70’s Hairstyles Female Tutorial

70’s Hairstyles Female Tutorial – It’s been almost 40 years since 70s hotspot Studio 54 closed its doors for its last party in February 1980. The celebration marked the end of a decade of sex, drugs, glitz and glamour. The beloved dance club reopened for a few years in the 80s, but it was never the same.

Even though the years have passed, there’s one thing about the era we’ll never forget: 70s hairstyles. Shaggy Afros, flat ironed or thick and majestic, there’s no expiration date for truly stunning hair.

70’s Hairstyles Female Tutorial

70's Hairstyles Female Tutorial

“The ’70s were really four different looks,” says celebrity stylist and colorist Harry Josh. We’ve consulted on how to translate some of our favorite looks for Halloween and everyday life into modern life. “It’s straight bohemian, punk, sex ball or disco.”

How To Create Classic ’70s Hairstyles (plus Check Out Lots More Retro 1970s Looks!)

Whether you see yourself hippie style with long, straight hair parted in the middle, or rocking disco queen curls, rocking this look inspired by some of our favorite looks of the moment will have you ready to rock the night.

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Nostalgic ’70s Hairstyles Making A Comeback

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70's Hairstyles Female Tutorial

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These ’70s Hair Trends Will Be Everywhere This Summer

Michael Jae Rodriguez’s Glowing Skin Secret These days, Zoom interviews are commonplace, but it’s been a while since I’ve talked about an interview subject as passionate and interesting as Amanda Mitchell’s Mikeby. The 70’s are slowly coming back and Melanin is coming just in time. March. To that end, we’ve scoured the web and compiled four of the most iconic ’70s hairstyles, from the legendary Bob Marley to Diana Ross’ stunning Afro.

The 70s were a combination of bohemian and chic looks, but most importantly, it was an era of freedom. The freedom to express yourself in the most spontaneous and creative way has made it one of the most impressive decades in retrospect. Sit down and read this!

How can we talk about black hair in the 70s without mentioning Queen Diana Ross? Although she is known for her music, her hairstyle is always amazing. The Afro made its debut in the 60s when the “black is beautiful” era began. At the time, it was a political and social statement, but it gradually shifted to a more retro, low-maintenance style.

70's Hairstyles Female Tutorial

The 70s screamed volume, volume, volume. The queen of disco, Donna Summer, is known for her incredible style and comfort with 70s hair trends. Her hairstyle on the cover of the 1977 album Once Upon a Time is one of the most iconic styles of the era. Big loose curls are created using a larger roller and a bit of bristles.

How To Recreate The ’70s Hairstyles Going Viral On Tiktok And Twitter

This hairstyle is a classic style of the 70s. Although this hairstyle was done before the 70s, it became quite popular when reggae music took over. Bob Marley’s fame had a certain effect on the popularity of the place at the time.

At this time, Teresa Graves was shocked by the appearance of her short hair. The 70s were known for thick curls, and this is no exception. Also makes barrel rolls and fluff like the Donna Summer curls mentioned above.

70s Hairstyles 70s Hairstyles 70s Black Hairstyles 70s Black Hairstyles 70s Black Hairstyles 70s Black Hairstyles With Hijabs 70s Black Girl Hairstyles 70s Black Women Hairstyles 70s Hairstyles

Welcome home All hairr! Here we think natural, calm, transitional or locked down, your black is beautiful. We are a safe space for black women of all hair types to learn, educate and inspire each other about all things hair related.

How To Do A 70s Blowout Hairstyle At Home

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So in 1712 Alexander Pope wrote. Today, after two and a half centuries, beautiful hair is still the goal of every woman.

What do you need to do to keep your hair as shiny and healthy as the thick mane it shows? Follow the advice of experts in New York!

70's Hairstyles Female Tutorial

We consulted with Charles from the Ritz’s famous stylist, Leonardo de Vega; Pierre Henri, Director of Salon Fifth Avenue Sak; and stylist Mark de Costa.

I Knew I Wanted To Look Like That Every Single Day And So I Did”

Three main stylists from New York, Leonardo de Vega, Pierre Henri and Marc de Costa, have each created a cut, a basic set of hairstyles that can be styled in different ways.

“I like to let my clients feel comfortable and let their hair look good,” says Leonardo. The Oriental Sling (right) is an easy care option for straight or curly hair. Start by bluntly cutting the chin.

After washing, place two large rollers on the crown (left). Wrap the remaining hair around the head from left to right; It is covered like a turban with an elastic crepe-like fabric. Of course; dry up to half.

Turn from right to left and wrap with a napkin. Allow to dry completely. Brush and twist the ends down. For the 40-year-old version, secure the side hair with a barrette.

Brigitte Bardot 70’s Makeup Tutorial Viva Glam Magazine

For this modified hairstyle, follow the direction arrows shown in the image on the left. Put the hair on a large roller on the top and back; Use a medium or small roller with very short bristles.

The same cut and set can be done in two completely different hairstyles, shown below, left and right.

“Long hair that stretches up and falls to the sides gives a tired look,” says Pierre Henri.

70's Hairstyles Female Tutorial

Therefore, modified hair is created for people who want to keep their hair long and soft. It calls for layered blunt cuts on the sides from the temples down. The crest has a long, smooth spine, with a slight indentation at the tip (right).

Over 70 Beautiful And Easy Hairstyles For Girls

For a softer version (right), sweep hair to the side above the ears, let the waves down, frame the face, and hug the ears and neck. This design fills out a small face and makes a full face look thinner.

“I think hairstyles should be styled but free according to the hairline; It should be fun from all angles,” said Mark de Costa.

Her lion hairstyle is easily adaptable to different head shapes and hair types. Short in the front and sides, layered in the middle, with a crown to show off the carving, cut in the neck and then a soft line. The top is longer and fuller.

Adjust using the medium and small rollers in the direction of the arrow (above). Use a larger one on the crown with long hair. Use a curling iron for short strands.

S Hair: How To Do Feathered Hair With Hot Hair Rollers

The way you comb results in the two hairstyles seen here. Brush the back pack first, then the front. Then

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