70’s Hairstyle Male

70’s Hairstyle Male – The 70’s was a time when men’s grooming and styling became mainstream and hair products were marketed exclusively to men. Americans viewed the stability of long hair on men and the use of hair as a political statement.

African Americans rocked their hair in the ’60s, but the fro became a staple of American culture in the ’70s—as it became more popular and commercialized. In addition to being a style choice, the afro was also a political expression of black pride.

70’s Hairstyle Male

70's Hairstyle Male

The hippie culture of the ’60s continued into the ’70s; Within a decade, it was recognized as one of his most iconic braided hairstyles. Of course, long hair was both a political symbol of rebellion and identity. Long hair, a carefree style has found its way into all hair types.

S Hairstyles For Men That Still Look Cool In 2021

The popular fashion trends of the 1960s continued into the 1970s. This time with the addition of the voice and the addition of long sides. We didn’t make the rules.

Much of America’s idea of ​​a man’s perm comes from Mike Brady’s mane in The Brady Bunch. Soon, the perm achieved with the help of perm salt turned the heads of the whole world into a curly hat.

In a decade of long, curly, and voluminous hair, there was room for something a little more understated. The popularity of Robert Redford and his films led to a brief menswear fashion in the 1970s. It wasn’t a big part of the hair back then, but it gave it some flair. Although still very mixed, Sex Drugs served as a stripped-down version of rock & roll in the ’70s.

Facial hair is a must for men this decade. By the 1970s, however, beards were almost synonymous with long hair. Not many decades can be defined in terms of hair in a general sense, but the 70s can. From stems to short hairstyles, mustaches have proven their worth in one way or another. By clicking the “Accept All Cookies” button, you consent to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts.

The Story Behind Amitabh Bachchan’s Iconic Hairstyle

Bryan is a writer specializing in beauty and personal care. She has over 16 years of beauty writing experience and has been with us since 2020.

Sky Kim is a hairstylist with over 10 years of experience. He currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York.

The great thing about menswear (and fashion in general) these days is that anything is possible. However, not so long ago some hairstyles were “so 70s”! Like a film, it was relevant for a certain period of time. or “Classic 30’s combo”, now it’s all about choosing the style you want and being comfortable with it.

70's Hairstyle Male

Speaking of the ’70s, men’s hairstyles took a real turn in this decade, as boys turned away from the long, loose locks of the ’60s and became more interesting and experimental than ever. From bold, natural afros to wildly wavy surfer chops, the perfect looks were in fashion, spawning a new take on the iconic style. Thanks to a slew of singers and musicians during that decade, from Bob Marley to David Bowie, the ’70s established a men’s hair style that, despite its modern twist, is still relevant today.

The Best Long Hairstyles For Men, As Recommended By Barbers

We enlisted the help of stylists Hung Q. Nguyen and Hassan Bilal to look at 22 men’s hairstyles from the ’70s then and now. Read on to see them all, including some tips and tricks for your look.

What’s better than letting your hair grow and grow out in your 70s? That’s true when you walk the red carpet at the 2019 LACMA Arts and Film Gala in a ’70s-inspired blazer like Jared Leto.

Bilal says that such a vision requires sacrifice. “This duration will last between 18 months and two years, depending on the length of the launch,” he says. Once you’ve achieved length, Nguyen says the key to keeping hair soft is to work with light fly control and finish it off with hair extensions and hold textures. If you want to maintain a free, sleek feel, Bilal cautions against plucking and recommends trimming the ends every two to three months.

Jimi Hendrix’s classic afro pays homage to natural hair and requires just a few pumps of hair oil to lock in moisture and achieve desired shape and volume.

Stylish Modern Mullet Hairstyles For Men

Here, Donald Glover gives the traditional afro a modern finish that’s easy to care for and suitable for every situation, from casual to white tie. “A little goes a long way with this style, as the pleats help retain moisture and can be printed using a few techniques,” says Nguyen. Use your favorite moisturizer and you’re good to go.

With a strong side part and a relaxed fit, this ’70s look easily adapts to both formal and casual occasions, according to Bilal. It’s also low maintenance. Perhaps the original “set and forget” method works best for your natural waves. Simply apply some styling cream to moisturize the hair and blow dry to your desired style.

Although Bilal points out that Gibbs’ signature hairstyle is authentic, her sleek style and effortless flow provide serious style inspiration for a range of contemporary trends. “It’s a great look for wavy, medium-length hair,” Nguyen says, as it’s a great way to control volume without applying tons of product and styling. Maintain the look by adding a large amount of styling cream or a few sprays of detangler. Apply evenly with your hands and follow the natural growth process.

70's Hairstyle Male

Snoop Dogg has always been ahead of the curve, rocking cornrows in the ’90s and coming back strong at the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show with a stylish, timeless set of dreadlocks. “This is a unique, structured format that allows for free speech,” says Nguyen. “It gives the goalie a sense of pride.”

Top Haircuts For Men & Hairstyles You Need To Try In 2023

Reminiscent of the ’50s version, the ’70s greaser style combines a clean cut with a bold, glossy finish that can tell the story of a Wall Street mogul by day and a bad boy by night. Nguyen recommends applying a flexible product, such as natural or high-shine clay, to damp hair before drying into your desired shape and style. Make sure to keep the volume high in the front and finish by applying a shiny product like pomade to keep the shine and hold. In terms of maintenance, Bilal recommends visiting your barber every three to four weeks to keep the edges sharp.

The messy hair and beard combo is a big thing when it comes to grooming these days, but one of the first stars to pull it off was Doors frontman Jim Morrison. It’s the epitome of a free, minimalist style that makes a statement without even trying. Bilal also points out that this look works for all face shapes, as the combination of the beard and hair adds definition and texture. For added volume, Nguyen recommends applying a salt spray to the roots and midshafts to add volume, then letting the hair dry completely.

“It’s just great right now,” says Bilal of the wetness of curly hair, adding that loose ends and long hairstyles suit every face shape and facial hair, especially the sideburns. If you’re looking for day-long curls, heed Rick James’s advice and focus on curl-specific products that moisturize hair and keep frizzy hair staying moisturized and looking straight all the time. To achieve the best definition, Bilal recommends using a simple curl cream and blow-drying with a diffuser.

If a haircut can define youth, then Zac Efron’s haircut is one that men in their 70’s can trust. This is also very easy: simply spray texturizing spray onto damp, towel-dried hair and let it dry normally with a hair dryer. Finally, apply a matte finish product such as clay or matte styling powder. Bilal also recommends scheduling a haircut every four to five weeks to keep short hair from looking out of place.

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Bilal says medium and medium hair is his favorite now. “Square faces and jawlines pair beautifully with medium-length and hairy looks,” she says. However, due to the complex layers, it can be difficult to make the correction at first, which is why he advises consulting an experienced stylist. Nguyen points out that this style works best for people with medium-length hair. Keep it smooth and frizz-free without using texturizing or salt spray and let it air dry so the hair follows the natural waves.

Long messy hair is easy

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