming the pigtails before styling her hair in the front.

Whether it’s a bandana, a scarf or a big headband, hair accessories have been the hottest thing these days. As Dua Lipa has proven, this is not only very practical, but also adds fun to any look.

As much as we want to pay homage to the early 2000s with this look, baby sweaters really came into existence in the 70s. Micro braids look great on any hairstyle and are very easy to weave. Simply take a small section of hair from one side of your face, tie it off and secure the ends with an elastic band, then repeat these steps on the other side.

S Hair Trend Natural Texture Gabrielle Union Solange

This braided style is another simple look that you can easily create at home. All you need is a small elastic band to separate it from your hair for a “bubble” effect.

Size and length were everything in the 70s. If you have a really long mane, add some sea salt spray and a healthy dose of detangler to add wavy texture.

This hairstyle seems to come back every ten years. The “work front, fringe back” style includes top layers that come in different lengths at the back. It brings different sizes and layer definitions to your menu. Use generous amounts of mousse to accentuate your waves at the crown like Miley’s.

70s Hairstyles

You can see why this long and shaggy style brought us into the living room. As Riley Q demonstrates to great effect, thick bangs and tousled layers are a timeless combination.

The ’70s Bob Is The Cutest Chop For Some Cheek Framing Action

Made famous by singer Tony Tenniel and Olympic skier Dorothy Hamill, this story takes its name from medieval boys. Yes, it gives a slight vibration in the bowl.

Some fringe softens the style. And if you’re not sure yet, the fashionista Princess Diana became famous in the 80s.

Now you know that in the 70s everyone wanted to look big and bold, which is why we end this list with a high ponytail. This sensual style requires a lot of body on your skin, so don’t be afraid of hairspray.

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Best 70s Hair Trends To Try Now

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But no matter how many years pass, there is one moment that we will never leave behind: the hairstyle of the 70s. For large hair, there is no expiration date.

“The 70s were really four different characters,” says celebrity hairdresser and colorist Harry Josh, who we consulted to help us figure out how to bring our favorite looks into modern day life for Halloween and everyday life. “It was real bohemian, punk, sex bomb or disco.”

70s Hairstyles

Whether you’re looking for a disco queen with long center parted hair or sporty hippie curls, get inspired by our favorite icons of the moment and you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

Fashion From The 70s. Hair, And Clothes

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70s Hairstyles

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