70s Hairstyles Women

70s Hairstyles Women – If ever there was a year that represented fun and freedom when it came to style, it was the 70s. Not only was she a 70s fashion icon (and still relevant today), but there were touches of finesse. Thanks to civil rights and the women’s movement, freedom allowed people to dress up and style their hair. In fact, some of the best hairstyles of all time came from this decade and we thank these women for leading the way.

Star hair is the defining sensation of the decade and has returned to fashion time and time again, most recently in 2021, via TikTok.

70s Hairstyles Women

70s Hairstyles Women

When it comes to hair icons, few can compare to Diana Ross. The singer was and is known for her hair, which ranges from glossy bobs to afros.

The 20 Best ’70s Hairstyles To Try In 2023

Goldie Hawn’s hair became a trend starting in the 1960s and continued with her long curtain style which is still a reference in salons today.

Grace Jones’ 80s flattop is always in the Hair Hall of Fame, as is her cut from her show a decade ago.

Jane Birkin is often referred to as a fashion icon; after all, she’s the namesake of Herm├Ęs bags, but her tousled hairstyle is unforgettable.

Some of the singer’s most memorable hairstyles came during this decade, including the long, straight hairstyle we know today as “Cher Hair”.

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Meet her as Marcia Brady, whose golden hair (like her mother) makes her suspicious sister jealous and helps solidify her status as a young actress icon.

The Blondie singer has stayed true to her band name and her platinum New Wave style.

Married to Aristotle Onassis from 1968 to 1975, the First Lady became “Jackie O”, but stayed true to her signature ending.

70s Hairstyles Women

Long, unkempt hair has been the Fleetwood Mac singer’s trademark from the start, as seen in this 1977 photo.

S Hair Quad Stock Illustration

The internet has seen Meryl Streep’s throwback photos, and with her hair long and relaxed, it’s not hard to see why.

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Timeless Elegance: 18 Groovy ’70s Hairstyles To Try Today

This star is known for her big bangs and fringe. Use a hot iron (or a curling iron) to work big curls off your face before brushing them for maximum body and curls.

This hairstyle continues to be liked by many people because it is very attractive. The down features a dramatic weave that compliments your natural shape and a full fringe that accentuates your face shape.

Popularized by celebrities like Bridgette Bardot, these long parted bangs have a modern look. Regardless of the texture or length of your hair, a tuft of drapes frames your face and adds fullness. To keep the look of the house you just need a round brush and plants to make it in every corner.

70s Hairstyles Women

Disco season also has a lot of beautiful straight locks. Also known as ‘Cher Hair’, this hairstyle features a deep middle part, messy ends and long, cordless strands. The key is to apply hair oil to soften your strands and add shine.

We Tried The Tiktok Hair 70s Hair Trend

From Olivia Newton John to Elizabeth Olsen, it’s easy to see why we should consider getting cute bangs when you’re looking for a subtle change. They give a soft touch to your overall look without any boundaries.

This dramatic cut has been seen on everyone from Jane Fonda to Joyce Dewitt in 1970. The short version features a long top and underside for added volume and cleavage-hugging spikes.

The bob model is popular these days, as evidenced by Selena’s looks. To achieve a similar look, ask your stylist for a razor cut and add a texture highlighter to your style to add detail to the new layers.

If you want your hair to look bigger, consider disco curls. Think: Donna Summers and Diana Ross, who commanded the disco scene with their eerie looks and dramatic locks. To achieve the look, use a one-inch curling iron (or hot iron) to create tight curls before brushing or a wide-toothed comb through each side to push them forward.

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The 1970s marked the beginning of the natural hair movement as more and more women began to favor their natural look. Take a look at Jodie Turner and ask for a hairstyle that accentuates your height and hair shape. There is also the option of using hair extensions to lift up the roots, especially if you have thick or curly hair.

Although introduced in the 60’s, honeycomb also became a staple in the 70’s. To recreate the look, use a comb and texturizing spray to add volume throughout your hair. Next, roll a section of hair around the nape of your neck and tuck it into your crown before securing the ends with bobby pins (or small bananas). One more thing: leave a few fingers for a casual look.

Most 70s hairstyles were big and voluminous, but this cut takes a different approach. Loved by this decade’s top models like Janice Dickinson, Naomi Campbell and Lauren Hutton, the cut is cool and refreshing with shaved edges for a sleek finish.

70s Hairstyles Women

FYI: This hairstyle isn’t just for boys. Follow in Yara Shahidi’s footsteps and pull off this gorgeous look by wearing longer extensions and braiding a ponytail before putting your baby hair in front.

How To Get Farrah Fawcett’s Famous Long Feathered Hairstyle From The ’70s

Be it bandanas, headbands or big heads, hair accessories are all the rage these days. Not only is it incredibly useful, but it brings fun to every look, as Dua Lipa demonstrates here.

While we like to evoke the early ’00s for this look, baby braids really started in the ’70s. Little braids add a playful touch to any hairstyle and are easy to pull off. Simply take a small section of hair on one side of your face, French cut it and secure the ends with an elastic band before repeating these steps on the other side.

This braided style is another easy look that you can easily recreate at home. All you need is a small elastic band to pull your hair for a “bubble” effect.

Volume and length are everything in the 70’s. If you have long shots, add them to a rotary model with a good saltwater and cleaning water.

As A Black Woman I Know Too Much About White Hair

This hairstyle seems to make a comeback every decade. The ‘business in the front, party in the back’ style conveys a degree of drama over flowing backwards. Multiple levels bring more depth and detail to your head. Define your waves with lots of mousse like Miley’s.

You’ll understand why this long chaggy style makes us go to the bathroom. As Riley Keough so well attests, full bangs and thick layers are a timeless combination.

Popularized by singer Toni Tennille and Olympian actress Dorothy Hamill, this hairstyle gets its name from its parents. Yeah, it gives off a little bowl cut vibe,

70s Hairstyles Women

Some mouths soften the body. And if you’re still not convinced, actress Princess Diana was known to be totally into this back in the ’80s.

All This Summer’s Most Requested Hairstyles Are From The ’70s

Now, you know that the 70s were all about looking big and bold, so let’s end this list with a huge ponytail. This voluminous style requires a lot of body along its length, so don’t be shy about your hair.

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